Stop Wasting Your Life On Guys Who Just Want To Waste Your Time

Looking at things from this point of view, you think that you have all the time in the world.

You can fool around as much as you want because you’ll always have a chance to make things right in the future. No matter what happens, an opportunity for a fresh start will arise.

This is not something I’m trying to argue against. Despite all of your mistakes, tomorrow is always a new day and a chance to turn over a new page of your life.

After all, you’re young. You have your entire life ahead of yourself.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should spend it chasing the wrong people and especially the wrong men.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t regret all the years you wasted on the ones who didn’t deserve your attention or energy.

Nevertheless, once you realize this, it might be too late because you won’t be able to return to the past and correct your wrong choices.

Remember—the time you waste is the only thing you can’t get back, as much as you try and want to!

Before you know it, decades will have passed. You’ll turn around and you’ll see that you’ve spent most of your life focused on the ones who brought you nothing good.

That you wasted so much time on men who forgot all about you ages ago. That you spent most of your days racking your brains and crying over someone who never gave a damn about you.

So please, stop doing this to yourself. Stop allowing days to pass you by, take charge and make a difference.

Stop wasting your life on the men who are only there to waste your time.

On the ones you know you have no future with, on the ones who are only stringing you along and on the ones who are stealing your youth away from you.

Stop giving attention to the guys who are putting you down and to the ones who don’t let you progress.

To the relationships which aren’t headed anywhere and which will only leave you with heartbreaks you’ll need years to recover from.

Don’t give any more of your mental energy to your ex. He is a part of your history and you should leave him in the past where he belongs.

After all, you’ve given this man so much. Now that he’s gone, he really doesn’t deserve you giving him another thought, let alone anything else.

Accept that he isn’t coming back and finally, get the strength to move on. Living in the past won’t get you anywhere.

Don’t waste a precious minute of your time on that guy who can’t make up his mind about you.

On the one wants you to wait for him to choose you and to give you the place you deserve in his life.

Stop putting effort into a relationship that is clearly  doomed to fail. Stop trying so hard around a guy you’re not compatible with and who isn’t ready to move an inch for your sake.

Don’t waste any more energy trying to save others. It’s not your duty to fix broken men and you’ll never succeed in doing so.

Don’t give any more time to that immature boy who doesn’t know what he wants and who has no ambitions.

To the dude who lives his life day to day, without being concerned about his future.

Stop wasting years of your life expecting some guy to change. That won’t happen and it’s better for you to accept the harsh truth in time.

Stop allowing them to drain you. You won’t get anything in return and you’ll just end up exhausted without any strength left for the only person who matters—you.

Even if it happens that you find a man who is worthy of your undivided attention, never give him your entire self.

Instead, always make your own well-being a priority. Redirect all of this energy you’ve been giving away to the wrong men and invest it in yourself.

Focus on becoming the best person you can be. Focus on improving yourself and making something out of your life, without allowing your happiness to depend on your love life.

You see, you’re the only person who deserves your own full attention. The time you invest in yourself is never wasted.

The effort you put into building yourself will be rewarded. You’ll get the fruits of your labor sooner or later, which is not the case with all of these guys we’re talking about.

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