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October will be a magnificent month for three zodiac signs who will make all their wishes come true. If you are in today’s ranking you are really lucky.

There are very few months to go until the end of 2022 and only a few hours to the end of September. So October is upon us and it will not be a particularly favorable month for some signs. Fortunately, other signs will be able to enjoy this month in all serenity because it will bring them so much joy and luck.

The astral predictions for October are positive for three natives of the Zodiac . Venus transiting in Libra will bring good luck and many opportunities to three zodiac signs. October looks fabulous for them.

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Here are the happiest and luckiest zodiacs of October

For the natives of the three signs we are about to tell you about, October will be a memorable month in many ways : health, work and love will be particularly exalted. Many opportunities are about to knock on your door if you are part of these signs:


Venus in Libra will bring a lot of lightness to Gemini . Gemini will feel particularly peaceful, happy and even romantic because the sentimental storms of the last few months now seem to be a thing of the past. Furthermore, all those discussions have been replaced by agreements and meeting points that have made the bond even stronger. The sign of Gemini is finally peaceful and he can enjoy life without worries. From a professional point of view their sociable character is the keystone that will allow them to obtain many benefits, which will arrive around mid-October.

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Even the native of Libra will suffer the effects of a renewed lightheartedness . No one will be able to remain indifferent to this seraphic charm of the Libra native. Libra as a couple will experience moments full of happiness from 16 to 24 October.   Professionally there will be some recurring problems, but it will boast success in social and socio-professional interactions. The stars advise this sign to keep their ears open, listen to everything there is to hear.

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The third happiest sign of October is Sagittarius. A sign known for its positivity and its great altruism in October will be even more confident and romantic . Sagittarius will be an exceptional communicator, not only will he be able to make others understand his feelings about him very well but will also be an excellent confidant, a good friend, a person able to listen. At the couple level there will be very interesting evolutions, the stars advise him to let go, to enjoy happiness. Venus in Libra will take away any problems and conflicts from 8th to 17th October. As if by magic, Libra will be able to make all forms of negativity vanish, the greatest peace will be found at the marital level. On a professional level, the scale, on the other hand, has to come up with a little patience. The stars advise Sagittarius to always monitor the e-mail because he is about to receive the answer that he has been waiting for for a long time. For everything else, the stars advise Libra to use his dazzling smile because it is his winning weapon and the key that will open all the doors to him.

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