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The stars reveal the 3 zodiac signs that are most likely to win Lotto and other games

We all know people who are very lucky in games, lotteries, and contests, and we often tend to ask ourselves: why do they always win? According to astrologers, this could be related to their zodiac sign, which is why they are so lucky. Who are these zodiac signs? Let’s find out!


The Aries sign loves adventure and therefore always seeks luck in any field. Receives prizes in games and quizzes. As a result, he doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants. He is among the luckiest signs of the zodiac and it all depends on his intuition. He may also know instinctively which lottery ticket to choose. However, his success depends more on his passion for the game than his interest in making a lot of money. Therefore, he must not rush things and make impulsive choices, such as betting big.


Leo is always safe, which means that when he wants to win, he takes the bull by the horns, even when it comes to buying a lottery ticket. And surprisingly, it wins. The Leo personality shows that it is a sign that takes the opportunity to arouse the envy of other less fortunate signs. This sign can make things so easy that winning may feel natural to him.

All Leo natives are looking for money, glory, and admiration, it is part of their nature. Fortunately for them, they face a few obstacles when trying to achieve the things they care about. It is not just because they are lucky, but because they do everything they can to apply their ideas and take their chances. That is why they receive great support, help, and love from those around them to motivate them and help them achieve their goals. In short, Leo’s luck is deeply rooted in his life.


The Capricorn sign is pragmatic and can develop a good plan and strategy to put all the odds on his side to win the jackpot. Luck easily comes into the hands of this sign, because the natives of Capricorn have a certain quality: they give most of their income to charity. Luck is with them when it comes to games that can completely change the course of their life. Therefore, they can take as many risks as possible to bring about a change in their life.

Capricorn luck often comes in a pecuniary form. They end up being heirs to a large family fortune, or simply find rare items that are worth a lot. Sometimes they receive very profitable offers and often take advantage of them to reap the greatest benefits.

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