The stars warn two zodiac signs. September will be particularly difficult for them, they’d better prepare for the worst.

September has just begun and according to the forecasts of the stars this month will bring some advantages and some disadvantages to the different zodiac signs.

Some signs will benefit from the positive influences of the full moon in Pisces from 10 September onwards, while others will have to face the negative effects of the transit of the Sun in Virgo from 23 August to 22 September. The two signs of today’s ranking will feel they are struggling to face some problems related to their daily life.

Here are the two signs of the Zodiac that will experience many problems in September

The transit of the Sun in Virgo, which is an earth sign, will push all the zodiac signs in general, to question themselves, analyze, plan and evaluate what to do to finalize the projects of the year that are still unfinished. Virgo is a meticulous sign, she is very well organized, the sun spreads energy, the combination of the Sun and Virgo has the effect of developing the skills of discernment in the zodiac signs but it will not be favorable for everyone.

The transit of the Sun in Virgo will bring some difficulties to 2 signs of the Zodiac who will feel particularly self-critical and sensitive to the judgment of others. They will feel that they cannot control things as they would like and at the same time they will not be able to let go as they would like. This frustration will make them angry because they will live in the condition of not being able to enjoy life in this month of September.

The two signs negatively affected by the transit of the sun in Virgo are:

 The Pisces

Pisces natives are very sensitive and usually travel in a parallel dimension ruled by dreams and fantasies. September is not expected to be particularly favorable for this sign.  Virgo and Piscesthey are opposite signs in the zodiac. While Pisces is a water sign and is perpetually prey to her emotions, Virgo is a very stable and methodical sign. Virgo will push Pisces to leave their fantastic dimension and return to their feet on the ground. Pisces always tends to take refuge in his fantasy world so he will find this impulse to remain tied to reality very annoying. This is the reason why the month of September will be particularly complicated for the sign of Pisces. When you have emotional blocks it is hard to live your daily life peacefully. The stars remind Pisces that this is a transitory and momentary situation and that everything will soon resolve itself. Don’t panic.


The Libra native will also feel the devastating effects of the Sun passing through the sign of Virgo. Libra is a sign that constantly seeks balance and always needs serenity and tranquility . In September this sign will feel the need to abandon this state of tranquility to face various depressive episodes linked to the concatenation of difficulties both on a professional and personal level. Libra may have to deal with financial problems that lead them to want to change jobs and therefore question everything. The Sun in Virgo will therefore make him in a bad mood and this will have repercussions in his private life. His inability to clearly see what awaits him in the near futureit pushes him to isolate himself as a couple rather than to open up and communicate with his partner.

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