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Discover all the shades of scorpio based on the ascendant of the sign. The opinion of the stars.

When we talk about the zodiac signs we limit ourselves too often to checking what concerns the main sign, forgetting the importance that the ascendant has on the way of feeling and understanding life. If the main sign shows how each of us acts in front of some situations in life and, above all, how it tends to show itself to others, the ascendant embraces the whole emotional sphere, showing the most hidden sides and the way of feeling of each of us. . In addition to this, it is important to underline how having an ascendant rather than another can significantly change the characteristics of the sign, softening or strengthening certain aspects.
Today, therefore, after seeing why it is important to have a Scorpio in one’s life and having remembered how to calculate the ascendant of each zodiac sign, we will deal with the zodiac sign of the month, discovering how the natives of Scorpio tend to change according to their ascendant.

Astrology: Scorpio and ascendants. How the zodiac sign changes.

Scorpio with Aries ascendant
The Aries ascendant tends to take many of the typical characteristics of the natives of Scorpio to extremes, making them, if possible, even more determined, strong, passionate, and decisive. These are characteristics that are also reflected in the ascendant amplification to the point of becoming absolute, making life seriously difficult for anyone who decides to deal with people who find themselves in this astrological situation. The union between Scorpio and Aries leads in fact to an extremely strong personality, determined to always have the best, unable to know or accept defeat, and always ready to fight to get what it needs. The Aries ascendant makes those born under the sign of Scorpio even more direct, less empathetic, and in some ways more aggressive. However, passion and seduction also increase, which are part of the charm of both signs. All for an explosive result and to be discovered.

Scorpio with Taurus ascendant
The mix of these two signs is decidedly unique and capable of giving life to multifaceted personalities. The Taurus ascendant tends to soften the strongest components of Scorpio by giving him a way of externalizing feelings that is not typical of him. The result is a mixture of strength and sweetness, passion and romance, the seriousness of purpose, and madness. A world unto itself that tends to ensnare anyone who is in front of it, especially when it comes to love. The natives of Scorpio with a Taurus ascendant can mix sweetness and passion, offering a relationship that is always new and full of ideas. The downside? The excessive possessiveness and jealousy of Taurus that added to that of Scorpio makes those who have this duo in the stars, someone who can never accept a no and who will always need to control who he loves or who, more simply,

Scorpio with Gemini ascendant
The natives of Scorpio with a Gemini ascendant are people with extremely complex personalities. The typically reserved being of Scorpio merges with the need to socialize of Gemini which in turn also influences the desire to explore every possible nuance of the human race. Dealing with natives of the sign who have the Gemini ascendant, therefore, implies a continuous test from which it is good to come out as winners. The price to pay is in fact to be put aside. The complicity of the two signs creates people who need to know brilliant minds and with whom to constantly confront, who can make their dream and who knows how to show them a slice of the world not yet explored. Boredom or static, when it comes to Scorpio with a Gemini ascendant, cannot possibly exist.

Scorpio with Cancer ascendant
The natives of Scorpio who have the astrological sign of Cancer as their ascendant are people who are special in many ways. First of all, the two signs tend to dampen their respective defects, reaching a sweet but discreet and possessive personality at the right point but without going out of their mind. On the other hand, it is a combination that denotes a certain sensitivity and femininity that once released is impossible to beat. Among the other things, a strong form of intuition emerges for everything that surrounds them and which makes those who find themselves having this duo in the stars highly sensitive people and always ready to grasp things that others would not even notice. Last but not least, the passion mixed with a sweetness that in love makes this combination simply unsurpassable.

Scorpio with Leo ascendant
The Leo ascendant makes the natives of Scorpio even stronger, unpredictable, and able to get noticed in all circumstances. The influence of this sign makes Scorpios less reserved and more likely to put themselves at the center of attention. Even vanity and the desire to appear are exalted at the highest levels and join the mysterious charm of the natives of the sign, making everything more interesting. Although on the surface, the Leo ascendant leads Scorpio to appear more superficial than usual, in reality, it is just fiction. The characteristics of the main sign are always active, making the natives of the sign attentive and insightful as well as always ready to grasp every possible nuance of the world around them.

Scorpio with Virgo ascendant
The union between the sign of Scorpio and the Virgo ascendant gives life to analytical personalities with truly surprising qualities, especially when it comes to stealing the secrets of others. Lying in their presence is practically useless and indeed, can prove deleterious, since Virgo’s innate pessimism makes Scorpio even more vindictive and mean when they feel betrayed in some way. Never doubt the attention that the natives of the sign pay to things because nothing is more important to them than knowing how to grasp everything that can be useful in the event of a crisis. Having said that, it is a combination that has as its weak point that of always seeing black and living off paranoia which, if only rarely, tend to disappear under the weight of rationality.

Scorpio with Libra ascendant
The natives of Scorpio who have the ascendant in Libra usually keep their primary characteristics almost completely unchanged except to make them more moderate when dealing with others. The influence of the ascendant, in fact, in this case, plays an important role in relationships and in the way of behaving that appears like a mixture of elegance and passion. A mix that is difficult to imagine but that on the natives of Scorpio seems to work great, making them fascinating as never before and with an even more pronounced grace and able to show themselves with different but always interesting shades. There is only one thing in which the Libra ascendant can do nothing and that is jealousy. The main sign tends to predominate this aspect, thus showing itself jealous and possessive,

Scorpio with Scorpio ascendant
What else to say except that the natives of the sign who also have the Scorpio ascendant are really… difficult? It is a combination that leads to a more unique than rare strength and that maximizes all the personal characteristics of the sign which, far from any possible bevel, expresses itself to the best of its ability and without hesitation of any kind. The natives of the sign are therefore extremely precise, rigid, and passionate, able to give themselves 100% on every occasion but at the same time expect the same from those around them. The most extreme aspect is their ability to take revenge when they feel betrayed in some way. Anyone who happens to be around them should carefully avoid the idea of ​​doing them wrong because revenge will sooner or later show itself in their way and it will not be pleasant at all.

Scorpio with Sagittarius ascendant
A union certainly interesting is that given by Scorpio and Sagittarius. The ascendant of the latter tends in fact to make the natives of the sign more social, who are usually reluctant to share the private with others. Here, then, that one side of Scorpio comes to “soften” enriching itself with the desire to do and undo given by the ascendant in Sagittarius which makes the sign even more decisive and ready to fight to the end of its strength for thought that it deems right. When that happens, contradicting Scorpios with a Sagittarius ascendant is pointless. Much better to indulge them and try to understand them because having them as enemies is never pleasant while, on the contrary, as friends, they are truly unique and able to be forgiven for any possible lack.

Scorpio with Capricorn ascendant
The Capricorn ascendant tends to make Scorpio more combative than ever. The desire to do it always and in any case and the need to excel in everything he does, are exasperated by the need for perfection that the sign of Capricorn usually has on everything related to duties and work. A task that the natives of Scorpio seem to take with particular attention, thus showing themselves more than ever ready to fight both in everyday life and for issues of all kinds. Certain potentials also take others to extremes and the vengeful spirit of the natives of the sign succeeds in even stronger and more frightening phases, especially if someone dares to hinder their path. In this case, it is better not to stop and grasp their reaction because it would certainly be unforgettable and not positive.

Scorpio with Aquarius ascendant
Those born under the sign of Scorpio who has the ascendant in Aquarius are usually very faithful to themselves and able to keep all the characteristics of the sign active by modifying them only a little or, in some cases, coming to perfect them. If we talk about strength and determination, the ascendant does not involve particular variations which, on the other hand, are decidedly strong when it comes to the extreme need for freedom and analytical skills. The marked intelligence of the natives of the sign is combined with the shrewdness of the Aquarius who will influence in this way everything related to the interaction with others and the need for escape that often becomes so strong as to lead to a need for isolation. stronger than usual.

Scorpio with Pisces ascendant
The union between Scorpio and Pisces leads to a truly unpredictable personality and so rich in nuances that it makes anyone pale. The natives of the sign manage to mitigate their strength thanks to the sweetness of the ascendant, thus showing themselves more kind, empathic, and in harmony with the world. Theirs, however, is only an appearance that tends to fade at the first sign of problems to which they will perhaps react with even more grit and determination. At the same time, the influence of Pisces makes love even more romantic and passionate, leading the natives of the sign to be special lovers but full of contradictions and, of course, jealous and possessive. The characteristic that stands out the most when the two signs come together, however, is that of the perception of others and of the world which, more than ever, makes them excellent psychics,

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