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Six Zodiac Signs With Which The Ex-boyfriend Is Still In Love

Have you recently gotten out of a relationship? Or have you broken up for some time, but still maintain a friendship with your ex-boyfriend?

Does he need to call you, from time to time, to see how you are doing, send you pictures, or invite you for a coffee “for the sake of old times”?

Your ex-partner may be still in love with you. Some women cannot be forgotten easily, especially if they belong to certain zodiac signs. If you are under the sign of Venus and you are passionate and very feminine, if you opened a new perspective on the world and he felt that only with you he live to the fullest, or if you always understood him and accepted him, regardless of his shadow side, then you have every chance that the lover you broke up with will continue to carry you in his thoughts.

Here are the 6 zodiac signs that remain forever in a man’s soul.

Taurus woman

The Taurus woman is love at its best: sensual, eager for pleasure, spontaneous, and very tender. At the beginning of a relationship, she carefully studies her partner and learns to respond to his needs, give him pleasure in privacy, and connect totally with him. During the relationship, the Taurus woman ends up being adored, especially since she is under the sign of Venus and possesses all the charms of the goddess of love. Possessive and domineering, a Taurus woman cannot stand the idea of ​​being cheated on and the relationship can end suddenly if she no longer trusts the man she loves. However, she leaves a strong mark on the heart of any partner, so it is not surprising that she will be sought after by ex-lovers, long after the relationship has ended.

Libra woman

Libra is under the power of Venus, but its way of loving is more refined and full of hidden promises that no one can resist. The Libra woman is romantic, intelligent, with a sense of humor, and often very beautiful. He fully deserves his name, because he is always looking for balance, which he also tries to impress in the relationship. In addition, when he loves a Libra, a man also gains a true friend, a person who will support him all the time and will stand by him in difficult times. Life with a Libra woman is colorful and full of good mood. But, if she is very hurt, the Libra woman leaves without looking back, and the man she leaves behind will always regret the precious being he lost.

Sagittarius woman

For a man who wants to live life to the fullest, the Sagittarius woman is the best match, with her adventurous and independent spirit, healthy humor, and openness with which she sees love. With a Sagittarius woman, the man will feel free, and unrestricted, he will be able to experience everything he wants, without ever receiving reproaches. The Sagittarius woman is not even very jealous, although she does not forget infidelity, and if too many such mistakes accumulate, she does not hesitate to put an end to the relationship. Women of this sign are not afraid of loneliness, so no man can hold them captive if they have decided that they no longer feel satisfied in a relationship. When she leaves, a Sagittarius woman leaves behind a feeling of emptiness, which her partner will never come to terms with.

Capricorn woman

The Capricorn woman seems pragmatic and anchored in reality, but she has a very complex personality and surprises with her ability to juggle between different poses of femininity. Deep and witty, childish and playful, sensual and defiant, or calculating and cold, the Capricorn woman can wear any of these faces and no man can claim to know her completely. This is why she remains an eternal mystery to the one who loves her. These contradictions and paradoxes that define her turn her into a true femme fatale, fully aware of her power. She can be the object of a man’s obsession, the woman he will never feel he has fully conquered, which is why his mind will always return to her.

Aquarius woman

When a man falls in love with an Aquarius woman, the attraction is so strong that you can’t help but think of a true karmic encounter. The Aquarius woman is fascinating and complex, the embodiment of free spirit, and original and unconventional experiences. She is an atypical woman, she cannot be fitted into any scheme, and anyone who loves her will never meet anyone like her again. Together with the Aquarius woman, the man learns to truly live. When he is separated from her, he will feel deprived of life, as if his vital energy has been absorbed.

Pisces woman

The Pisces woman is the embodiment of the eternal feminine and romantic of the zodiac. Characterized by tenderness, she creates an emotional aura around her that attracts any man. Next to her, the partners feel like real heroes, they want to protect her and make her happy. This feeling of delicacy, femininity, and helplessness can mislead many men because, in reality, the Pisces woman possesses formidable intelligence and knows how to use diplomacy and fragility in the art of seduction. Convinced that he holds the power, a man can be very hurt if he breaks up with a woman of this sign. This is also why he will want to return to her, hoping to heal his wounds.

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