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Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac as well as the one following Aries. Let’s find out everything about it and what its main characteristics are.

On April 21st we officially enter the zodiac sign of Taurus. The second sign of the zodiac, calm, calm and purposeful. A sign that knows how to make itself loved and that always has a precise vision of its future. Let’s get to know him better, discovering everything about him.

The zodiac sign in brief

Period: from April 21st to May 20th
Dominant planet: Venus
Color of sign: Blue
Lucky stone: Green jade
Lucky day: Friday
Number: 2
Flower: The rose

Everything you need to know about the astrological sign of Taurus

The zodiac sign of Taurus is the second sign of the year and is positioned immediately after the sign of Aries and immediately before Gemini. It is a sign full of creativity, calm, and welcoming. Particularly inclined towards everything that has to do with the community and the family. Reasons why he is usually loved by everyone around him.

With a good practical sense, he is used to making plans for the future and working hard to see them materialize. At the same time, he has a lazy disposition, which is why he will be ready to move only when he is certain of the results or is driven by a passion that can beat the desire to laze.

A lover of life, he has a romantic nature that leads him to dream of a future as a couple and possibly with a large family. Nonetheless, he does not like his spaces being invaded and often knows how to be particularly wary. In fact, he is inclined to open up to others only after having known them thoroughly and when he believes he can trust them. Excellent friend, he knows how to be good company and when he wants to give useful advice.

Lover of things done right, he is usually proactive and tends to face life with a certain calm that instills serenity in others. If there is to go to war, however, he does not hold back and is willing to unleash his strongest weapons to get the better of everything and everyone.

Nice and able to be among people, he always tends to have clear ideas about what he wants and what he expects from the future. And this makes his life seem simple and pleasant to live.

The sign of Taurus at work

Although lazy in nature, those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus tend to be quite proactive and well disposed of for everything related to study or work. In fact, it can be said that it is among those who undertake what is necessary to be able to achieve the desired result. Of course, you will never see him give his all. But he will always know how to act to get what is needed to make a good impression.

Relationships with colleagues are rather serene and peaceful. Collaborative as needed, he also shows himself able to offer his own contribution to make things go better. For this reason, it is usually respected. This also occurs on the part of superiors. Able to work in a team, he proves capable of carrying out tasks alone. And all always with a calm and tranquility that also help others to make more.

When on the horizon there is a goal for which he believes it is worth giving the maximum, exceptionally, the native of the sign is also willing to throw himself headlong into the enterprise. Which he does only if he has a high probability of success or if he is driven by a particular need to achieve a certain result.

Taurus and relationships

The astrological sign of Taurus has the distinction of being very prone to relationships. Although he is very reserved and at times elusive, he shows himself capable of establishing lasting relationships with people.

Excellent friend, he always knows how to put others at ease, and when he believes that the relationship is sincere he is ready to give himself to the people he cares about. Very close to old friends, he tends to consider them as part of his family. And, even if rarely, he is willing to expand this precious role to people he has recently met but with whom he feels, particularly in tune.

In love, he tends to move with greater caution because he knows that when he decides that something is forever, then it must be. For this reason, relationships are usually less deep than friendships. Which changes when she meets the right person. In that case, it can come to create a special relationship. A relationship in which he seeks trust and complicity and for which he is ready to stake the same.

In general, it is a sign with profound values ​​linked to relationships. Values ​​that begin with the family and gradually extend to the people they care about and who, above all, they consider worthy of trust.

The native of this sign is therefore a unique person of his kind. Able to offer a lot but at the same time capable of expecting a lot from those who work alongside him.

Being close to him is always positive because it helps to live life with greater serenity and to learn new ways of dealing with things.

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