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The 5 best and worst characteristics of Libra

Being in balance is the main focus of this wonderful zodiac sign.

When it comes to keeping everything under control, the scales take the lead. Peaceful and balanced, this sign hates being alone.

The partnership is very important to Libra, especially the one that takes place on a personal level.

With their winning mentality and helpfulness, they are not inclined to be alone for long.

Libra is an air sign, with a keen intellect and a keen mind.

It is in their nature to be inspired by interesting books, insurmountable discussions and interesting people, which will keep their boredom away.

The ruling planet of Libra is the planet of beautiful things Venus, so quality is always more important than quantity for people in this sign.

They surround themselves with art, music, and places of interest so that they can reach their full potential.

Because they are cooperative by nature, they often work with others on creative projects.

Libra is fascinated by balance and symmetry, as well as justice.

They are often people who value equality, they do not tolerate injustice wherever it occurs, they do everything possible to eliminate it.

They do not tend to argue for no reason and prefer to keep the peace where possible.

The biggest problem for Libra comes when they are forced to choose either side of a conflict.

Sometimes they spend too much time recognizing and arguing the respective sides and forget that they have their own opinion at all.

Often they get bogged down in their indecision or are misunderstood by others.

It is not uncommon for Libra to get lost in the formation of an opinion when a different argument or opinion is added.


So, as the justice of the zodiac, Libra is always looking for the most appropriate solution in any conflict.

The good qualities of the zodiac sign Libra

1. Scales are cooperative

Since Libra are very social, they absolutely love working in teams.

They like to share experiences and love to hear other people’s opinions.

This means they are always one step ahead and benefit from working with others in life.

Even if you have great ideas as an individual, implement them in a team.

Great things can be achieved when people work together and that is their life motto.

2. Libra are sociable

Libra are the most sociable people in the entire zodiac.

They enjoy large groups of people and never have trouble adjusting.

Because they have a great sense of humor and natural charm, they are popular with their friends too.

People love spending time with them and they are wonderful contemporaries to create memories with.

Your social skills are to be envied and it is truly a privilege to be liked by everyone like the Libra.

3. Scales are smart

Scales are very realistic and they are very adept at everything they do.

This is because they put effort into the smallest details that others don’t notice.

They’re also very quick thinkers, and the ideal person to be around when a conflict arises.

With their way of dealing with words, they can bring peace and sanity to the most nervous person.

They always know exactly what to say and are therefore often the mediators in their group of friends.

4. Libra are just and don’t like conflict

Libra don’t like conflict and definitely don’t waste time arguing.

Even if they disagree with something, they won’t spend a lot of time defending their point of view.

They prefer to have a good time and live in harmony, and people who love to argue are not their favorite companions.

Because of this, they have a hard time with Aries, but amazingly, because Aries is exciting too, they are very compatible.

So it is fair for them to endure for the sake of the excitement and all the other good things that Fire Signs have to offer.

5. Scales are charming

It’s no secret that Libra are very charming and attractive.

They are one of the most attractive zodiac signs inside and out.

Not only do they have an incredible charm, but they also attract people with their emotional balance.

Libra are mature and sassy at the same time, and they’re pretty evenly balanced in everything.

In general, people who are extreme at something can be viewed as repulsive, but not the Libra as they have a little bit of everything.

The negative characteristics of the zodiac sign Libra

1. Scales are undecided

Scales are represented by the scales, but it is true that they are undecided.

This can be a really annoying trait because it takes you far too long to decide.

They will ask you 20 times to buy something only to then put it away or move on to something else.

Don’t go shopping with them or help them make a decision because it will take forever.

They also listen to everyone’s opinion and do whatever they want one way or another, so be on your nerves.

2. Scales are superficial

Libra prefers people who are handsome and wealthy.

It’s no secret that they love luxury and that good-looking people impress them.

In many ways, they tend to remain those immature individuals who think you are worth more based on looks and status.

They’re so used to being the popular folks out of school that they carry this behavior into adulthood.

Surely they must forget about this immature addiction, because appearance and status mean nothing.

3. Libra are emotionally fragile

While Libra may seem confident, the reality is that they are very emotionally fragile.

They often have problems that chase them from childhood and unresolved problems with their own body image.

Often these people tend to consider themselves less worthy and therefore use arrogance to cover up their insecurities.

You don’t want others to find out how fragile they really are and not the confident people they say they are.

Sometimes this can leave them struggling to find love and bond with someone.

4. Scales are vain

One bad thing about Scales is that they can appear arrogant and vain at times.

They are obsessed with their appearance and are always worried about what others think of them.

Looking good is extremely important to them, and they sometimes judge others based on how they look.

They also tend to give importance to a person based on their popularity.

Sometimes these standards are not even realistic and they tend to forget that all people are equal after all.

5. Scales are not confrontational

Because Libra dislike conflict, they usually avoid it when necessary.

They leave the relationship or close up when things get turbulent, or resolve conflicts in unrealistic ways.

To keep the peace, they might still be friends with someone who lied to them, or they might text their partner away because they didn’t want to face them in person.

They will avoid anything that can make them appear like the bad person because of their good standing.

Sometimes that’s not very helpful because sometimes you have to be direct and face your problems.

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