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The stars reveal to you what you were in your previous life starting from the characteristics of your zodiac sign.

Have you ever wondered what your previous life was like? According to astrology, each sign of the zodiac corresponds to a previous life according to the characteristics of the latter. If you want to know more, this article is for you!

Here is what you were in your previous life according to your zodiac sign

Aries – A true leader

In a previous life, the Aries sign life was focused on work as it is now. He was a strong and determined individual who helped others through various obstacles. Due to his leadership abilities and great courage of him, this sign was an army chief or business leader. His natural wisdom and determination have the potential to lead the world.

Taurus – An artist

If Taurus’s aesthetic eye means that he now has an amazing wardrobe or a well-designed home, in a previous life, he has relied on the creativity of his mind to create a more beautiful world around him. This sign likes to use his hands, so in a past life, he was a sculptor or painter to create works that transcend time.

Gemini – A healer

This sign has always done its best to ensure that the people around him were safe. For Gemini natives, this life is his chance to relax and rest. However, he does not forget his nature as a healer in the past and this is what often causes a change in his personality.

Cancer: a magician

In one of his previous lives, the sign of Cancer was a magician. He always made people laugh and did his best to entertain them. Today he is still doing the same thing, but he is much more attached to those he chooses to show him the magical side of him.

Leo – An intellectual

In the past, the sign of Leo was an extremely intellectual individual. She was way ahead of his time and still proves it today. He really stands out and always has.

Virgo – A researcher

In one of the previous lives of the Virgo native, this sign was a very diligent seeker. He was able to discover and understand things that others were unable to assimilate and which, in themselves, are fascinating. In his current life, he is always so smart and curious.

Libra – A warrior

In a previous life, the Libra sign was a mighty warrior. He made every effort to protect the lives of others and fight injustice. The people around him feared him and everyone who knew him thought he was one of the most powerful people of his time.

Scorpio – An artist

Although not as artistic as in his previous life, the Scorpio sign was a talented artist. He did his best to highlight his creativity and he felt through his works of him. Maybe he should consider trying his luck in this life too?

Sagittarius – A lawyer

In a previous life, the Sagittarius sign was a defender of the oppressed. He believes that the power of freedom really changes life. He is ready to fight for positive change and to stand up for those with limited rights. A police officer or lawyer would have been the ideal job for this sign.

Capricorn – An environmentalist

In one of his previous lives, the sign of Capricorn was very involved in protecting the environment. He was in constant contact with nature and spent a lot of time taking care of animals. While he may not have that much time in his current life, he still tends to want to protect the environment and animals.

Aquarius – A free thinker

In a previous life, the Aquarius sign was a very important free thinker. He challenged the norms of society and challenged the world as we know it. Her ideas of him were so far ahead of his time that most people thought he was crazy.

Pisces – An intuitive person

In his previous life, the Pisces sign was very inclined to trust his intuition. He always let his spirit of him show him the way, and thanks to that, he was able to acquire important knowledge, he too was far ahead of his time and therefore, very misunderstood.

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