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The Best And The Worst Version Of You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Belonging to one zodiac sign doesn’t mean that our traits are completely fixed.

Depending on what happens in our lives, our personalities can change quite a bit.

If you feel like sometimes you aren’t yourself and there’s some bad energy making you into a completely different person, that may mean that you are experiencing your zodiac sign at its worst.

When life deals us some bad cards and we can’t seem to find a way to feel accomplished, strong, and positive, we tend to fall into the web of our insecurities.

It’s easy to let yourself go, but you should find a way to rise above it and build yourself back up!

Knowing exactly what your worst traits are is the best way to know what you’re looking for once you start falling, and knowing the most appreciated things about your personality will sure help you pinpoint what you’re aiming for.



Aries at their best is willful, strong, and brave. They fight weaker people’s fights with honor and passion. They don’t let other people live lives that are less than they deserve.

They are mature and stand up for other people – friends and family included. When they help, they truly have the other person’s best interests at heart.

They give great advice, and can be very compassionate. They are exciting and interesting lovers.


At their worst, Aries can become egoistic and way too proud of their own abilities to do things well. They start thinking they do everything better than others.

They let small things that go wrong grow so huge that they become real issues for them and the people in their lives.

They rush ahead without planning, so never really finish anything they start. They move on to something else recklessly and expect of others to clean up their messes.



They genuinely care about other people’s well-being. They are kind empaths whose emotional and spiritual equilibrium depends on the overall quality of life of people they know, hear of, or read about.

Looking out for other people’s comfort is their inner need and they do it because they love to, not because they are pretending. They hate seeing others suffer.

They behave in a way that keeps moral standards in their family and their community high, believing this can stop people from being unnecessarily hurt.

They are giving and emotional as lovers, happy to receive and give pleasure in their relationships.


They can get obsessed with their own comfort and start collecting material goods on a level of obsession.

They can get fixated on the materialistic side of life, leaving little space for spirituality and care for other human beings.

Their need for comfort and their hedonism can become too big and cause them to become incredibly lazy, where even going out for fun becomes too much of a chore.

They have their tyrannical, stubborn side, which is hard to control when they are at their worst. None of their friendships or relationships can succeed with them being this way.



Geminis are social and gets along with everyone. They keep in touch with their friends.  They are typically very popular in different groups of people.

Their minds are quick and they are rather witty. Their humor is their number one trait. Geminis don’t stop moving – they simply have too many things to do.

They truly enjoy life, with everything it may bring. Geminis’ minds don’t ever go into judgment mode; they accept people for who they are.


Gemini can easily lack empathy. They sometimes don’t think about how things they do or say can hurt others.

Their way of thinking allows them to offend others because they believe whatever they think is true should be said.

They often change their mind, but lack the ability to say they’re sorry.

They are the type of people who gossip and talk behind other people’s backs in an attempt to climb the social ladder.

Their careers and social standing seem more important to them than emotions of the people who care about them.



They are nurturing towards anyone. Always ready to help and make someone feel important and valued.

Sensitive to human weakness, they can’t stand selfish behavior.

Cancers are caring. They listen to people talking to them and take part in their problems with their whole hearts and souls, offering the best advice.

They are very responsible at work with great work ethic. In their families and relationships, they are amazingly willing to cooperate with their partners, handing out a lot of love.


They can be overly sensitive, to the point where they believe people try to hurt them on purpose.

They can’t separate their feelings from other people’s intentions and points of view.

It’s hard for them to understand that things people do come from their own perspectives and ways of living.

It seems to them like everyone is out to get them. They need to let down their guard and learn to trust people more.



Leo can be very honest and accepting. They are able to separate right from wrong and apply it to their own behavior.

They see when they’re wrong and aren’t afraid to apologize.

Being very concerned about their ego, they understand the fragility of other people’s and try not to hurt them.

They are open and communicative. Their friends and their family are a priority to them.

Leo is loyal to the people they care about. They give many compliments to the people they love, and they bathe them with attention.

This simply the most natural way for them to communicate their feelings.


They can be way too honest to the point of being rude and hurting people’s feelings.

Their desire to emphasize their own greatness makes them overdo everything. They can look and behave way too extravagantly.

Their need to satisfy their ego leaves them without any true faith in themselves.

They always try to do something or be something to the extreme in order to feel like they are anything at all.

Their relationships, of course, suffer greatly. Not being honest with themselves about who they are and what they need leaves them unable to have healthy relationships.



Virgos are usually very kind and gentle. They are happy to help others and offer them advice.

They see the world in their unusual, completely practical manner. They understand, though, that other people don’t.

Virgo at their best won’t criticize others for this, but they will rather offer their causal guidance and help.

They solve problems even before they happen because they analyze and examine everything around them in great detail.

They are amazing as friends, and also in their relationships because they listen, know how to communicate, and understand their loved ones.


When they are at their worst, they criticize and judge people on anything that doesn’t fit into their idea of how things should be done.

They can be very materialistic and judge others based on their jobs or belongings. They can become obsessed with money.

Virgo girls at their worst are the ones who marry for money or pay too much attention to people’s outward appearance. This, of course, prevents them from forming healthy, happy, honest relationships.



Amazingly good and considerate towards others without expecting anything in return.

They want to be fair at all times, but are able to understand life isn’t always fair.

They stay happy and positive despite this. They treat people well because they want to, and feel like it’s their human responsibility to be kind to other people.

They enjoy spreading beauty and peace in the world and see that as a reward on its own.

They don’t need others reciprocating their actions in order to feel valued.

They are giving, caring, selfless people who are amazing in relationships and also as friends.


They care way too much about what’s fair and what’s not. They expect people to always do the right thing, which is hardly possible.

Others not being able to respond to this makes them feel enraged and they play passive-aggressive games to get them back.

Realizing that the world isn’t always fair makes them feel desperate and angry, and this affects each one of their friendships and relationships.



Forever loyal, this best describes Scorpios at their best. They have very intense emotions but are able to deal with them. They realize that other people aren’t responsible for their emotions.

They don’t bury their feelings deep down but rather express them.

They accept whatever bad happens to them and in this way become stronger.

They are full of passion but it’s used for good things, not for gaining power and plotting revenge on anyone who ever hurt them.


They can be very possessive, controlling, and unforgiving. They tend to transcend their feeling of self-control to other people, believing that they can control anyone.

People can’t stand this for too long and tend to leave. Scorpios are afraid that someone is going to make a fool out of them. They put way too much energy into making sure this never happens.

If something bad does happen and someone does use them, they spend a lot of time feeling hurt and in doing so, miss out on beautiful things in life.



They are optimistic, carefree butterflies of the zodiac. They don’t let anything bad happening in the world affect their thrill for life.

They keep on searching for the good in everything.

They overlook other people’s mistakes, and don’t pay a lot of attention to imperfections in things or people.

They care for what’s at the core of things and in the heart of a person. They have intuition that helps them recognize people’s true intentions.

Sagittarians see them and the world clearly and are quite witty due to their wisdom.


They spend a lot of time wondering if others are being genuine. They are greatly bothered by people who put on shows, cheat everyone around them, and lie about who they really are.

Sagittarians at their worst set really high standards for other people and rules that don’t apply to them.

They cut people out of their lives easily, whenever they think these people have treated them badly.

They expect way too much from others while they don’t offer the same in return.



Capricorns are supportive and giving. They are the people you can always depend on, even when there’s no one else to turn to.

They aren’t overwhelmed by the world and they see it clearly, with all its benefits and flaws.

They prepare for the world, using their common sense. They save money and they create health plans to take care of their future.

They know that you have to earn everything in life and you need to work hard to get where you want to be.

Their number one priority is their family and people close to them. They are also very responsible at work and in life overall.


When at their worst, they can’t seem to accept anything that wasn’t their own opinion and idea. They feel like they know what’s right and need to convince others to follow them blindly.

They fall into believing that they do all the work in their families or communities. They often complain how bad they have it in comparison to others who seem to get everything easily.

Tyrannical might be the right word to describe their nature. Accepting that other people are allowed to make their own decisions without being judged seems impossible for them to comprehend.



They see the world clearly. They don’t let other people’s judgements bring them down.

They play by their own rules, and think of their standards as higher than those of others.

They believe that, as they are the only ones who really know what’s happening inside their minds, they get to make confident decisions about how they want their life to look like.

Still, they respect other people’s opinions the same way they want their opinion respected.

They accept the little quirks in other people, and even enjoy them more than any other sign.

They are very patient and kind, and truly amazing friends.


They can believe that their standards in life are the highest possible ones and everyone should respect them. Other people should share their ideals.

They even try to make others realize which changes they should make in order to achieve their excellence in life.

They don’t respond well to other people’s emotions, giving themselves the right to analyze if someone has the right to feel a certain way.

They fail to realize that people react differently on an emotional level and that they should offer them understanding and compassion.



They are one with everything that represents human emotion. They understand others even better than they understand themselves.

Their intuition allows them to understand people’s true feelings and desires that go beyond words.

They are a very good medium for absorbing these emotions and giving back to others in the form of understanding and compassion.

They accept that people are different and look past other people’s flaws, forever grateful to those who do the same for them.


Their head is constantly somewhere in the clouds and they can’t deal with the real world.

On one level, they simply pretend that ugly and awful things in the world don’t exist.

On another level, they can reach for other ways to reach comfort. They often let themselves fall into substance abuse to try help them deal with the stress.

If they don’t let people close to them to receive help from them – this can go very far. They will rarely admit their weaknesses.

If they don’t find the strength to do so, the world will cave in on them.

They can go as far as developing health issues due to their feeling of not being able to deal with the stress and ugliness of the world around them.

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