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Find out what is the best gift not to give to your woman, based on her zodiac sign.

Like every year, the dreaded period has now come when you have to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Although the act itself of choosing gifts is something unique and special that should communicate the feeling of love one feels for the other person, the anxiety related to the choice and the fear of getting something wrong is a problem. which involves a bit of everyone and risks becoming so heavy as to create too much tension. Sometimes, especially if you’ve recently been together, it can be difficult to guess the other person’s tastes and the anxiety of disappointing them makes choosing a real nightmare. If the idea of ​​simply relying on your tastes and betting everything on the fact that receiving something is enough and leftovers is not enough, you can rely on the stars, learning, first of all, to understand what absolutely must not be bought. So after seeing what is the perfect romantic moment for each zodiac sign and which are the zodiac signs that have a great Christmas spirit, today we will find out which gift never to give to the women of the zodiac at Christmas. Since this is something that has a lot to do with the way of being, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant, to also grasp any important nuances.

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Christmas 2021: The gift not to be given to the women of the zodiac

Aries – A Christmas Sweater
Aries women are not used to approaching Christmas with romance and for this reason, they do not like to receive lawyers closely related to this holiday. One that they would not appreciate at all is for example a themed sweater with a lot of reindeer or pictures with Santa Claus. For the natives of the sign, something inherent to their tastes is more suitable and if they do not know each other yet, it is better to opt for a holiday somewhere or a dinner in a restaurant that will surprise them and leave them with a pleasant memory. It will certainly be a more welcome gift and that will lead them to feel courted and appreciated in the right way.

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Taurus – A pre-packaged gift
If there is one thing that the natives of Taurus just do not appreciate is pre-packaged gifts and therefore designed for other people. Accustomed to concentrating on the gifts they make, to the point of arriving at personalized papers and cards, they find packages that are adaptable to everyone, extremely impersonal, and therefore not suitable for conveying a message of love. Better to choose a series of products that talk about them and that make it clear that you know them well enough or that you are learning how to do it. Alternatively, it is better to opt for something warm like a nice scarf or a pair of gloves, perhaps in their favorite color or with a pattern that recalls winter or, if desired, Christmas, a party that they usually love.

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Gemini – Christmas underwear
If there is one thing that those born under the sign of Gemini do not like to receive at Christmas, it is underwear, especially if it refers specifically to Christmas. When it comes to clothing they prefer to choose it for themselves and this is even if it is about garments that are normally destined to remain hidden. Better to focus on something witty like a pajama with big puppets or a flashy cap to wear on the coldest days of the year. In the worst-case scenario, they will appreciate the idea and find it fun to try to understand why the choice of pattern or model.

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Cancer – A Book
The natives of Cancer do not like to give them books or objects that seem to point the finger at what they should or should not do. The thought of having to give an opinion on what they have read makes them anxious, especially if they find themselves receiving something that is not exactly in their hearts and therefore they have no desire to read. Better a jewel or an accessory that emphasizes their beauty. A bag, a hat, even something to pin their hair on, will be viewed with more enthusiasm and will make them feel appreciated and considered as they wish.

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Leo – The Wrong Dress The
natives of Cancer don’t mind the idea of ​​getting a dress at Christmas, especially if it can be the one to wear during the holidays. The real problem arises when they receive one that is not to their liking or that does not dress as they would like. Unless you are on the safe side because you have known them for a long time and you know their size by heart, it is better not to be too daring and focus your attention on a pendant that makes them feel appreciated and loved. Another alternative is a dinner in a luxurious restaurant, where you can treat them like princesses and where they can find a violinist and maybe a little Christmas gift at the flower table. In this way, they will feel courted and certainly valued in the right way.

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Virgo – A photo holder
Virgo natives are rational people but when it comes to gifts they love to be surprised. For this reason, giving them something standardized like a photo frame is probably a bad choice, even if there is a beautiful couple photo inside. Much better to opt for something that can come in handy such as, for example, a work bag, a scarf, or a sweater for the winter season. They will feel considered and loved and will appreciate the idea of ​​always being able to carry the gift received with them.

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Libra – Something not cared for
Those born under the sign of Libra are people who mix rationality with the ability to dream and this means that satisfying them with a gift is a complex thing. What matters to them is the aesthetics and for this reason, the gift must have, first of all, a package with attention to the smallest details. As for the gift, the natives of the sign usually appreciate the thought. Even better if they feel that it has been chosen carefully and with them and their tastes in mind. In this way, it will be easy to hit the mark and make them happy even with little. As long as that little has been chosen with the heart.

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Scorpio – An impersonal object
If there is one thing that the natives of Scorpio badly need, it is the knowledge of being considered by the person they love. It is a detail to which they always pay attention and which they do not fail to notice during the Christmas holidays. A gift that you should never give them is therefore something chosen at random and that does not talk about them. To know that they are loved, the natives of the sign need to find themselves in what is given to them and to feel that the gift has been chosen specifically for them. The more they notice this detail, the more they will appreciate the gift received. What if you don’t know them enough yet? It is always possible to use what you know as their name, the color they love the most, or similar details to make them fit in the chosen gift. That way you will hit the mark for sure.

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Sagittarius – A set of candles
At Christmas, it is customary to give candles but those born under the sign of Sagittarius do not like to receive them, especially if from a loved one. For them, it is better something more inclined to their tastes, which demonstrates a certain knowledge of their way of being and which at the same time surprises them by making them feel observed and, why not, also appreciated. A palette of tricks, a book that you are sure they will like or a ticket for a trip to do together is just some of the ideas that they may like, especially if you add a message written with the heart and that makes them understand that they have. thought of the gift (and therefore of them) with extreme attention and with the sole desire to make them happy. The thought will certainly be more than appreciated.

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Capricorn – A pre-packed Christmas basket
Capricorn natives don’t need big gifts to be happy but they certainly don’t like having something chosen for them that could be destined for anyone. No prepackaged baskets, therefore, because it would make them feel unimportant. Better aim for something they may like a pair of gloves for the winter, a makeup set, or their favorite perfume. What matters is that they feel that behind what is given to them there is a sincere thought and that every time they use it or look at it, they will have the opportunity to rethink the loved one, feeling their hearts warm at the thought of the attention received. A detail that matters more to them than anything else.

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Aquarius – A perfume
Those born under the sign of Aquarius love personalized and carefully chosen gifts. Of all, they prefer those who remember who did it and who at the same time seem made for them. A perfume, therefore, would be little appreciated, especially if one of those that are around for Christmas and could be purchased for the whole family. Feeling unique to them is of paramount importance. For this reason, it is preferable to opt for something small but that is felt and thought of 365 degrees. Better a well-written note full of feelings to attach to a good book or a small bonsai than something that could receive from anyone, in short. After all, they must know that they have chosen someone special, right?

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Pisces – An Impersonal or Trivial Book
As much as Pisces natives love to read, when it comes to receiving a book they need it to convey something special to them. Limited edition books are therefore welcome, old or unobtainable and among their researches for some time. To make them appreciate the gift, it is even better to add a special dedication to everything that you can reread every time you open the book. On the other hand, the classic supermarket book, which can be found everywhere and which may not even be among their favorite tastes, should be avoided. In this case, they would feel as if they were diminished in their role and would not appreciate the gift at all. Feeling special in the eyes of their loved ones is the most important thing for them, even at Christmas.

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