The stars reveal the fears and complexes that torture the 12 signs of the zodiac, which have difficulty even admitting them

No one is spared the fears and complexes that sometimes hinder our life and our inter-individual communications. These hidden faces of our personalities can be a real hindrance to our personal growth and development and are not just the product of our experiences because the celestial configurations have a say in the same! Here are the complexes and fears that lie behind each zodiac sign.

Find out what the complexes and fears of each zodiac sign are

One rule is common to the entire human psyche: when you feel trapped in a pattern or a self-representation, you tend to do what you least want to escape fears and complexes. Here’s how the signs of the zodiac behave:


Aries appears to have a fairly strong will. On the surface, they are stubborn and have nothing to hide. However, underneath their shells, they are vulnerable people who fear they will lose control over certain things. When people of this sign lose the reins, the confidence they may have in themselves vanishes and they are therefore subject to severe existential crises.


Taurus is obsessed with housekeeping and clean freaks. This causes constant stress that they try to evacuate. They are people who love life and who keep this love, but when they are alone, they can change because they can’t stand being left to themselves and unsupported. It should also be noted that sudden changes can seriously undermine their confidence.


The dual nature of Gemini is prey to many often divided complexes. People with this sign suffer a lot from the feeling of insecurity they might be exposed to and need affection to feel good.


Cancer is vulnerable and sensitive. They can also have many complexes. Indeed, they are suspicious, jealous, and insecure. In general, cancer develops an inferiority complex because it allows them to avoid any responsibility for their actions. This allows them to get rid of the mistakes they can make.


Natives of this sign like to keep everything under control. Confident and elegant, they are almost always successful. They can easily impose respect on themselves, in the professional sphere and the personal sphere. But this quality has a double edge because they don’t admit their moments of weakness in order not to feel vulnerable. These are not people who do not externalize their negative feelings and keep everything to themselves.


Although Virgo is always balanced, Leo looks like in terms of complexes. They tend to hide their tears and emotions as they build their ideal world, brick by brick. They don’t face their problems but run away from them. Logical and pragmatic, he must always show excessive perfectionism with the risk of definitively breaking with his emotions.


For Libra, the ultimate problem is constantly changing self-esteem and self-perception. Their representations are based on what others think of them and this pushes them to become dependent on the opinions of those around them.


They are masters of manipulation and vengeful geniuses, but they also have their complexes. They try to hold the reins so hard that they don’t realize their authority complex makes them arrogant. Fearing that he is imperfect, he can repel people rather than attract them.


Sagittarians like to fight any form of injustice, which seems impossible not to suffocate them. While they don’t feel degraded by the opinion of others, it can affect them if they don’t feel recognition from those who have tried to help them.


Like Taurus, Capricorns don’t like knowing that the ground collapses beneath their feet. They will always run away from problems, protecting their self-esteem. They can hide the utmost fear of the future.


Aquariums are good speakers and very ingenious. They need to prove their worth and charm. But if they fail, Aquarians begin to doubt themselves. They don’t like feeling unsuccessful.


Fish often lack the courage to face the big decisions in their life. Being aware of their vulnerability, they like to measure all the risks they take before embarking on any adventure, especially when it comes to their partners. They don’t necessarily trust them.

We all have complexes, but remember that each of us is unique and beautiful in our way. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and not let fears stop us from moving forward.

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