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Let’s find out the characteristics and everything you need to know about the zodiac sign of the month: Pisces.

Today is February 20 and we officially enter the month of Pisces, which is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac. So let’s deepen the knowledge with the natives of this sign and with all the characteristics and curiosities that distinguish them. Pisces are in fact among the most particular signs of the zodiac.

Imaginative by nature, often over the top and at the same time empathetic, they turn out to be really interesting and never predictable. So let’s go to the knowledge of Pisces, the zodiac sign that closes the zodiac, which comes before Aries and follows Aquarius.

Pisces card

Period: from February 20 to March 20
Dominant planets: Jupiter and Neptune
Color of the sign: Green
Lucky stone: Amethyst
Lucky day: Sunday
Flower: Jasmine

The zodiac sign of Pisces in general

The natives of the zodiac sign of Pisces are extremely sensitive people. Lovers of life, are always able to grasp the emotions of anyone around them on the fly. Often they have a world view of their own and are made up of dreams and hopes that others are not even able to imagine.
An aspect that sometimes makes them appear with their heads in the clouds but which in reality is also the source of their incredible strength.

Although apparently fragile, in fact, the natives of Pisces are extremely strong and resilient people. Always able to face difficulties, they manage to find a glimmer of light even on the darkest nights. And their way of doing things often makes them very good confidants. As well as motivators for those who, unlike them, cannot look forward.

Often shy, they do not like self-incensing and this can make them appear modest or poorly prepared. In reality, they are people who always know much more than what one perceives by looking at them. They just don’t usually brag, especially if doing so can overshadow others. In fact, these are people who always tend to worry about who they are next to. And that when they can they offer their help without ever expecting anything in return. For them, in fact, what really matters is the joy they feel in knowing that they have made others happy.

Sincere and transparent with everyone, they always tend to say what they think. Which is not always appreciated by others but which they continue to do. And all while trying to find ways that never hurt those around him. Emotional like a few other signs of the zodiac, they often risk being misunderstood, especially by those who are too busy with their life to go on. This sometimes pushes them to close themselves in their world and to enter into confidence only with a select few. People who in their eyes can understand them and not make them feel completely strangers to the world.

Obviously, these are people who can quickly understand what is happening around them. Even if they are too polite to point this out right away, they quickly understand if someone is trying to cheat or hurt them. And, not being naive, they also know how to defend themselves well. They simply try to postpone the time of the accounts for as long as possible. Because if there is one thing that not everyone knows about the natives of the sign is that when they close a door they never reopen it. One of their many characteristics is in fact the strength of character that never makes them retrace their steps. Aside from that, when they meet the right people they can create special and therefore indestructible relationships.

Work, success and professional relationships

Pisces natives aren’t afraid to commit. And when they firmly believe in something they are ready to give themselves body and soul and to achieve the intended objectives. To perform well, however, they need to do something that can excite them and that gives them the right serenity of mind.

They, therefore, succeed well in everything that has to do with art. From writing to cooking, being able to express oneself through what they love makes people more complete and above all happier. Which is the basis of their success, together of course with the innate creativity they have.

The relationship with colleagues is basically positive. The natives of the sign are in fact always kind and smiling. They are also always ready to share and do great teamwork. Woe to trying to step on their toes, though. In this case, in fact, they take it personally, giving life to a cold battle from which it is unlikely that losers will emerge.

Professional like few other people, they tend to always carry out what is entrusted to them. And if possible they do it by adding a personal touch that can improve everything.

Interpersonal relationships and feelings

When it comes to interpersonal relationships, the natives of the zodiac sign of Pisces can be really complicated. For them, feelings are something special and so are interpersonal relationships for which they always try to have the utmost care. Although they always have a shy and reserved approach, they let go quite easily, and when they do they can get in touch in truly unimaginable ways.

As friends, they turn out to be practically perfect. Always ready to listen, they also spend on advice and when it can help they try to offer a hand to solve any problems. Which they do without ever asking for anything in return. Their empathy also pushes them to always feel if there is something wrong. And that leads them to come forward immediately. That is, even before those around him can express a need or even realize they have it. Sincere and faithful friends, when they find themselves in an important relationship they are really ready to go out of their way for the people they care about. An aspect that makes them the best friends you could ever want to have.

In love they maintain the characteristics listed above, adding a sort of devotion to the loved one. Which they manage to demonstrate to the fullest thanks to their romantic nature. Fantasy and love then lead them to always find new ways to demonstrate the feelings they feel. Which makes them happier than ever. Faithful and resilient, out of love they are willing to fight to the end, revealing themselves to be reliable companions on whom it is always possible to count. Once you have established a relationship with them, moving away from them or forgetting them, therefore, becomes decidedly impossible.

In conclusion, the natives of Pisces are truly special people. Always ready to spend for others and able to experience very strong emotions and feelings. Their innate fantasy allows them to live in a fantasy world that they tend to reveal only to the few people they truly trust. People who, if able to understand its magic, will thus have one more reason to want to stay close to people of this sign. Getting away from people born under the sign of Pisces is in fact equivalent to waking up from a beautiful dream. Which nobody ever likes to do.

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