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Let’s discover all the characteristics of the zodiac sign of the month: Sagittarius.

Today, November 23, we officially enter the month of Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac.
Let’s find out all the characteristics, curiosities, and particularities that characterize people born under this sign of the zodiac which is the one immediately before Libra and following the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Sagittarius card
: From 23 November to 21 December
Dominant planet: Jupiter
Color of the sign: Blue
Stone brings good luck:
Lucky day
: Thursday
Flower indicated: The carnation

All about the sign of Sagittarius

The zodiac sign in general.
Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. The natives of the sign are exuberant people, always eager to have new experiences and unable to stay still both physically and mentally. Travel lovers, always try to get involved to make discoveries and always learn something more about the world around them. Sometimes, this way of doing, and leads them not to observe with the right attention what they already have, making them appear a little superficial and making them seem even a little proud. Sagittarius women think that they always have the right answer in their pocket or that they are always one step ahead of others and although in some cases this may correspond to the truth, their way of tending to create some problems. In need of their own space, they live in the name of an idea of ​​freedom that only they know. This leads them to often feel hunted by those who, failing to fully understand them, end up having attitudes that come to them as wrong. Generally generous, they tend to always take control of the situation and this leads them to appear aggressive or bullying. Frankly and direct, they can always say what they think, sometimes even in a too informal way and which therefore risks hurting those who are more sensitive.

Optimistic by nature, they always expect the best and work to get it. Sometimes, in doing so, they can overshadow potential dangers or situations to which they should pay more attention. Sometimes, they’re getting tired quickly of things (and people) that make them seem out of control but it is a way of doing that they are proud of and that makes them feel comfortable because it is part of their concept of freedom. Likable by nature, they have a well-developed sense of humor and love interacting with others and sharing their experiences as never before. Attracted by books and all that is knowledge, sometimes they like to set a tone by trying to pass for intellectuals.

Work, success, and professional relationships.
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to put all of themselves into what they do because in life they always aim for the result which, in their case, must always be winning. This means that when they are confronted with others in the workplace, they can become competitive or difficult to deal with.
While they always try to get their work done, they don’t like being told what they are doing wrong or how they could improve. From this point of view, they are particularly touchy and able to take offense to death even for a small word.

With colleagues, they always try to establish benevolent relationships, and most of the time they succeed unless they dislike someone or consider them a rival for a position they aspire to. If on good terms they can be friendly and ready to even lend a hand. Otherwise, however, they become worse than a thorn in the side, always ready to complain and goad those who deal with them.

Interpersonal and sentimental relationships.
Always sociable, they manage to quickly establish friendships for which they always seem ready to give their best. When they are in a good mood they love to entertain the people around them, making jokes and always being open to everything.
Unfortunately, they tend to expect a little too much from others and when their expectations are disillusioned they take it personally, withdrawing into themselves and cutting off any possible human relationship. This is a defect that they hardly realize and that over time leads them to close many friendships, some of which would benefit them more than they think. Having said that, even in love they can be complicated because while looking for a strong feeling to live, they have many demands and little desire to give themselves as one might expect. For them love is more of a one-way thing in which they are the ones to receive.

Having said that, even by committing themselves, they do not always manage to understand each other with the loved one from whom they will always demand basic freedom without which they would end up leaving, probably even without waiting. For them, interpersonal relationships are something extremely delicate that they know they never fully understand but that they tend more to judge than to try to understand. For this reason, many times, they end up feeling bad, feeling betrayed, or misunderstood when one more word would be enough to understand each other and avoid breakups that often hurt both sides. Fortunately, they are stubborn people and this leads them to never give up and to move forward despite the disappointments received, which helps them to always find new people with whom to relate and build something good.

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