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Can’t you ever get anything done? Are you considered lazy or incapable? No, don’t worry, it’s not an advertisement to sell you something: we just want to know if you are one of the most inconclusive signs of the zodiac!

How many projects have you started and never finished in your life?
Would you say that it is quite common for you to throw yourself into something and then discover that it was not exactly what you wanted or how you imagined it?
If you get the answer that you are, then maybe this is the ranking for you .

Certainly, however, we can tell you that the real inconclusive would never admit to being. Just like the Scarecrow of the  Wizard of Oz , who wants to ask for a brain because he believes he does not have it and does not know that he is much wiser than the others thanks to this way of thinking, you too may believe that you are inconclusive … and not be!
How about: are we looking for proof in today’s horoscope ranking ?

The most inconclusive signs of the zodiac: are you in the ranking too, today?

Okay, we have to admit it: it happened to us too (and more than once) to start something that we didn’t finish.
We certainly do not mean only the Rubick ‘s Cube (which we have never finished and we already know that we will never finish) but also many other “things”!

From practical to work issues , passing through school or university and ending up talking about human relationships, it happens quite often to become inconclusive .
We may have started doing something with the best of intentions but, halfway through, we realized we couldn’t take it anymore.

Nothing bad (or almost) in this.
Everyone can change their minds, recognize that they have put themselves in a much more difficult position to manage or admit that their strengths alone are not enough. There are also people, however, who just can’t get anything done because they are inconclusive: what do you say, let’s see who they are?

Taurus: fifth place

Although those born under the sign of Taurus are able in any case to organize themselves and have their work well structured , unfortunately they fight with a decidedly complicated characteristic. They are inconclusive at best !

The Taurus , in fact, often does not know what he wants from life, how he wants it and when he wants it. What happens then?
Simply that the Taurus , at a certain point, is no longer able to ” work ” And ends up giving up most of his projects!

Aries: fourth place

For Aries , generally, there is a really big problem that stands between them and the accomplishment of their goals .
The Aries , in fact, have definitely ” too much ” to do and it is almost impossible to keep them still: they are a real volcano of ideas, as well as having a really large and full social circle of people!

This means that, often and willingly, those born under the sign of Aries struggle to complete what they have to do because … they are really busy !
For the Aries , a project left unfinished is just yet another commitment that, unfortunately, they have not been able to keep. Of course, then maybe over the years they manage to catch up: but in the meantime do you know how many other things they have accumulated ?

Cancer: third place

If there was a prize for laziness we could certainly say that Cancer would not be able to win it .
They would be too lazy , in fact, to get up and go and pick it up !
Okay, okay, let’s joke. We know that not all Cancers are lazy people, who like to sleep and relax (but we know perfectly well that most Cancers are really like that!).

Cancer is on the top step of the podium on our list of inconclusive signs because of its laziness .
There is almost nothing that Cancer does not want or can not do : it is a pity, however, that often it is his own tiredness of him that puts a spoke in the wheels! Cancer is a sign capable of throwing itself down a lot and, above all, of questioning whether and how much it is worthwhile to commit when it can, simply … sleep a little more! It is no surprise that they are inconclusivethey take really long to finish what they have to do!

Gemini: second place

Who but Gemini could be included in the ranking of the most inconclusive zodiac signs of all ?
Let’s understand well: when the Gemini decide they want to do something and are in a moment of ” grace ” there are excellent chances that what they want to do will be completed and also in a very elegant way.

Too bad that these moments are really rare : for the rest of the time the Gemini juggles numerous activities and as many projects , all started and never finished .
Ask anyone who works with a Gemini , who simply wants to be friends with him or someone who has ever done a job or a lease on him . Geminis
are very famous for being people who abandon projects halfway and run away from responsibilities .

Of course, we all have flaws. But if we were to really say what worries us about Gemini is precisely that they are inconclusive .
They don’t admit that they are and end up creating problems for everyone, especially in the workplace. Be careful around them!

Pisces: first place in the ranking of the most inconclusive signs of the zodiac

That those born under the sign of Pisces are inconclusive people , we are sorry to say, a little is taken for granted. Everything is in understanding what we mean by inconclusive and what they mean: certainly, for Pisces , ” wasting time ” is not something wrong, quite the opposite!

Pisces , in fact, are people with an artistic inclination and a decidedly imaginative nature. They don’t miss a blade of grass on the side of the road, a curiously shaped cloud or a cute animal as well as a bargain, a plane ticket or a new series on Netflix. In short, we understand each other: it does not matter what the element that distracts them, we are absolutely certain of one thing. If Pisces can get distracted … they will!

That’s why, for Pisces , being inconclusive is more of a lifestyle than something to be true as a flaw.
They simply do not aim for a concrete result and are not ashamed, therefore, to change goals halfway, follow the flow and move in the direction in which, at that precise moment, they feel they want to go!

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