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No word on plans: astrological forecast for the week from March 14 to March 20

Professional astrologer Tiana Atlas warns that the upcoming week will be tense, confusing situations are possible in which we can break a lot of firewood.

The upcoming week is preparing a lot of tests and surprises for all the signs of the zodiac. First of all, it will be marked by a full moon in the constellation Virgo on Thursday, March 18. How to behave, what to focus on and what to pay attention to in the period from March 14 to 20 in an exclusive interview with 5-tv.ru, a professional astrologer and astropsychologist Tiana Atlas told.

On Monday, March 14, all zodiac signs will have a lot of ambition, and this is what will become a trap. You should not move away from others and oppose yourself to the team and society. Things won’t get any better on Tuesday. On the contrary, many will want to show their “I” contrary to the rules and regulations. It will only make you more nervous.

On Wednesday and Thursday, due to the transition of the Moon into the constellation of Virgo, captiousness and irritability will reach a maximum in us. But already on Friday, March 19, the emotional background will begin to subside. Thanks to the full moon, the energy of which, like a searchlight, will illuminate certain life situations, all representatives of the zodiacal circle will come to an awareness of something, insight, clarity of everything that happened on the new moon on March 2.

“But here there is such a combination that we can get some knowledge or some results through an influential person, maybe through an influential patron ,” explains Atlas.

This will help many in the business field. However, you should not talk about your desires, plans and intentions. It is better to act secretly. 

In addition, Mercury will continue to be in the sign of Pisces this week. This will introduce misunderstandings and confusion into the lives of many, which will lead to many mistakes.

“Failures and disappointments await on trips. It is important to keep your composure and not fight. When there is so much tension, we can enter into some kind of conflict, and then just regret it , ”adds the astrologer.

You should not enter into conflicts and provoke others into unpleasant situations. Stop and wait. Better turn your attention to creativity: singing, drawing, designing something. The astrologer notes that an unusual idea can come to you even in a dream. Also, pay attention to your health and the health of your loved ones. The week ends on a positive note.

“That’s when it will be possible to make peace, to agree, these will be wonderful days for romantic and business acquaintances ,” Atlas concludes.

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