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On the night of shooting stars, here is a wish for every zodiac sign.

As every year, we have reached the fateful night of shooting stars which, as always, are around 10 August, with an extension that this year provides excellent results until 12, date during which the sky will be so dark as to allow a more extended of the firmament. On the occasion of the night of San Lorenzo, each of us is already thinking about which ones you want to entrust to the shooting stars. A thought that, like every year, comes back on time and that makes its way even among the most skeptical, leading them to reflect on what they want from life. Since we are talking about stars, we cannot fail to speak of zodiac signs that have always been influenced by them. And what’s better than trying to understand what desire each of us could express, based on his zodiac sign? After having seen today we will therefore see which wish is better to express during the night of the shooting stars .

Night of San Lorenzo: A wish for every zodiac sign

Aries – Having Someone Beside
The desire of those born under the sign of Aries is to have someone next to them. If they are single it will most likely be looking for a person to love, if already committed it could instead be someone who has attracted their attention or the same partner with whom there is no longer the harmony of the past. In any case, the right desire to do is related to emotions and feelings and concerns the need to have someone by your side, able to give love and attention.

Taurus – The possibility of building a future
The thing that matters most for the natives of Taurus is to have a bright future on which to dream and build as many dreams. Whether it’s the idea of ​​getting married or starting a family, their winning wishes will be those that affect the future. In order for what has been expressed to the stars to be realized, however, it is necessary to be at the forefront in trying to make the right changes able to outline the right path to follow to reach the long-awaited future.

Gemini – A future full of possibilities
The desire that characterizes most of those born under the sign of Gemini is to feel invulnerable at least from a professional point of view. Knowing that they are fulfilled and that they have taken the right path makes them feel their best, so much so that it is almost an obsession in the darkest times. For this reason, the desire to be entrusted to the stars will almost certainly be linked to the future and to the work dreams you have for yourself. To this, of course, we must also add a lot of strength and desire to really start daring.

Cancer – A happy family
Romantics like few natives of Cancer have always wanted simple things like family and the warmth that only the home environment can give them. In a romantic night at least as romantic as theirs, therefore, their greatest desire will certainly be linked to love and the possibility of bonding as much as possible with their other half, perhaps even building a family that is a source of joy and support for the future. . A perfect dream for a night to spend in two with the nose up, hoping that every thought will materialize and soon become real.

Leo – Self-realization
Always used to being real leaders, those born under the sign of Leo always dream big, hoping for the best. In fact, in life, they always aim high and are not used to compromise. On the night of the shooting stars, therefore, their greatest desire will be to be able to come true both at work and in everyday life. Only in this way will they be able to feel fully happy and aware that they have reached the right goals.

Virgo – Something ephemeral
Rational as few, Virgo natives don’t usually rely on the stars to make their wishes come true. For them, every goal must be reached by relying only on their own strength. Nevertheless, the charm of the night of San Lorenzo also affects them, leading them to make at least one wish. Of course, it will not be something big or particularly ambitious but desires that are mostly ephemeral and linked to whims of the moment. In any case, what matters is that you have something to ask, right?

Libra – Most powerful means
Lovers of beautiful things and a lifestyle full of aspects to enjoy, those born under the sign of Libra have always dreamed of being able to maintain and improve the condition in which they find themselves. For this reason, their greatest desire is to always be able to have the right means available so that they can pursue every dream such as that of beautifying their home. To the shooting stars, therefore, they will entrust the desire to be able to always improve.

Scorpio – Happiness
The natives of Scorpio usually show their thoughts with great difficulty. Usually reserved and reluctant to communicate even their dreams, they will seek comfort in the stars, hoping for external help able to make their dreams come true. In their own way concrete but always extremely complex, they will express what matters most to them at the moment, aiming at their ultimate goal which has always been to feel good and be happy.

Sagittarius – A new journey
Whether it’s something adventurous or a moment to find yourself, the natives of Sagittarius usually entrust to the stars dreams that are not too distant but important to them. An example? The travels. To be carried out alone or in company, on the other side of the world or towards a closer destination such as a corner behind the house and still to be discovered, for them the very idea of ​​leaving is a source of emotion and they know of a tomorrow still everything to be discovered. live. Exactly what the stars will ask for.

Capricorn – New encounters
Those born under the sign of Capricorn often find themselves halfway between the rational part and the desire to indulge in dreams. For this reason, the night of San Lorenzo has a strange influence on them, so much so that it often makes them distracted. Despite trying not to give too much weight to it, in fact, they cannot help but cyclically question themselves about their desires which, as often happens, concern the possibility of making new meetings that can prove to be important both for their friendships and for any business purposes. A dream they could indulge in without too much effort, taking the opportunity to relax under a sky full of stars.

Aquarius – The desire to go back to dreaming
As much as it may seem a contradiction, the dream that the natives of Aquarius would entrust to shooting stars is precisely that of being able to dream as in the past. If on the one hand life has extinguished many of their enthusiasms, on the other the desire to still believe in something greater has remained intact. Thus, unsure of what to do, they find themselves experiencing this special night in a somewhat contrasting way. In the end, however, the sentimental part will prevail, leading them to entrust part of their dreams to shooting stars.

Pisces – A spiritual growth
Always attentive to their inner selves, those born under the sign of Pisces will find themselves entrusting the stars with more than just a desire. Among these, however, the greatest will be the one aimed at themselves and at a spiritual growth they have longed for. Understanding what they are destined for and how to evolve further has always been one of their great worms, which is why they will not hesitate to entrust such a precious desire to shooting stars, hoping for a feedback that knows how to be recognized and that leads them to achieve this. they want most.

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