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Tell Me What Zodiac Sign You Are So I Can Tell You How You Love

Things no one has ever told you about how to love.

One of the greatest joys in life is to embark on the journey of self-discovery. Astrology can tell us so many new things about who we are, open our eyes to personality traits we didn’t know before, and teach us more about what we need to do to be happy.

An interesting aspect (many consider it the most important) is related to the different ways in which we love – how we love, whom we love, why we love, how we feel, and when we love.

Here’s how each zodiac sign loves:


You are restless and passionate when you love, but you can also be tender. You are usually honest about your feelings towards your partner. The moment you develop emotions for a certain person, things change for you and you begin to live much more intensely and feel everything on a different level.

However, you are not afraid of being single, nor do you rush to be in relationships just for the sake of being – only a truly special person ends up winning you over. When you are injured, it takes a long time to heal. But don’t get discouraged and don’t give up on true love.


Despite the flamboyant and passionate style that you display, you are a rather shy person at heart. You are a unique blend of charm and modesty – and these two qualities can make you seem untouchable to some people.

You are a natural-born romantic and love being in a relationship – loving and being loved. When you fall in love, you give love with all your heart – you are loyal, died


Intelligent Geminis are quite charming in love and known for their patience in every aspect of life. They don’t rush anywhere – and sometimes this habit can not only be seen as a flaw for some people but also affects your level of commitment because you are one of the zodiac signs that doesn’t want stability or look to start a family quickly.

However, your restless nature does not suggest a lack of sensitivity as you are very caring. You will probably fall in love with someone spontaneous and adventurous. When it comes to finding the right person for you, it’s best to look for someone who loves life as much as you do.


You are a person of incredible sensitivity; your mood is greatly affected by the moods of those around you. You are intuitive, mysterious, and very creative. Your sign could indicate a strong desire to be in a relationship.

You want to live life with someone else because sometimes you feed off the happiness of the person you’re with. You also like to enjoy the attention and make romantic gestures. Many times you end up giving too much of yourself and forgetting who you are or what you want from the future. That’s why it’s important to avoid people who want to take advantage of your sensitivity.


You were born into a sign that loves to be in the spotlight. Few zodiac signs can command attention as you do. Your strong presence and fierce nature will likely attract plenty of suitors as well. Also, your positivity and natural charm can help you achieve many of your life goals, but you can lose focus easily when you fall in love.

You should look for a partner who not only allows you to be yourself but also encourages you to achieve your goals and is proud of you.


You are very selective when it comes to potential romantic partners – and that’s because you have an independent personality and know what you want from life. You are not looking for a perfect soulmate, but a mature person with whom you can grow beautifully.

Mercury, the planet that rules your sign, plants a strong intellectual quality in you. That’s why you long to be with someone who supports you unconditionally, believes in you, and motivates you to grow and become the best version of yourself.


You are a person who loves the beauty in people, being considered one of the most affectionate zodiac signs. You fall in love easily and enjoy the relationship you are in with all your heart.

This can cause small problems throughout your life as you end up making major compromises to make the person next to you feel good and happy. The key is to not forget about yourself and, once in a while, be selfish and put yourself first. Don’t forget that you are the most important.


You are a person with incredible sensitivity; the depth of your soul knows no bounds, and for this reason, you seek truly special relationships. When you love, you love and you are grateful to your partner for all the emotions and states you have because of him.

However, always looking for something different, very few people end up satisfying you. Try to understand that not everyone experiences life or love with such intensity and that sometimes simplicity can be the meaningful experience you seek.


You are an optimistic person, always with a smile on your face; even so, in love, you can be quite shy. Even if you seem confident on the outside, inside you may find it hard to muster up the courage to move into your home.

You prefer a partner who is a challenge for you and, at the same time, gives you the space you need to not feel shackled and enjoy life the way you want.


You are a responsible, mature, and honest person. It’s hard for you to find the love you need because in love you are more of a perfectionist than ever and you already have a clear list of what you would like from your partner.

You usually don’t rush into relationships because you prefer someone who accepts you for who you are and encourages you to stay that way no matter what. When you love, you involve yourself gradually, little by little, with incredible patience analyzing every detail. And when you choose to dedicate yourself to the relationship you’re in, you do it fully, body and soul.


Being a friendly and outgoing person may lead some people to think you’re flirting with them even when you’re not. You are honest and direct with your feelings – not only in the relationship as a couple but in any relationship you have (even professionally. At the same time, you are a nature concerned with personal freedom – you need your space.

You are not interested in conventional relationships. You don’t follow a particular trend, you love how you know best. You want to be with someone as unique and interesting as you, with an incredible, bright personality.


You are a deeply emotional, intuitive, and creative nature, and you want deep and meaningful connections to be happy. In relationships, you are very generous and you allow your soul to fall in love immediately.

You usually follow your heart in every aspect of your life. You are aware of every choice you make and allow your emotions to dictate your path in life. You try to build relationships where you feel comfortable sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings – you have a strong desire to be understood and accepted for who you are.

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