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Signs That Lose Opportunities Due To Their Indecision

The indecision is the worst of the thieves, is who bears the river each of the opportunities that life will arise. There is a part of you that wants but does not dare and, that’s when you take refuge in your comfort, it is much better than jumping into the void without knowing if the parachute will activate or not. But … your life is running out, you are losing wonderful landscapes by focusing on your insecurities. They are the signs that have everything to shine but for a long time they themselves have become their shadow, signs that lose opportunities due to their indecision:

1.- Gemini 

One day you want, another day you don’t. Sometimes, Gemini, your adventurous part ends up being counterproductive, because you get bored easily and want to change everything from one second to another. Making a decision is synonymous with you facing all that terrifies you and you prefer not to. Suddenly the sleepless nights are present, there you are giving a thousand times to the same idea but in the end you do not. What’s the worst that can happen? Life belongs to the brave, to those who take advantage of today, why do you keep leaving something for tomorrow if it is the least secure you have?

2.- Libra 

A minute of silence for all the times Libra has spent hours and hours mulling over the same issue. The problem is that it is a sign that is always in search of balance. You want to feel that you are right and you feel very bad when you are not. If we add to that that you have become the mediator of everything, things get worse, it is very difficult for you to make a decision without first analyzing the pros and cons in a detailed way. Also, you are a very empathic being, you just wouldn’t forgive yourself for hurting someone, you want to be at peace with everyone, but can you really?

3.- Sagittarius 

The more adventure, the more excitement, the more irreverent everything is, for Sagittarius it is better. It really costs you a lot of work to make a decision because you are the one who puts yourself in the hands of the wind and that he does what he wants with you. Following strategies is not your thing, on the contrary, you feel that this is synonymous with ties and that is when you start to run away. It scares you to decide the wrong thing, you prefer to discover everything and learn in the moment. Also, you don’t get along with the rules and deep down you don’t care what happens when you make a decision because you will move on.

4.- Pisces 

Is it the right thing to do? If there is something that constantly puts you between a rock and a hard place, without a doubt, it is taking a first step in whatever it is. You are an overly sensitive sign and that is the reason why it is impossible that you will not end up hurt in whatever decision you make. You know that life can change you in a second and you don’t want to feel the guilt that you took the wrong path. In addition, many times you do not decide for yourself, you do it with the aim of not hurting others. You put yourself aside in order to please people who are sometimes not even worth it.

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