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At the end of each of your messages you would like to sign yourself as: “XoXo, Gossip Girl?”. Then maybe you are one of the most “citizen” zodiac signs of the horoscope. For you there is no better place in the world than the city. Let’s see if you are in today’s horoscope ranking!

Dazzling lights , unsustainable traffic , taxis , honking horns but also crowded clubs , incredible restaurants, concerts , museums and monuments . It almost seems like we are trying to convince you but in reality you already know that you don’t need explanations: you love the city with all of yourself !

If you also don’t think you could ever live in the countryside , then you should definitely take a look at today ‘s zodiac ranking . Perhaps, among your city -loving “ colleagues ” you might find true love to move with… to New York !

The most urban zodiac signs: are you also in today’s horoscope ranking?

OK it’s good. Maybe you don’t want to be one of the main characters of Gossip Girl (even if we don’t understand why) but this does not mean that you are one of the most “citizen” zodiac signs of all .
Because? But simply because you love and adore the city and you couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

The countryside is absolutely not for you, you get bored at the sea and the mountains seem like just a huge stone . You just don’t understand why others have even the distant desire to live anywhere other than… well, a city!

Obviously the horoscope can help us to draw up the ranking of the most ” citizen ” signs of the whole zodiac and also to guess, perhaps, which would be the right city for them. Aren’t you curious to find out if you find yourself on this list of sophisticated citizens?

Well, let’s find out the top five positions right away . Big Apple , here we come!

Aries: fifth place

Yes, Aries doesn’t mind the countryside… for a few minutes a day!
This sign, being able to choose, will always make sure to live in the city : the natural landscapes and the quiet of the countryside are certainly not enough for Aries !

This sign needs to feel alive , in the midst of a community (also for gossiping but above all because it loves contact with others!) And absolutely cannot stay in the countryside.
For Aries the city is essential to be able to breathe without anxiety: do not try to separate it from its natural habitat !

Gemini: fourth place

Do not take those born under the sign of Gemini to the countryside. This sign, in fact, is a real citizen and you absolutely cannot convince him otherwise!
The real reason Gemini adores the city is that it always has a way to amaze and interest them.

Gemini in the countryside can’t last that long: they can’t stand the days all the same and always see the same faces!
The Gemini need the city to be able to let off steam , walk for hours in unknown places and meet new people as soon as they get bored of those around them!

Leo: third place

In third place in our ranking we find all those born under the sign of Leo . This is a profoundly citizen sign (even if he often doesn’t know it). Leo is an extremely worldly sign , who loves being the center of attention and
who struggles to be ” alone  .

For the Leo it is important to have a large social circle , which he attends with an almost “working” commitment. In the countryside or in the midst of nature, the Lion would not feel appreciated as much as he would like. It is therefore impossible to detach the Lion from the city!

Sagittarius: second place

Although it may seem strange to you, Sagittarius is a real sign from the city ! This sign, who also loves the countryside , do not worry, has a real love for big cities. Here there are cultures that meet and mix, historical sites to visit and places where the ” history ” takes place directly .

Sagittarius is a sign that adores the city with all of himself and could not really think of living for so long away from that of his heart.
Who was born under this sign is a real citizen of the world: he is not afraid of new situations but this does not mean that he wants to ” shut himself up” in the countryside, where there are new situations but not … new people !

Libra: first place in the ranking of the most citizen zodiac signs of the horoscope

Thing? Would you like to remove those born under the sign of Libra from their natural environment , the city? But then you are completely off track : Libra loves and loves the city and would never want to leave!

For Libra , in fact, the city is fundamental : with its lights and its noise , its parties and its thousand clubs , where to mix and disappear together with the others, the city is the perfect setting for a sign like Libra !
This sign is one of the most social and active in the whole zodiac: removing him from the city would mean removing him from everything he likes best!

Libra is one of the most ” citizen ” zodiac signs of all: do not propose the campaign!

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