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Mercury Retrograde Heals 3 Signs. I’ll Rise By April 25th, 2024.

It’s that time of year that turns our lives upside down.

Mercury retrograde impacts the signs until April 25th, 2024.

A retrograde occurs when a planet appears to be moving backward across the sky, which, according to astrologers, can often lead to “confusion, delay, and frustration.” At the same time, such a transit initiates spiritual transformations.

If you were born or have the ascendant in one of these three signs, Mercury retrograde helps you heal the wounds of the past.

Mercury retrogrades about three to four times a year, a higher frequency than any other planet. One of the most important astrological events of this kind in 2024 is happening right now, and the effects will be felt until the end of the month.


The retrograde of Mercury takes place in your zodiac sign and it is natural to count yourself among the natives who have something to learn.

Prepare for the biggest test, the test of patience.

Mercury will cause all kinds of drama in your zodiac sign. It will bring you breakthroughs regarding every project, plan, or desire you have been working on lately. Even if it might be difficult for you to manage them at the moment, you will see that the Universe is sending you some important signs through these obstacles.

What can you do? Pay attention to the messages you see around you and what they mean to you. Analyze if the things that are happening to you now are meant to stop you from going down the wrong path. Everything toxic is meant to disappear from your life, to make way for a better version of your personality. Embrace the change.


Mercury retrograde accentuates your ego.

Healing is not a smooth path but comes as a race with many obstacles.

It is possible to distance yourself from people because you feel misunderstood. You could react strongly and you could end up keeping the morals of those close to you until they understand your point of view. This tendency comes from your pride, but deep down you will realize that you are exaggerating.

What can you do? Instead of letting pride take over, approach the situation with a more relaxed mindset. Ask yourself: is it worth getting upset if someone doesn’t understand you? By adopting a detached attitude, you will heal your soul, even if the process is difficult.


The retrograde of Mercury comes for you with an important awareness: you must wait and give up the desire for control.

You will experience uncertainties, especially in terms of love or finances.

When you face the energy of Aries, which will be predominant until April 25th, you might feel out of your element. The good news is that this wandering will have an extraordinary finality if you allow yourself to be carried away by the wave.

What can you do? It is essential to trust the Universe and not to forget that it has always guided you. Remember that you are already fantastic. Follow the path guided by your instincts and resist the urge to be who you are not.

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