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From tomorrow, we will all be struggling with pandoro and panettone. Find out which is the most suitable for you based on your zodiac sign.

The tradition of consuming pandoro and panettone starting from December 8th is one of the most pleasant (and greedy) of the whole year. Among trees and nativity scenes, lists of gifts to do, and postcards to send to distant friends and relatives, enjoying a soft dessert with a festive flavor is something that warms the heart.

Like every year, however, the choice between pandoro and panettone can become a problem. Which can be avoided in a fun way by relying on parties. If you have not yet chosen yours or if you want to make the last purchase that fits you perfectly, then find out what to choose between pandoro and panettone based on your zodiac sign.

Undecided between pandoro and panettone? Here is the advice of the stars

Aries – Pandoro with chocolate chips
This year, your need for sweetness goes perfectly with something simple, able to remind you of childhood and to offer you something more. A slice of pandoro with chocolate chips is exactly what will make you feel good, helping you to fully enjoy the party atmosphere. It is, after all, a dessert that will satisfy the palate, not weigh you down too much and give you the right amount of sweetness. A trick to make it even more greedy? Try mixing cocoa powder with powdered sugar before coating your pandoro. You will have something original (as you like it) and you will taste a classic dessert but with a slightly more decisive flavor.

Taurus – Panettone with more creams
For you who are greedy by nature and love mixing colors and flavors when it comes to food, the perfect dessert is undoubtedly the panettone but only if filled with more creams. In this way you can enjoy it every day in a different way, passing from eating a slice in the traditional way to enjoying a cream before the duck or all together even before biting into the panettone. There are several choices around but if you don’t find anything you can always opt for panettone with cream to which you can add a homemade one. In this way, you can also try your hand at the kitchen and give your dessert that personal touch that never hurts.

Gemini – Pandoro with creams and chocolate icing
Although the choice between pandoro and panettone is often difficult, the former lends itself more easily to greedy options such as the many variants rich in creams and greedy fillings that can meet your tastes. If you want to choose a perfect variant, a pandoro with creams, covered with a chocolate glaze, would be fine for you. A truly greedy way to kick off the holidays and to feel more than ever in the full Christmas mood. Needless to say, every dessert can be covered with a gluttonous glaze, and therefore, in the absence of products capable of conquering you, you can always choose the one with the filling you prefer, then covering it with chocolate cream or, if you want to dare, of pistachio.

Cancer – The classic Pandoro
For you, the Christmas season is a way to immerse yourself in the sweetest memories of your childhood. And what better way to do it than to enjoy a slice of the classic Pandoro? The same one that you tasted several times as a child and that alone manages to project you with greater force into that avenue of memories you love so much. Of course, to date, the options to choose from in terms of pandoro are really many. But you prefer to stay true to what you have loved over the years. Loyalty is rewarded by the sense of warmth that every single bite will give you and that, if you want, you can make it more greedy by accompanying everything with a good hot chocolate or, violently, with a vanilla cream made specifically for your pandoro.

Leo – Pandoro with alcoholic creams
To you who like to be glamorous even at Christmas, a perfect dessert is one enriched with soft alcohol-based cream. A way to immerse yourself in the sweetness without giving up that extra something. To date, the offers valid in this sense are different and all with exotic and original creams. However, nothing prevents you from creating your own according to your tastes and adding it later to the pandoro. This way you can surprise everyone with something unexpected and at the same time enjoy the sweet you feel the need most.

Virgo – The classic panettone
For you who is a true lover of traditions, at Christmas what matters most is being able to enjoy a panettone with lots of candied fruit and without additions that could distract you from its usual flavor. It would be even better to be able to choose a traditional panettone, one that can bring to mind the flavors of the past. The same ones you love to remember whenever you find yourself thinking about the holiday season. Furthermore, it is a dessert that you can use in moderation even on normal days, perhaps at breakfast for a slightly substantial snack. And all with a little nod to Christmas.

Libra – Panettone without candied fruit
You too, in terms of tradition, are always on the spot. For you, the ideal choice to fully feel the party atmosphere is to opt for the classic, focusing on a nice panettone. In your little one, however, you often feel the need to vary. And the best way to do it is to go on the panettone without candied fruit. In this way, in fact, you can immerse yourself in the flavor you love so much without any interruption. A valid alternative to that of personally removing every excess ingredient. And at the same time away to eat exactly what you want most without having to compromise.

Scorpio – Panettone with pistachio cream
For you who always love contrasts, a good choice can be that of the panettone filled with pistachio. Generally, in fact, it is a dessert made with the dough of the panettone but without the addition of candied fruit and with a variety of ingredients that give it a flavor almost more similar to that of pandoro. It is therefore a sort of cross between the two desserts that contain a soft pistachio cream. Exactly a combination of flavors that can do for you. Even better if you want to cover everything with a thin layer of chocolate, to make the dessert even richer in fragrances. The perfect way to get into the mood for Christmas.

Sagittarius – Pandoro with custard
To be honest, you are not one of those people who find themselves uncertain about various Christmas sweets. Being able to change often and taste different ones is in fact a thought that teases you. That said, if you really wanted to choose one, this year you could opt for the pandoro with custard. A classic revisited in a creative and at the same time simple way. Exactly what you need to fully enjoy a dessert that tastes of Christmas and that with its aroma will make you feel at home from the first bite. A nice variant? Accompany everything with chocolate cream, useful for creating a pleasant contrast and ability to never get bored.

Capricorn – Panettone with limoncello
When it comes to Christmas, the choice between pandoro and panettone is not among those that involve you most. In fact, you are generally more attracted to other flavors. Having to choose something, however, a good option is that of panettone with limoncello. It’s sweet and at the same time, the sour taste will make you appreciate this dessert more, allowing you to immerse yourself in the Christmas mood without giving up flavors other than conventional ones. In order not to get bored, you could focus on the whole range of fruity flavors, to constantly vary, and not to risk getting bored with just one flavor. An option that goes well with your constant need to try new flavors.

Aquarius – Panettone with raisins
For you who love the classic but at the same time always want to experiment with a pinch of innovation, a handcrafted panettone is certainly suitable but with some small variations. A good choice would be to opt for a dessert without candied fruit and rich only in raisins. Or, if you don’t like raisins, enriched with chocolate chips or, even better, with fruit. A nice alternative to try so as not to give up a flavor that reminds you of the party atmosphere and at the same time allows you to savor something new. Something to immerse yourself in, taking advantage of its infinite sweetness.

Pisces – Panettone with chocolate chips
For a romantic person like you, choosing between pandoro and panettone can be difficult because they both certainly evoke pleasant memories. Nevertheless, the panettone, albeit with some particularities, represents the most suitable choice. To fully reflect you, however, it must be as simple as possible, free of candied fruit or raisins and enriched with chocolate chips. The best would be ruby ​​chocolate but in its absence, you can opt for classic dark chocolate. The range of flavors that you will be able to savor will still be pleasant while the dessert will take you through the memories of past Christmases, making you savor those atmospheres you care so much about. A detail that can do for you is to heat the panettone so that you can savor it in all its fragrance.

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