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The 7 Best Reasons Why I’m Proud to Be a Leo

The lion in me always comes out and helps me cope with all life situations! I’m a winner, but I know how to lose.

Since we’re in full summer season and it’s the perfect time to celebrate the fifth sign of the zodiac circle, Leo, we wanted to leave here a few reasons why we’re proud of this beautiful solar sign and grateful to have them around and in our life.

So, between July 23 and August 22, we are in Leo, a fire sign, ruled by the Sun. If you are a Leo or love a Leo or know a Leo or someone you love is a Leo, you will more than likely agree with the points we mention below:

The Leo in your heart or life: 7 reasons to love and be proud of him

1. The Leo sign is only heart, a good, noble heart, full of passion, vitality, liveliness, and vivacity. Perhaps no other sign expresses the joy of living and the pleasure of existence with such power. Leo is known for his generosity of spirit or warmth of nature, for the light he gives off, for the positive vibe he spreads around or, for his inexhaustible energy, for the noble aura he surrounds himself with. With a Leo around you feel protected, you feel safe, you feel comfortable in his presence, you feel loved, and are infected with the love of life, because yes, Leo has the grace to pass on all these. Leo gives of himself in his relationships with others, in everything he does, and in the way he lives.

2. Leo natives have an extraordinary charm and special magnetism, they are mostly people who simply fascinate, attract attention, and conquer without making any effort in this regard. It is as if they were born with the mark of royalty and splendor inscribed on their foreheads. They are often asked for advice, their word carries weight before anyone, they exude strength and inspiration, ambition, and authority often, and they have presence and command respect. Even though they have a warm and calm, almost aristocratic presence, they are gentle and restrained, rarely raising their voice, their inner strength is reflected outwardly through all their pores, and at some point, the circles close around them.

3. Leo is a creative force and life force, it’s like he was born victorious and never gives up no matter what the circumstances are. That’s why many of the people who transcend the conditions they were born into are Leos. Leo has an inner fire that will burn throughout his life without being completely consumed, wanting to leave behind a better, more transformed, more evolved world in a realistic and practical sense. Leo is a sign that allows itself to be led by ideas, but for which action is a principle of life. Pragmatic, dynamic, self-confident, and balanced, it is also a mature and intelligent sign, which allows itself to be led, especially in the second part of life by wisdom, constancy, and perseverance.

4. Many say that this sign is proud, with a big ego, and even arrogant, but Leo is very aware of his flaws and is often perceived and misunderstood because of his self-assurance and lack of need for validation. Yes, Leo is proud but fair and impartial, honorable and impartial. Leo has a special dignity, even in the face of humiliating or difficult situations, and always manages to come out with his forehead up and his back straight, unbowed by life, through grandiose gestures, worthy of an emperor or queen. A Leo will always be brutally honest, he will enter the game of life and discussion with all his cards on the table, avoiding malice, pettiness, manipulation, and small games. Also, Leo will do everything in his power to achieve what he wants, implement his dreams,

5. In love and romantic relationships, but also friendships, Leo is one of the most loyal zodiac signs. He loves with passion and determination, transparently and sincerely, often loving the same person until the end of his life. Even if they are generally strong and confident, in love Leos are warm, affectionate, sensual and tender, even romantic. They like to receive and give love equally, to be stimulated mentally and intellectually, and to immerse themselves in gestures, proofs, and surprises of love. They love their partner to be well taken care of, they need someone to be there for them in all their moments, both good and bad, who respects their need for space and independence, but next to whom they can rest their big soul. With a Leo as a life partner, you will not be bored, because Leos also have an adventurous side,

6. As friends, Leos are extraordinarily loyal and generous, the most beautiful, interesting, and lasting friendships are those with a Leo. You will learn from your friend Leo, he will always tell you the truth and he will be a real guide and role model in life. Connections with a Leo are deep, lasting, and intense. Also, in borderline situations or when you need help, Leo is a reliable support and a jumpy person, easily managing the most difficult situations. He doesn’t lose his temper easily, has fantastic self-control, and even if he’s emotional, something special about his intrinsic nature will make him listen immediately.

7. With a complex personality, Leos don’t do anything by halves, for them, it’s all or nothing. They know how to lose, and they know how to win, but for them, it is more important to fight, even to the last moment. I love, live, work, and put my whole soul into the projects and things I do. They are spontaneous and enjoy every little thing in life, but always plan big and dream big, so they are said to have high expectations in general, not just from others. In themselves, however, they also have a vulnerable and sensitive side, they are like big children who have not forgotten to be children, to smile with wide mouths of amazement, and to enjoy everything.

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