Find out why you are still single based on your zodiac sign. The answer of the stars, sign by sign.

Each of us chooses to live our lives in the way that suits our needs best. When it comes to feelings and relationships, in general, the choice is between finding a partner or staying single. When everything happens based on the decisions made, life smiles at us. But if, on the contrary, we find ourselves having to live a condition that does not feel suitable, the situation is certainly different. Being single against one’s will is an example.

When this happens, the result is to feel sad, discouraged, and unwilling to live with energy the situations that arise from day today. We keep asking ourselves where the problem lies and why we are still alone and this is certainly an unpleasant aspect to live. Yet, believe it or not, sometimes the reason why you are without a partner depends on us and on the way we deal with things or deal with others. And since this may also depend on the influence that the stars have on us today we will try to understand why the various signs of the zodiac are still single.

Still single against your will? That’s why according to the stars

Aries – You always expect the worst
If you are still single without wanting to, most likely the cause is to be found in the idea you have of others. Perhaps this is due to some disappointment or unpleasant experiences from your past. The result does not change, however. There is a base of distrust in you that pushes you to always expect the worst and which consequently does not allow you to open up as you would like. This leads you to establish cold and not very harmonious relationships, ending with the fact that neither on your part nor on that of those around you there is an actual desire to carry on things. This is a problem that you are struggling to solve and one that you should start working on yourself for. After all,

Taurus – You are too closed
Although you are a romantic person and constantly in search of great love, you also tend to approach others in ways that are sometimes difficult to understand. If at first, you appear affable and able to establish contact, after a while, you tend to close yourself leaving the other person with more questions than they would like. True, sometimes the fear of being disappointed can play tricks on you. Many other times, however, the problem lies in your difficulty in letting go. Your confidentiality and poor ability to open up and trust ahead of time can make you appear tougher than you actually are. And all put at risk the possibility of a relationship that instead could hold you great surprises. For this reason,

Gemini – You Are Too Friendly
Well yes, at times, being outgoing and particularly able to become friends with those you know can prove to be a double-edged sword. With this way of doing, in fact, you risk giving the impression that you are aiming only for a good friendship. This can discourage others, leading them to withdraw or turn their attention elsewhere. To stop being single, therefore, the right thing to do is arm yourself with courage and try a different approach at least with the person you like. Being nice doesn’t mean showing yourself as everyone’s best friend right away. And a pinch of mystery, you know, gives everything an often irresistible charm. The same one with which you can conquer anyone by finally finding a partner to live no longer just as a friend but as a life partner.

Cancer – You send mixed messages
You’re being shy but at the same time eager to set out to conquer the person you like often pushes you to send contradictory messages that can create confusion. If on the one hand, you can show yourself available and ready to establish contact, on the other hand, you end up closing yourself up leaving the others with a big question mark. If you are still single and unhappy with it, then you should start behaving differently. Being yourself, as trivial as it may seem, is a good way to start. In fact, you will be sure to attract the attention of people who are really interested in you and ready to know you for who you really are. Stop trying to show yourself in some specific way. The real you will be the one that will lead you to a beautiful love story.

Leo – You are too proud
For you to prove your worth is an important aspect. However, this can sometimes lead to loneliness. Wanting to always be pampered and sought after by others could in fact push you to push away, albeit unwittingly, a possible partner as proud as you are. If you like someone, showing it is neither a crime nor a sign of weakness. And above all, it doesn’t stop you from being wooed by staging the classic staring games you like so much. What really matters is, to be honest, first of all with yourself and immediately after with others. By doing this you can hope to find someone who wants to play the game. And that, in doing so, he is even willing to follow your rules. To succeed, however, it is essential to expose yourself at least a little.

Virgo – You are too strict with others
As much as you like to be tough and insensitive, the truth is that you are far more fragile than you want to show. For this reason, even if you don’t realize it, you often end up pushing others away. This depends on the fact that for fear of being disappointed you try to immediately understand what those around you are like. Which pushes you to look for defects even where there are none. Your being strict with others, however, in addition to risking to distance them prevents you from appreciating them for the many positive aspects that, taken from your judging them, you end up not noticing. An aspect that leads you to isolate yourself much more than you realize and that in the long run only makes you feel bad. Focusing more on the positives could make a difference by allowing you to open up more and find someone who, despite the flaws.

Libra – You are a little too biased
If you are still single, this is most likely due to your being too biased towards others. When you meet someone you like, your fear of being hurt is in fact so strong that it pushes you to look for flaws even where there aren’t any. This leads you to appear cold and uninterested. Ways of doing that push others to step aside. A real shame if you think that your elegance and the way you treat people make you an extremely interesting person. And it would take very little to meet the right person and make sure that things go well. However, so that others do not desist from wanting to know you better, your participation is also essential. Something that you can put in place simply by giving a few chances to those around you.

Scorpio – You show little interest
Ok to be reserved but sometimes you close yourself so much in yourself that you risk not showing any interest in others. And, needless to say, this can be a problem if you are looking for a partner. To make others come forward you must in fact show a minimum of participation. Whether it’s a game of glances, a shrewd smile, or the (visible) desire to deepen knowledge, it doesn’t matter. You must be always ready to show yourself for who you are. In fact, your magnetic charm alone does a lot. However, at least a pinch of participation will be added to it. You will see that opening up a little and putting yourself out there will open up a world of opportunities that you would never have imagined having. Possibilities that are there, simply waiting for you to decide to take them.

Sagittarius – Looking for perfection
If there is a reason why you are still single without wanting to, it depends on your pursuit of perfection. Your expectation of a completely flawless partner pushes you to wait a long time (sometimes even indefinitely) without finding what you want. This leads you to find yourself more alone than you would like and all for no real reason. In fact, it would be enough for you to look around to realize that sometimes it is enough to offer a few more possibilities to the atria to understand that even if you do not find perfection you can get closer to it more than you think. This is an attempt that you should try because it could positively change your life by making you feel more serene and above all less alone.

Capricorn – Offer little space to others
If there is a reason why you find yourself single, it is to be found in your need to take care of mostly everything that concerns you. Which leads you to not take into due consideration the people around you. It is a problem that you never realize as you should and that in the long run leads you to feel unsatisfied and all without you being able to find a solution to the problem. Obviously, the situation is not as difficult as you imagine it and it would take a little work on yourself to change things. What you really need is to be able to give yourself the luxury of taking a break from your busy schedule and immerse yourself in the world out there. The same world that can offer you much more than you think, especially from a sentimental point of view.

Aquarius – You don’t care much
If you are still single, the real reason is that apart from a few rare moments when you stop and wonder why you don’t feel a need inside of you that pushes you to look for a mate. The truth is that you are very attached to your spaces and being able to live them as you see fit makes you so happy that it leads you not to look for something different. Occasionally, however, making a few attempts can be more enjoyable than you think. And opening yourself up to others could lead you to find the right person. One with whom you can also share the moments of calm and silence that are so important to you. And who knows that groped will not show you how there are other ways to feel good, this time as a couple. In the end, it’s just a matter of understanding what you really want and how much you are ready to give to get it.

Pisces – You are not very effective
If a romantic person like you is still single, the problem is probably due to a lack of impact during the early stages of acquaintance. One of your habits is in fact to be there for the first contact but to move too slowly in the following phases. An attitude that gives the impression that you are uninteresting and therefore can lead others to desist from courting you. In reality, it would be enough to be more incisive to give a different outcome to relationships of knowledge. Or at least to those who in your opinion has the right potential to become something more. By working on yourself and your ability to act, the results will not belong in coming. And, even before you know it, you will have more than one person to think about.


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