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Signs That You Have To Go Away To The Past Of Your Heart

I wish we knew the future that life has in store for us, that way we would let go easier. Nobody teaches us to say goodbye, even when things go wrong, when love fades and you feel like you’re just there out of habit, it hurts, because in the end it’s a part of your story, and who can blurt out something that easy? However, there are signs that they have a hard time dismissing the past from their hearts and moving on.

How do you manage to let life take its course? Do not beat yourself up, let the tears run down your face if necessary, stay awake until you cast out all those thoughts that haunt you, give yourself some time to heal, because if you hold on to the past it becomes a ghost, in the shadow that interrupts your new steps and in that bitter drink that goes down your throat.

Dismiss the past from your heart 

There are signs of the zodiac that are a cluster of emotions going on, that it is difficult for them to separate one thing from the other. Because his nature is to love, to deliver nobility and to see the beautiful side of things. For this reason, they do not give up easily when they truly love, they will fight unstoppably to achieve what they want. The end points haunt them , they don’t accept to say goodbye to the past so easily.

But make no mistake, the fact that these signs miss someone does not mean that they will continue looking for him, they have dignity and long ago they learned not to humiliate themselves for anyone. However, deep in their hearts they know that they are not ready to let go yet, they need more time. Above all, for themselves, to give themselves the opportunity to regain their self-love and thus start over. Who are they?


It is curious, at first glance Scorpio is the person who makes anyone tremble, as it is one of the most direct signs that you will find. Determination is one of their best qualities and, they don’t go around giving their hearts to just anyone. However, when they do, the intensity shows, they either love it or they don’t. Because it was difficult for them to show their vulnerable side, they do not want to let go.


The point that can put Virgo between a rock and a hard place is that they are very analytical, they do not make decisions lightly, they need to be sure of what they feel. Let’s say they are the perfectionists of love, they do not like to pretend happiness but they do work hard to achieve it. When things go wrong they get distressed but they recognize when the relationship does not give for more.


The Leo born to be loved, enjoy loving relationships in which touch is one of the main ingredients: kisses, hugs and caresses can not miss in your day. So, when they see that the bond begins to cool, you can see the sadness in their eyes. When they experience a broken heart they need more time than the rest, they do not say goodbye overnight. 


Without a doubt, Libra is the most beautiful irony of love, because while it has the ability to overcome painful trauma, it also has a hard time dismissing a love from its heart. They are very information-saving, so when everything ends, thoughts invade her and she focuses on everything beautiful, so it is difficult for her to let go and start a new life. Somehow, it feels like it’s a betrayal.

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