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Signs Of Women Who Steal Your Lover Without Thinking

Be careful, especially if the rival belongs to one of the natives of these signs!

That’s right, a man in love can’t really be “stolen”. However, even the most united couples fall apart if the moments of reconciliation catch them off, guard. And temptations are everywhere. Is your boyfriend being harassed by a suspiciously friendly colleague or a somewhat baggy girlfriend? Be careful, especially if the rival belongs to one of the signs below. For the natives of these signs, love life occupies an important place, they love intensely and they do not hesitate to “blow” your man if they are hot on their heels after him.

4 signs of conquering women


They like adrenaline and live every moment of passion to the maximum, so for Aries women, the marital status of the man they want is not necessarily an impediment to conquering him.
He enjoys what they have here and now, without thinking too much about the double life he leads. However, natives hate to lose and never accept second place, so once they enter your partner’s bed, they use all your energy to conquer him irreparably. They have no remorse if the man puts an end to a solid relationship that has lasted for years, on the contrary, they will consider it a personal success. And that doesn’t mean that they intend to stay with him for the rest of their lives, because the faster they get fired up, the faster they get bored.


It is said that we suspect others, especially of the mistakes we would make if we were in their place. And Scorpio women are excessively jealous, a sign that they know exactly how easy it is to get carried away and go wrong. When they set their eyes on a man, the natives use all their charms and don’t let up until they see him caught in their nets. If it happens that he is already in a relationship, the partner is considered just an obstacle that can be easily removed. And possessiveness (and love, not least, because natives love deeply) prevents them from letting their male leave their loving arms in someone else’s bed. The Scorpio woman is the kind of woman who makes him choose, she will not be content to be the spare wheel. And passionate as she is, she has a chance of winning. Be careful!


Yes, Cancer women love their family and put it first, but that doesn’t mean that they go out of their way to ruin someone’s family in order to enjoy the privileges of their ex-wife. They can really be attracted by a family man, sentimental, attached to his woman, and who values ​​material comfort. Once in love, they suffer deeply in his absence, and their tears can easily move the heart of any man. They will conquer him by surrounding him with all the love they are capable of, being by his side at all hours, always ready to help him, cooking his favorite food, praising his mother, and sister, what else, it gets under his skin making the most of the weaknesses that every man has. They can even become friends with you to feel more closely the pulse of things and the vulnerable points of the relationship.


Very sensual, the Sagittarius woman places a high value on her intimate life, and if she is not already married or involved in a serious relationship, it does not mean that she will sit back. On the contrary, don’t say no to a passionate lover, without spending a lot of money on the marital status of the target lover. She likes to conquer her prey so much, that for her an unapproachable man is an irresistible challenge. The insistence and surprising appearances of the natives can hardly leave indifferent even an otherwise faithful man. Competitive, nothing stands in her way if she is determined to have someone just for her, not even his marriage papers. And because life with a Sagittarius woman is exciting and funny, the risk that the man will slip through your fingers is quite high, especially if your relationship has gone bad.

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