Zodiac Signs

Providing tips on how to win someone over on the first date based on their zodiac sign.

Aries: Avoid being timid. Be forthright with them! They are attracted to drive and passion. Keep it new and fresh. They get bored with routine and matters related to the past. Allow them to take some control. Try a physical activity like ax throwing, a sporting event, a stunt show with hoops of fire, or a date that’s competitive in some way. It will seriously intrigue them!

Taurus: Be patient with them and do not rush. They appreciate someone with sustainability. Physical jokes strike their humor. When looking for prompt discussion talk about money, wealth building, or good ol’ mother nature. Keep it low key. A restaurant with good food and drink, a beautiful museum with a lush garden, hiking, or wine and paint is a date winner with them!

Gemini: Their interests are wide, but they are not to keen on learning the depths. Intellectual conversation and gossip capture their attention. Be versatile with them, or they will bore easily. Keep it fun but educational! Take them to a festival, theatre show, board game party, obstacle course, picnic, or somewhere that allows you to have a good, open discussion!

Cancer: Be soft with them for they are very sensitive and empathetic. Show your admiration for one of their quirks or qualities. They are very intuitive and often interested in spiritual discussion. When prompted, they love giving constructive advice. A good date for them might include live music under the moonlight, an art show, a stroll on the beach, creating a dream board, or dinner at home.

Leo: Praise them and their successes! They often have a great sense of humor so say or do something to make them laugh. Charm and ambiance are appreciated. They respect forward intentions, so be bold! Don’t be afraid to be “extra” with your gestures. Take them on a date to the comedy club, an expensive wine tasting, a ball, exotic petting zoo, stargazing, or the latest artsy thing in town!

Virgo: They are health nuts, and probably have the laws of nutrition memorized! Planning things out with them is best for they tend to despise spontaneity. Talk about work or their favorite pet to keep a merry conversation! They appreciate detail and a practical motive. A date to an agreed restaurant, berry picking farm, mystery play, popular band, or orchestra would make them happy.

Libra: These people are huge social butterflies! They have a diverse cultural interest. You’ll hit it off if you allow them to educate you on something and then adamantly compliment them on how smart they are. Avoid making them choose for they can get overwhelmed with indecision. They love luxury. Go to a beautiful bar, museum, musical venue, cultural event, or a fashion show for a date!

Scorpio: Mystery intrigues and excites them! Make sure to listen attentively when they speak, or they’ll get annoyed with you. They usually appreciate dark humor. No subject is too deep for them, so, by all means, debate what the meaning of life is! Don’t be surprised if the topic of sex arises on the first date. Try a scary movie, haunted attraction, art show, water sport, psychic reading, or a nightly stroll!

Sagittarius: They enjoy discussing current events, philosophy, and their friends. New adventures fuel their fire! Avoid cornering or being controlling with them… it’s a big turn off. They love to learn and explore new places. Take them to a restaurant that they’ve never been at, an outdoor concert, an outdoor sporting activity, laser tag, karaoke, or even a rodeo show!

Capricorn: Aloof and cautious upfront, these people appreciate someone who’s amusing and can carry a conversation since they prefer to listen. Respect their time and do not be late! They strongly admire discipline, a good work ethic, expensive taste, and standards. Talk less and move with them in dance or walks in a park. Do a scavenger hunt, hike up a mountain, a book signing, or a theatre show for a date!

Aquarius: These people enjoy a social scene but prefer discussing important topics, not the latest trends. Bring up anything humanitarian related and they’ll have something to say about it! Conspiracy theories fascinate them. Romance them by taking them to a benefit event, science fair or museum, skydiving, sci-fi conference, planetarium, or rooftop party!

Pisces: Discuss your fantasies and ask them theirs. They appreciate a broad imagination. Be sentimental. Subjects on mysticism, the supernatural, and the arts including poetry really interest them. They enjoy having some secrets. Go on a date to a political conference, tour the state capitol, an art exhibit, a fantasy film, Disneyland, or some other theme park!

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