Find out what the mistake you make in looking for your soul mate. The opinion of the stars is based on your zodiac sign.

When you think about love as a couple, one of the things you tend to dream about the most is to find your soul mate. An ideal that is often seen in a way that is perhaps too utopian or that we tend to seek with parameters that are not always correct. Whether you are looking for someone the same or completely different, the components involved are many, and often the wrong way to approach or choose the person to hang out with can be more common than you think.

Since even how love is understood and lived can depend on the stars, today after having seen what is the sport to do at home for each zodiac sign and what are the signs that struggle to fall in love, we will therefore find out where everyone is of us tend to make mistakes in the search for our soul mate. Since this is an aspect related to feelings, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant. This will give you a clearer idea of ​​where to go wrong and how to correct the shot.

Astrology: This is where you go wrong when looking for your soul mate

Aries – You think it must be someone just as energetic and full of life
When you think of your soul mate, you imagine someone who is as eager as you to experience a thousand adventures and who always has a lot of energy to spend. This then brings you closer to people who resemble you in ways of thinking and doing. Something that on paper may also seem positive but which in practice translates into two people too busy with themselves to find the time and ways to be together. Sometimes, the differences can be an enrichment that should never be underestimated. Furthermore, someone who has fewer interests than yours could follow you more easily and would know how to give you the attention you expect and that many times you consider too little, especially when they come from someone who already has too many things to divide between.

Taurus – You look for love in anyone without thinking about tomorrow
Your desire for love is such that when you decide you want to find the right person, you tend to focus on the present without thinking much about the future. This leads you to follow your heart and put reason aside altogether. This also happens when the signs strongly indicate an underlying incompatibility or a series of problems that sooner or later could arise giving a hard time to the relationship. This is something that you tend to underestimate too often and that more often than not ends up causing you to suffer from stories that, in hindsight, you could have avoided starting from the beginning. To learn from mistakes, however, it is never too late. Every unsuccessful story represents an example of what you should avoid in the future to at least partially change your choices and come to find the
the right person for you.

Gemini – You want someone to indulge you when what you need is just the opposite.One
of the mistakes you make most often when you are looking for a soul mate is to pretend to find someone who can understand you and at the same time to support you. Most of the time, however, all this leads you to choose someone who, while standing next to you as you would like, makes one of your greatest fears real: that of getting bored. Without a constructive confrontation, a relationship will never grow or provide the right incentives to move forward. Something you always worry about when it’s too late and that should be your first thought when you’re looking for someone to love. Only in this way will you be able to count on a stimulating relationship capable of giving you the emotions you so desire.

Cancer – Choose people who turn out to be unmanageable over time
For you, love is a sacred feeling and this leads you to constantly search for it. In doing so, you tend to be fascinated by unpredictable types and often very focused on yourself. Even if at the beginning their way of doing it has something intriguing, with time and above all the courtship part is over, the risk is to get to feel neglected. To be happy you have always needed someone who knows how to make you feel special and who takes care of you at all times. Two things that people of this type cannot do because they are constantly focused on themselves. To be able to count on a love that can last over time, you should therefore focus more on the attention they know how to give you and on their capacity for love. Things that tend to remain indelible over time and that can certainly make you happy.

Leo – You look too often for people who always agree with you
Your authoritarian character and your desire to always be the center of attention leads you to want to surround yourself with people willing to live in your shadow. Something that in friendship or at work does not create any kind of problem for you but that in love can become exhausting. Having someone who always does what you say, if at first, it may be pleasant, after a while in fact risks extinguishing the flame of passion and with it also the desire to confront and grow together. For this reason, one of the things you should change is to expect people to always say yes to you. At least in love, you should opt for someone who can stand up to you because this would help you improve as a person and, at the same time,

Virgo – You think the right person should be cool and rational
Okay, people who are particularly affectionate or imaginative often make you uncomfortable because they are different from you. Looking for one that is cold and rational in love, however, risks making the relationship so cold that it almost seems more like a simple coexistence between roommates. And if on the one hand, it is certain that with a person similar to you you would never have big discussions, on the other hand, the fact remains that only with a person who completes you will you be able to experience love at 365 degrees, offering your rationality in exchange for pampering and affection that, over time, you will discover to be much more pleasant than you would like. Surely you have already happened to find yourself having to close a story because you felt the other person was a stranger and only by changing your way of choosing who to work with you can make a difference,

Libra – You enjoy looking for people who see you as someone to admire
Being admired by others is something that you like a lot and that you look for in your partner as well. However, this leads you to find too often people who are too compliant or shallow and therefore unable to carry out conversations that are important to you. Since you are not a simple person at all and you expect a lot from others, you should also consider these aspects when looking for someone to love. In fact, in a relationship, in addition to love, many other things come into play that should never be underestimated, and among these, there is the need to understand each other, talk to each other, confront and sometimes even clash. Much better to find a person who can stand up to you and know that how much he appreciates for something he does with knowledge of the facts, rather than settling for someone fine with everything. Your self-esteem would also be strengthened even more. Seeing is believing.

Scorpio – You focus too much on some things forgetting how important the comparison is
In love you are a difficult person to approach and who, at the same time, really needs many particularities to be able to be interested in someone. This often leads you to feel frustrated to the point where you focus more on some aspects than others. When this happens, most of the time you find yourself not considering how much the other person’s strength of character matters to you. Of course, since you are already strong on your own, you don’t like the idea of ​​having to spend your entire life discussing everything. But this is certainly better than a completely flat and uninspired relationship. The key is to find someone with arguing that is both fun and maybe even exciting. In this way, your love will always be alive and you will be able to feel happy because by your side you will know that you have someone able to stand up to you and to proceed by your side and never behind you.

Sagittarius – You like the partner who knows how to have fun and this leads you to never think big
For you, living means enjoying every single moment and surrounding yourself as much as possible with adventures to be experienced. This aspect also spills over into love where you usually look for someone who can enjoy life and who shows your same enthusiasm for every little thing. Unfortunately, thinking only about this leads you to forget that life is also much more and that, especially in a relationship destined to last, there are many other things to take into consideration. To be able to count on a partner who can satisfy you from every point of view, it is therefore essential to start looking for someone who also has a vision of the future and who knows when it’s time to think about leisure and when it is necessary to do more. poised and far-sighted.

Capricorn – You always avoid the instinctive ones when they are what you need
It is true, in life being calm, attentive and always dutiful has taken you far. However, this does not mean that in a relationship it is essential to find someone identical to you. By the law of opposites that attract, you should look beyond your backyard and aspire to a partner who can bring out your instinctive side, complementing you with their way of being. By doing this you can aspire to a more stimulating and adventurous life, push yourself beyond your limits and learn more rapid and different trends from yours. All things you usually tend to avoid, locking yourself up in relationships that are more like cages than love stories. A problem that, once solved, will lead you to experience love as you have always dreamed of, finally making you happy.

Aquarius – You are looking for people who are too quiet for you
As a super calm person and always ready to find new ways to relax or enjoy a good dose of solitude, you tend to more than willingly surround yourself with people you consider similar and who consequently consider capable of grasping and respecting your moments of absolute privacy. In love, however, things do not go the same as for other interpersonal relationships. In love, it is right that there is someone by your side who knows how to insist to the point of breaking your mold and entering your square meter. A person who always and only behaves as you would like would be so detached that sooner or later you would end up leaving him. Which has probably happened before and perhaps to that more than once.

Pisces – You are looking for an ideal that sometimes does not exist
Your problem with choosing a partner is that sometimes you are so caught up in an ideal that you end up attracted to someone who is only playing a part. Fortunately, you tend to realize this immediately but it does not make it easier for you to end up having to close stories already born on the wrong foot. To find your soul mate you have to come to terms with this aspect and limit yourself to following the heart that often seems to know more than your imaginative side. In this way, perhaps you will end up approaching someone who is completely far from your ideals but who, the surprise of surprises, could be just the right person and able to give you a fairytale love. Sure, maybe it will be something a little different from what you expected but no less beautiful.


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