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Find out which nail polish to choose to be on top in the summer. The advice of the stars for you.

With summer getting closer and closer, the desire to feel on vacation (and to really go there) becomes stronger and stronger. And to get fully into the mood, a good way is certainly to give a new color to your nails. Which thanks to the fashion ideas of the coming months will be much easier given the many shades available. What to wait then? After seeing which drink to cool off with during the summer holidays, today we will find out which nail polish to choose to feel more trendy than ever.

The nail polish color to choose for your summer 2021. The advice of the stars!

Aries – Coral red nail polish
When summer arrives your desire to get noticed lights up giving life to the most eccentric part of you. And what’s better than a nail polish that can fully color your desire to do? A beautiful coral red will give you the effect you are looking for, making you feel more cheerful and energetic and marrying fully with your way of being lively as well as, of course, with your look.

Taurus – The blue nail polish
This year your desire to dare goes hand in hand with that of relaxing to the maximum and enjoying every pleasant moment available to you. A good way to highlight this trend of yours is to use a blue nail polish. Extremely fashionable color that will make you feel different. Far from the colors you usually use and therefore even more in a holiday mood. After all, summer is the perfect season to be daring, isn’t it?

Cufflinks – The saffron yellow nail polish
Yes, this summer you need to challenge the colors by launching yourself towards different shades than usual. You can then combine the usual sunny yellow that you love to show off with a saffron color, perfect to enhance your tan and to make you feel already on vacation. A color that will give you joy just looking at it and that you will love to show off by combining it with the most varied looks. Great on both hands and feet, it will give you a sense of freshness that will make you look more spirited than ever.

Cancer – Pearl pink nail polish
Your romance never goes on vacation but it can become more cheerful and lively. Combining pink with a pearl shade will ensure that you can show off a color that makes you feel in your comfort zone and daring at the same time. A choice that you will like to repeat in different shades and that will give you a pleasant sensation in any case. Especially when combined with the right clothes.

Leone – Gold enamel If
you like to get noticed at all times, a gold-effect enamel is the ideal choice for the summer months. In this way you will best color your nails and all without giving up your innate need to feel trendy and fashionable. Everyone’s eyes will once again be on you and it will make you feel like a summer queen. Exactly the role that is well suited to those who use this color, right?

Virgo – The shaded orange nail polish
A bright orange is a way to catapult you directly into the warmer months, showing off colors that you believe have always been linked only to the summer season. Wearing such a shade will please you and will push you to adapt your look to a simple nail polish. All for a result that you will appreciate more than ever and that will make you feel beautiful as it hasn’t happened for a long time. Sometimes it is true that a small change is enough to achieve great results.

Libra – The pearly white nail polish
pearly white is the color that shines with elegance and beauty in your eyes. It is therefore the right choice for a nail polish to show off both day and night and to be embellished with accessories and clothes designed ad hoc to match its color. A perhaps reverse way to choose your look but that in these months you will feel congenial to you. Just like the idea of ​​dressing in a color that recalls both silver and the much prized white gold.

Scorpio – The bright green nail polish
Do you want a bright, colorful nail polish that makes you feel more beautiful and cared for? Go for a nice bright green, even better if with shades that give on pink. With such perfect nails you will feel like that too. And that will help you find a more sophisticated look that fits the new style. A nice and fun way to meet the summer and to dress in light.

Sagittarius – The lime yellow nail polish
When the first heat starts, your mind automatically goes on vacation. And what better way to experience this moment than with a lime yellow nail polish? Choosing it will make you feel in full holiday mood giving your nails the joy they deserve. Perhaps a risky choice but that you will know how to wear at best, combining it with your tan and the summer colors that you have already certainly started wearing for a while.

Capricorn – Gradient blue nail polish
Do you want to change colors by entering your own summer mood? Try a nice bright blue. Perfect to be shown off in the evening and to give you an extra touch. It is a color that will make you feel at the top and that you will like to wear at least until September. Perfect to make you feel more like the holidays and to give you an extra boost in the care of your look.

Aquarius – The purple nail polish
That you always like to be over the top is now well known. And in the summer, wearing usually winter colors can be a choice that suits you. Especially this year that such a nuance is in fashion. You will finally be able to be the bearer of something that strangely others also follow. This is also a way to amaze everyone, isn’t it?

Pisces – Aqua green nail polish
Even in summer you need shades that are pleasant, relaxing and highly adaptable. And a teal enamel in your eyes reflects all this. Even better if in a pearly version for the evening. With a similar color, your nails will make you feel trendy and elegant at the same time. And that will help you feel more beautiful and even fashionable. Which you don’t usually care about. Changing every now and then, however, doesn’t hurt anyone.

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