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The 5 Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Send Drunk Text Messages 2022

Texting your intoxicated ex is never a good idea, but there are some zodiac signs that just can’t help it.

Their emotions take over and before they even know it, they hit the send button. Are you one of them?

1. Cancer

Cancer is already emotional on its own, but once they’ve had a few drinks of alcohol their emotions only intensify and they feel comfortable saying whatever they think about it.

Cancers won’t wait long to send their ex a long message filled with typos that they pour all their hearts into.

They probably won’t remember anything the next morning and they will regret sending it. It is still a good thing that they can still put all the blame on the alcohol.

2. Aries

All the resentment that has built up in their chests towards their ex is going to come out in the open once he gets a little drunk. If an Aries just went through a bad breakup and it’s mostly their ex’s fault, they’re going to need to let off steam.

Of course, he will add some things he doesn’t really mean and regret it all the next morning.

However, the only way to prevent her from doing this is to leave her phone at home.

3. Gemini

Gemini’s conversational skills are at their peak when drunk.

In fact, they laugh a lot and talk more. Still, it would be better if their chatty tendencies didn’t translate into their texts.

At first, they will try to act calm and relaxed, but as the night progresses, the questions asked in their texts will become deeper, more direct and more intimate.

They’ll want to know why their ex behaved like an asshole, they’ll stop at nothing and keep texting until they get a response.

Of course, they’ll regret their actions, not only because they’ll care what their ex thinks about them, but also because all of their scars will reopen again.

4. Aquarius

When an Aquarius falls in love with someone, they fall in love deeply. Aquarians don’t fall for looks, money, or anything shallow.

They fall for people who understand them and that’s exactly what they miss most when their relationship ends.

So, their first impulse when they are drunk is to reach out to their ex and tell them everything that has accumulated in their heads since their breakup.

And it doesn’t even have to be related to their relationship; all an Aquarius wants is to have someone who really understands them.

Either way, texting your intoxicated ex is never a good idea. They will only make their headache worse the next morning, in addition to their hangover.

5. Capricorn

A Capricorn, who is very proud by nature, would never text their ex, but once the alcohol kicks in, he does it without thinking twice.

Capricorns all get emotional and muddy and only think about the good times they had with their ex, while the bad ones are blocked by alcohol.

The morning brings clarity, but it is already too late and the damage is done.

That’s why you don’t need to think about it too much, because the only thing they can do is ask their friend to keep their phone away from them the next time they go out drinking.

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