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Find out which zodiac signs feel superior to others.

The world, as we know, is beautiful because it is varied and populated by a myriad of completely different people. Among these it is possible to find those insecure, shy, cheerful, self-confident, sensitive, greedy, generous, etc … All for an almost infinite list where several characteristics are mixed together giving life to unrepeatable personalities that are also the basis of the uniqueness of each of us. Among the many ways of being that can distinguish human beings there are obviously also negative ones such as feeling superior to others, which often leads to unpleasant attitudes. Obviously, even this way of being can depend on the influence that the stars have on us. Today, we will see together which are the signs they believe they are superior to others. A way of doing that often and willingly can also depend on the ascendant and which consequently should be verified by analyzing its profile.

Horoscope: here are the signs that they feel superior to all others

Taurus – Those Overconfident
Those born under the sign of Taurus are people who like to have an opinion on everything. For this reason they usually inform themselves in different ways, so that they can be among those who know the most within each group. This way of doing things derives from their need to always feel up to the situation, which, in some cases, can lead them to feel even a step above the others and all thanks to the information they have acquired over time. A vicious circle that risks making them appear not very humble when in reality, part of their way of doing, is given by a basis of insecurity that they try to hide even from themselves.

Leo – those aware of their means
The natives of Leo are usually very capable people and above all skilled in being able to emerge and be noticed in every situation. Workers, committed as never before to the task of always getting the best out of what they do, over time tend to get so used to victories that they practically take them for granted, feeling far superior to others. A thought that they do not tend to show in practice but that in the event of heated debates will be expressed by their way of speaking and acting. Which once noticed can make them quite annoying.

Virgo – I know everything about the situation
Rational and precise like few other signs, the natives of Virgo are always convinced that they have reason in their pockets. Theirs is a way of being that is often a mix between a basic insecurity and the desire to prevail over others. However, the result is always the same, that is an almost total inability to listen and an attitude that can sometimes appear contemptuous and, consequently, difficult to bear. If caught off guard, they even go so far as to raise their voices and withdraw completely in themselves. Having to deal with them, therefore, unless you have their total esteem, is definitely difficult.

Sagittarius – those who always feel one step ahead
Thanks to their desire to explore and learn about the world, those born under the sign of Sagittarius often find themselves having a vast knowledge of things. However, this quality is obscured by their need to show off and to point out that extra point that they can sometimes have on others. Often feeling superior, moreover, they tend to never really pay attention to what they are told, ending up clashing with those who, perhaps just as sure of themselves, do not accept their way of doing, deciding to face them in first person.

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