Have you ever heard of the fact that there is a formula that can be used to maintain your happiness in love. Even if your relationship has fallen asleep a little, you can use this rule to shake it up and revive it. Your bond will definitely strengthen it …

Every 2 weeks…

you go out to eat together Alone and without friends, parents or children. Make yourself a little chic, make an appointment and look forward to it. On the one hand, this is a nice tradition, because you create more awareness for the other and your time together, on the other hand, it is simply good to be able to have a chat over a meal together. Correct conversations often fall asleep in everyday life or are prevented by the television.

Every 2 months…

you spend a weekend together. And not on the couch, but outside of your apartment. It’s up to you whether it’s a festival, a city break or a wellness holiday. The main thing is that you do it and come out of your usual environment. It is important to have a change of scenery from time to time and to deal intensively with the partner and the relationship. It will weld you back together and just do you good.

Every 2 years …

you go on vacation. And again only you two. Family vacation or vacation with friends is nice, but you also need a longer period of time for two, so that everything stays in balance and you only deal with yourself without distraction. Create new memories together and strengthen your band again. You will notice how good this is for you and how it is with your relationship.

Is the 2-2-2 rule not feasible for you? No problem. You can vary and adjust the distances. Going on vacation once a year, but only taking 3 weekend trips, is of course also possible. The main thing is that you consciously create time for two and celebrate it. Cell phones gone and really be there for the partner again.


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