Find out which are the smartest signs of the zodiac and which ones are not at all. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

When it comes to characteristics, cunning is one of the most difficult to classify. If in some areas it can be seen as something positive, in others it takes negative connotations, above all because it is linked to ways of acting that are not always lawful. For this reason, when we talk about smart people it is always necessary to contextualize the way they are and how they relate to others.

Having said that, there is no doubt that cunning is something innate and at the same time an aspect that can depend on various factors. Among these, one that should never be underestimated is the influence that the stars have on the various signs of the zodiac. For this reason, today let’s try to find out which are the smartest signs of the zodiac, also analyzing how they are. And, among them, we will also understand which signs are not at all.

The cleverest signs of the zodiac and those that are not at all

Aries – Those potentially smart but not very good at being
Those born under the astrological sign of Aries are active and alert people. Their brilliant mentality, therefore, makes them more than suitable to be smart too. After all, they are always able to react promptly to situations, able to observe those around them, and more than willing to always give the best of themselves. Their strengths, however, risk becoming at the same time something negative or at least capable of rowing against them. If we talk about cunning the natives of the significant lack the calm and patience behind every possible machination. Always instinctive and ready to respond immediately, they are unable to concentrate as they should. Although potentially suitable for being clever people, they, therefore, lack those essential skills to be clever in practice as well.

Taurus – Those who know how to be smart
It can be said that the natives of the astrological sign of Taurus have a certain amount of cunning in themselves. This pushes them to appear more and more than capable of dealing with any type of situation. Thanks to this way of being, they are positioned roughly in the middle of the ranking of the smart zodiac signs. Their problem? Often being so emotional that you put logic aside. Which happens although they are more than good at thinking clearly and sensibly. When there are things in the way that they particularly care about, however, the situation tends to change and they’re being clever is set aside for a whole series of attitudes that they cannot help but put in place. These are therefore signs that, despite being smart, are not able to be so completely constant.

Gemini – The extremely smart ones
It can be said that those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini are fully among the cleverest signs of the zodiac. Their strong analytical skills make them the most suitable people to separate reason and sentiment and this makes them more than suitable subjects to think with a clear mind to find creative and personalized ideas. Needless to say, when it comes to cunning, they are always facilitated in putting into practice thoughts of all kinds. Which they do in a simple and almost instinctive way. These are people who, while not hiding a certain part of emotion, always know how to manage what they feel, rationalizing it as much as possible. And even if their way of doing things is sometimes considered a bit over the top, when it comes to cunning they are second to none,

Cancer – The Smart Enough
The natives of the astrological sign of Cancer are much smarter than you think. Despite their aura of sweetness, they hide a mind that is always ready to try to grasp the weaknesses of those around them. This makes them people who, albeit in unconventional ways, know how to show a certain level of cunning. Able to anticipate the reactions (and emotions) of others, they take advantage of it to get as much from them as they can. A way of doing that can often push them to overcome limits, leading them to not trust others. However, it is a way of being from which they can neither succeed nor want to abstract themselves and which therefore allows them to be clever in an often unpredictable way and therefore able to bring results.

Leo – Those less smart than you think
Well yes. Although those born under the zodiac sign of Leo are people always ready to show themselves confident and with the ability to act at their best in every situation, in cunning they are much less experienced than they would like to believe. This is because they are not always able to think for themselves, ending up being influenced by the people around them. When this happens, they limit themselves to acting on instinct, showing promptness of spirit but rarely cunning. It is a way of being that they are not always aware of and that when they can they try to hide from themselves. Being less clever than others is an aspect of which they are not proud and that they always try to keep on the sidelines. Above all, because they are linked as they are to the idea of ​​success,

Virgo – The smart ones
The natives of the zodiac sign of Virgo are among the signs of the zodiac who know how to be smarter than you think. They are people with a great capacity for analysis and market rationality. The latter is what guides them in every choice they make and that makes their smart side emerge whenever the situation requires it. Even if they don’t like to show their weapons to anyone, it is enough to know them a little to understand that there is a certain amount of cunning in them. What they can express at work as well as in relationships and all thanks to the ability to detach emotionally from everything that requires an important rumination. That said, they too have vulnerabilities. When important effects are involved, for example,

Libra – The average smart ones
Those born under the sign of Libra as often happens, are among the signs that are positioned in a good half of the table. Their ability to rationalize everything is mixed with the desire to follow even the most important emotions. All for a result that makes them quite clever but without exaggeration. If it is a question of finding the solution to a problem, the natives of the sign will almost always know how to take it the right way, they find the most suitable and smart answer. In everyday life, however, they prefer to live things in the day, enjoying the most precious moments and letting themselves be carried away by their heart. Something they do without even thinking about it and of which they are so proud that they do not care how much smarter they could be, putting aside their hearts to leave more room for reason. It is an aspect that in their eyes is not that important.

Scorpio – Those instinctively smart
The natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio are essentially crafty people. This depends on their being particularly gifted with instinct, which they know how to listen completely. By doing so, they are always able to predict what awaits them. And at the same time, they reveal themselves capable of intuiting the reactions of others. Skills that allow him to be alert when needed and to rely on his emotions to always make the right choices. Choices that thanks to their instincts always turn out to be crafty too, allowing them to achieve what they want. This is a very important aspect. Because unlike the other signs of the zodiac, the natives of Scorpio are not forced to give up emotions. Even in their presence, they manage to be smart. In reverse, it is precisely from them that they seem to draw on the skills that guide them practically by instinct. All for always surprising results.

Sagittarius – Those not smart at all
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are probably among the less clever signs of the zodiac. This depends on the fact that most of the time they find themselves acting following only their own emotions. Lacking the right reasoning, they, therefore, act blindly, risking compromising the outcome of any action they take. Their biggest problem is that they don’t realize this lack at all. And, indeed, they are often convinced that they are smarter than others. A weakness that often costs them dearly, leading them to be easily influenced by those around them. This is a situation that the natives of the sign do not know how to manage and that places them at a rather low point in the ranking, making them both not very smart and emotionally fragile. Especially when it comes to dealing with delicate and difficult issues.

Capricorn – Those who often use cunning but who are not always
When it comes to cunning, the natives of the astrological sign of Capricorn are really difficult to understand. These are people who always try to turn things to their advantage and who go even further than they should do so. To get where they want, the natives of the sign are willing to manipulate others. Which they do without any shame and with more effort than you think. From this point of view, therefore, these are clever signs and always ready to prove it. On the other hand, it is also about people who, if emotionally involved in something, end up losing their reason and, consequently, they’re cunning. A problem that can lead them to make hasty, wrong, and most of the time difficult to manage decisions.

Aquarius – The wisely clever ones
Those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius are so lucid and able to keep their reason firmly that they are much smarter than you think. By paying close attention to what concerns them, they are also able to take the time they need to come to their conclusions. This helps them to be as smart as it takes to best solve situations of all kinds. This is supported by their lack of emotion which is associated with a certain coldness in their ways of acting. It can therefore be said that they are people able to show themselves cunning in almost all circumstances and that therefore, within the zodiac they are placed in a good half-ranking. A position that could be higher if only they weren’t so caught up in themselves that they often lose sight of the surrounding world.

Pisces – Those genuinely not crafty
The natives of the zodiac sign of Pisces are among the less crafty signs of the zodiac. Their absence of cunning, however, is not given so much by a basic inability as by the entirely personal choice to give more space to authenticity. Linked to concepts such as sincerity and transparency, the natives of the sign do not like to show themselves differently from how they are. And that implies that being smart is not in their interests at all. That said, most of them are capable of thinking and planning things carefully and smartly. And all but behaving differently in reality. However, it is a purely personal choice and which, consequently, makes them intentionally not very cunning people. When they decide to get serious and put their intentions aside, they know how to amaze.


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