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The best time to have a baby (for each zodiac sign)

If you are planning a family and a child, take a look at your “star calendar”. He will advise you on the best time to do this.

Aries: 35 years old, independence and impulsivity

The Aries woman is very independent, devoted to her beliefs and words. She is honest and impulsive in her decisions. When it comes to having a baby, the Aries woman will go for it anyway, leaving her comfort zone. However, babies scare her because she is too self-sufficient, independent and knows that the child will change her lifestyle. The best age to have a child for an Aries woman is 30 years later, when she feels confident enough to make this choice and would prefer to give up her independence.

Taurus: 30 years old, marriage and stability

The Taurus woman is overly responsible, she will not dare to have a child if she feels that she is not ready for this in every sense. She is social and loves her usual activities. The Taurus woman is also very persistent, so when she decides something, no one will be able to convince her. Her stubbornness can blur her vision, so it takes time for her to figure out what she really wants. The best time for a child for a Taurus woman is when she is financially stable and married, and her husband helps balance her tendency to stubbornness.

Gemini: 32 years old, career stability

Gemini are very intelligent, charismatic and curious, always striving to learn something from someone and grow in order to be better than before. They try to constantly improve and compete with themselves. What does it mean? This means that the Gemini woman will want to develop her career to a certain point, until she feels successful enough to focus her intellectual energy in another area. Since a Gemini woman can be focused on her career, perhaps the ideal time to have a baby for her is after 32 years.

Cancer: 31 years old, satisfying a passion for adventure and adventure

The Cancer woman will grow up to be an incredible mother, courageous and deeply connected to her children on an almost spiritual level. The problem for a Cancer woman regarding birth is that she is too selfish and immersed in her own emotions to do so when she is young. She must gain experience, spend all her young and hot agility, learn from mistakes, and only after that she is ready to become the best mother in the world. A Cancer woman must trust herself and the decisions she makes before she can devote her life to raising another person.

Leo: 33 years old when the passions subsid

The Leo woman is courageous, knows exactly what she wants, and does everything to achieve the desired success and fame. And, when it comes to having a child, the best time to do this is after 30 years, as soon as her life gets better and becomes stable. Until that time, the Leo woman will work hard to build her career and be able to travel around the world.

Virgo: 27 years old, surprise isn’t always a bad thing

The Virgo woman is so rational and reasonable in her decisions to the point of being boring. She was so used to listening to the voice of her mind that she stopped paying attention to what her heart wanted. Therefore, when it comes to having a baby, this careful and patient woman will not even think about it until her head tells her that the time is right. This means that the best time for a Virgo to have a baby is in the mid-20s, because an unexpected baby isn’t always bad. However, even if she is not emotionally ready for the baby, she will make everyone around her believe that everything is okay and will try her best to be ready the moment the baby is born.

Libra: 30 years old, financial stability

The Libra woman is very friendly and peaceful. She loves to talk with others, analyze the problems of friends and her loved ones and help them draw conclusions in order to move on. When it comes to her own problems, a Libra woman will turn to loved ones for advice. Beginning in her 20s, she will travel heavily, strive to build working relationships and a career, and spend time with people who are important to her. She will wait until she is financially ready for the child, because she sees no point in selfishly wanting a child without having enough money to support him.

Scorpio: 24 years old, ready or not

The Scorpio woman is so compassionate that having a baby is one of the best things she will do in her life. Scorpio feels everything so deeply that when he first sees his child, everything else ceases to matter to him. This is why the best time for a Scorpio woman is young age. No matter at what stage of her relationship, the Scorpio woman will mature and shape her life in a way that matches this child. Whether she is ready for a baby or not, a Scorpio woman must wait until she is confident in her relationship.

Sagittarius: 28 years old, with grace and courage

There are so many adventures, courage, care and friends in the life of a Sagittarius woman. She is confident in her professional world and does her best to live with dignity. In her personal life, she is adventurous and daring. But because of her love of adventure, the Sagittarius woman can be reckless and reckless, so the child may appear unexpectedly. The best time for a Sagittarius woman to have a baby is any moment! The Sagittarius woman is incredibly strong and can handle whatever fate has in store for her with grace and courage.

Capricorn: 26 years old, all-round stability

The Capricorn woman is intelligent and practical, she does not make any rash acts and does not take momentary decisions, especially when it comes to giving the world another life. The Capricorn woman is a responsible, wise and down-to-earth introvert. She will not openly enter the social environment and be the center of attention, but she will covertly manage the situation. When it comes to the birth of a child, the Capricorn woman will approach this with all the intelligence and responsibility. The best time to have a baby is when the Capricorn woman feels professional, financially and emotionally ready. The ideal situation for a Capricorn woman is when she can plan and prepare for the child, since she does not like unpredictability.

Aquarius: 34 years old when you feel it in your heart

The Aquarius woman is a loyal friend, passionate lover and social personality. However, there are times when the Aquarius woman keeps emotions within herself, whether she is angry or sad. An Aquarius woman can be unpredictable and unreliable. This is one of the good reasons why an Aquarius woman should wait with the birth of a child until she feels that she is emotionally ready for it. Once she decides that she wants it, she will be ready for it. The dedication she shows to her loved ones and friends will turn her into a great mother.

Pisces: 25 years old when you decided in life

Despite the fact that the Pisces woman is emotional, the positive side of this quality is that she can give her heart and soul to the child. Despite the fact that the financial state of affairs may not be the best, the Pisces woman is so intense in her emotions and actions that she can raise a child with or without a man in her life. The kid makes her stronger, braver and better. However, since she often questions her decisions, it is better for her to wait until she is 25 years old, and she will not decide in life. The Pisces woman is also very compassionate, loyal and resourceful, so no matter what life promises her, she will not break. She will figure out how to get up off her knees, no matter what.

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