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The stars advise you to “play responsibly” and reveal which zodiac signs are most likely to win at Scratch Cards.

Some people might scratch and scratch tickets endless scratch without ever winning a euro. For others, the likelihood of winning a sum that will change their life is easier. Luck seems to depend on the zodiac sign.

In all tobacconists, we can find a wide range of Scratch and Win tickets. Many people delight in trying their luck hoping for a win that could make a difference in their life.

Often these tickets are illusory, they make you win often but very low figures, deluding you to be a lucky person and that sooner or later instead of the ticket I was a few you will get the millionaire. What if luck depended on the zodiac sign?

According to the stars, some signs are undoubtedly more fortunate than others.

Here are the 3 luckiest zodiac signs of the Zodiac

This could be your lucky day but only if you are part of one of these horoscope signs. Luck does not smile at all!
If you want to win a sum that allows you to lead a relaxed, happy and rewarding life, try taking a look at the ranking of the 3 most auspicious signs.

These are the three signs that are most likely to win:


Leo is a courageous and ambitious sign. It stands out for its strong character and just like in the Savannah, the lion is feared by all. Leo is a sign that holds power, and those in power are also lucky, power is not for everyone.

Leo’s determination guides him towards great goals. She is tenacious and has a lot of self-esteem, they don’t wait to be kissed by luck but they do everything to be noticed by luck. They show off, they provoke, they use their great intelligence to provoke luck, and often in the end they manage to keep it in their grip.


The sign of Gemini often achieves success in life. When he gets what he wants, he doesn’t let it slip away, he knows how to value it. Gemini is a sign that loves to challenge and yearn for adventure. He is very curious and tempted to discover as many new things as possible. Their curiosity and their adventurous side defy everything. They are sociable people and are surrounded by many friends. They know how to use this knowledge to their advantage. They listen more than they talk and this allows them to capture the best opportunities. If there is a winning ticket in the deck, he won’t let it slip away. Gemini is destined for wealth.


Sagittarius is a sign destined for a bright future. His secret is his enormous optimism. This sign can remain optimistic in the face of any difficulty.

Hope always accompanies him. Thanks to this positive energy, he cannot fail to obtain the success, fortune, happiness, and power he desires. The Sagittarius works hard because for him having luck is not enough, he must also know how to keep it. Sagittarius is a sign that does not admit failure, relentless and confident, they have everything it takes to attract success in life. They go looking for their luck, they don’t wait to be found.

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