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Find out the best sleeping position based on your zodiac sign.

Going to sleep is one of the most important moments of the day. In fact, during sleep, the whole organism goes to rest and recharges to be ready for a new day full of experiences. Sleeping well, therefore, is really important, not only for the mood but also for the psycho-physical well-being that is derived from it and for the correct course of the working day.
Each of us, therefore, tends to have a preferred position when sleeping, one in which we feel more comfortable, fall asleep more easily, and wake up without too much pain.
What you may not know is that the position in which we sleep depends a lot on our zodiac sign and, to a large extent, also on our ascendant. Today, we will focus on the hours we spend sleeping, discovering what position to take to make the most of our hours of rest.

Night rest: the right position for each zodiac sign

Aries – In the star position
Your desire to be the center of attention can already be seen from how you sleep or how you should sleep in order to get the most rest from the night hours. The most suitable position for your sign is in fact the one with legs and arms apart, also called a star position. A way to take up as much space as possible, stretching your joints and enjoying your hours of rest in the best possible way. One that makes you feel in control of your spaces and exactly at the center of your very personal world.

Taurus – belly up and arms folded
For you, sleeping is something very simple. Just put your head on the pillow to collapse into a deep sleep from which you love not to be disturbed. For this reason, you often end up falling asleep on your stomach. A simple position that is quite congenial to you and that allows you to rest well and get the right energy from the hours of sleep.

Gemini – Assuming different positions
Perfectly in line with your sign, even at night you need to change, experimenting with multiple positions. For you, therefore, there is no one better than the others. What matters is that you have freedom of movement so that you can assume the position you prefer, changing it two or three times a night. Only in this way will you feel satisfied and relaxed.

Cancer – Hugging the pillow
In the absence of a partner to hug, the position that best suits you is that of the side and hugging a pillow that you can occasionally hold between your legs, assuming a position almost on your stomach. A way of sleeping perhaps a little childish but which allows you to feel safe even while you sleep, relaxing as much as possible and having dreams that are certainly better than those you would sleep in one of the other possible positions.

Leo – On your stomach and with your arms at your sides
The position that suits you best and in which you will most likely rest best is on your stomach and with your arms stretched out at your sides. An original way that allows you to keep an eye on who sleeps next to you and at the same time allows you to expand your place in the bed, simply by spreading your arms. In short, even while you sleep your need to excel seems to remain alert and always ready to come out.

Virgo – On your stomach with your arms outstretched
You too, like those born under the sign of Taurus, tend to sleep more easily on your stomach, falling asleep easily and without too many thoughts. Even a moment before falling into the arms of Morpheus, however, you do not give up thinking and this leads you to fall asleep on your back, with your nose towards the ceiling and your arms at your sides. A good way to indulge in a restful sleep from which to draw all the energy available to cope with the next day.

Libra – On Both Hips
Your rest is composed and meticulous and usually occurs on both hips. A style that reflects your way of being and the tendency to do everything in a calculated and moderate way. Sleeping first on one side and then on the other also allows you not to wake up due to cramps and to have a sleep without interference, able to offer you maximum rest.

Scorpio – Sideways and with arms forward
. Your favorite sleeping position? On the side and with the arms extended forward. This way you feel comfortable, stretching your muscles and expressing your way of being, even while you sleep. A position that you tend to alternate during the night, passing easily from one side to the other and waking up for just a second, only to fall back into your sleep usually full of dreams.

Sagittarius – How it happens
For you, sleep is just a necessity that you take care of without particular enthusiasm. Generally, therefore, you do not have a preferred or more suitable position to get more rest. This, therefore, will vary according to various factors, such as the degree of tiredness, the amount of hours of rest, etc … If you really want to choose one, perhaps the most likely is the supine one with your arms at your sides. Over the course of the same night, however, this will always tend to change with a certain ease.

Capricorn – Belly up and one arm on the pillow
You tend to fall asleep while you are still planning something for the next day or while you are mulling over the mistakes you made during the day. This leads you, most of the time, to fall asleep on your stomach, a position to which you will easily add one arm along your side and the other on the pillow, folded sideways. A strange position that when you wake up can bring you some pain but which, absurdly, is also the one in which you tend to sleep better.

Aquarius – Belly under with arms folded on the pillow
Even when you sleep you aim to be original, assuming a position that if in the company of others can be both contained and intrusive. In fact, everything will depend on the width with which you manage the position of the arms that you generally prefer to keep on the pillow, as if to remind you where you are and that you are finally enjoying your most deserved hours of rest.

Pisces – In the fetal position
Summarizing the fetal position makes you feel safe and protected from any problems. The ideal way to indulge in a restful sleep full of dreams. After all, you like dreaming a lot and very often you also tend to grasp important messages that prove useful in everyday life. To do this, therefore, it is necessary to feel completely at ease and safe from any possible danger, imaginary or real.

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