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May 2023 Horoscope. Cancers Find Out What They Really Want From Life

The month of May begins under the influence of Mercury retrograde, and Pluto will also enter retrograde motion from the first day of the month.

This astral aspect will bring you moments of revelation and bring secrets to the surface. The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, on May 5th, inspires us to distance ourselves from an emotional problem and to simplify things in this complex period.

On May 7, Venus leaves Gemini and enters Cancer. It will inspire us to show our affection through elaborate meals and gifts offered from the heart. Nostalgia is the weakness of Venus in Cancer, so you should avoid the temptation to stay stuck in the past. It will be all the more difficult during the entire period when Mercury is retrograde.

The most important change of the month will take place on May 16, when Jupiter enters the Taurus sign, where it will remain until May next year. Jupiter in Taurus brings us the stability we needed and which we lacked in recent years, since 2019.

Mars, the planet of action, leaves Cancer on May 20 and enters Leo. It will bring us a period of energy and involvement, after almost six months of confusion and delays.

Discover the May 2023 horoscope for your zodiac sign:


A lot has happened in your life in the last nine months and nothing has been easy. No matter how much you would like to evolve and get to work now, you feel that you do not have the necessary energy. All this will change on May 20 when Mars, the planet that rules your sign, will enter Leo and help you return to your characteristic energy.

A discussion about your relationship and what you can do to bring it to the next level will take place when Venus enters Cancer on May 7. If you are alone, you can meet an interesting person through your relatives or after a trip to your hometown.


You have gone through many changes and transformations related to your identity in recent years. Now you finally have the chance to relax and enjoy this new version of yourself. But as your image and identity become more stable, you may find that the pressure increases. Everyone has their eyes on you and everyone is waiting for advice and guidance from you.

Last year at this time you went through a painful breakup or a difficult relationship situation. Currently, it is much clearer to you what you want. The lunar eclipse on May 5 brings a former lover back into your life, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to accept an invitation from him.


Mercury, the planet that rules your sign, will be retrograde in your subconscious sector for the entire month of May, and you need to find out what you need to give up. It’s time to let go of what doesn’t work and give yourself more time to dream, meditate and discover what you want. Jupiter in Taurus, starting on May 16, urges you to focus more on your free time.

Last year brought many interesting changes in your love life, whether you took your relationship to a new level, got married, or decided to have a child. This month you take a step back to appreciate everything you have built.
The lunar eclipse on May 5 can bring you some opportunities at work.


Eclipse season is always like an emotional roller-coaster for you, but at the same time, it also offers you the opportunity to rediscover yourself. Your friends are by your side, ready to help you, and your biggest advantage right now is the community you are part of and which will grow this month. Starting on May 7, Venus enters your sign and gives you extra charm and shine.

After numerous false starts and some emotional upsets, the lunar eclipse on May 5 gives you clarity about what you want.


No matter where you are in your professional path, this month will bring major changes regarding your public image. After several years in which you faced transformations and power struggles, you are finally truly taking on the role of leader. You will receive the attention and respect you deserve. At the same time, it is possible to face some problems at home, which consume a large part of your energy.

On a sentimental level, the entry of Venus into your subconscious sector on May 7 could indicate the emergence of a secret love affair.


Many people look at you with admiration and ask for your advice, so it’s time to take your role as a teacher or mentor seriously. Your knowledge is valued and sought after this month. It is also possible to start a new educational or spiritual project, for your development. You will know which way to choose after the new moon that takes place on May 19.

From a romantic point of view, you felt in the last months that you could finally get rid of the emotional baggage that was holding you back. The situation becomes stable and more pleasant after Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16.


May will be a particularly important month for you from a professional point of view. After May 7, you will get a meeting with your boss much more easily, you will impress your colleagues or clients and you will be in the best shape at job interviews. Although your financial situation fluctuates, you will enjoy generosity from others. It is possible to move in with a partner, pay off a loan or organize a fundraiser for a new project.

The solar eclipse on April 20 shook your romantic relationships, and now you are considering all the options when it comes to love.


Although in the last months, you felt that nothing is right in your life, you have progressed more than you think. On May 5th there is a lunar eclipse in your sign, which marks the end of a long period of constant changes. You realized that the things you once loved no longer suit you and you directed your energy in another direction. It’s not exactly easy, but it’s for your good. The situation changes in personal life, as well as in professional life after May 20, when Mars enters the sign of Leo. On May 16, Jupiter enters your partnership sector and brings you beautiful moments from a sentimental point of view.


Enjoy this beautiful period in your life while it lasts. After Jupiter, the planet that rules your sign, enters your sector of the daily routine on May 16, you will focus more on your health, work, and daily schedule. This month is ideal for making a plan to get back in shape and adopt healthier habits. You will have the support of friends and mentors.

If you are in a relationship, your partner could be busier than usual this month. Either he will spend more time at work, or he will take care of a family member who is facing health problems. If you are single, a turbulent period in your love life will end on May 16.


You put a lot of effort into keeping together the group of friends, work colleagues, or the community you belong to. But this month you realize it is not worth putting in all this effort. You have redefined your social circle in recent years, and the lunar eclipse on May 5 shows you that it is time to part with some friends who offer you nothing in return.

The new moon on May 19 opens a new era for your romantic life. It’s time to go in search of what you want.

Venus enters your partnership sector on May 7th, and Jupiter enters your love life sector beginning May 16th. If you are single, now you have the opportunity to find your soulmate.


At the beginning of this month, you have to make some difficult choices both in your personal and professional life. It was difficult for you to look for a new job and it was not at all easy for you to decide what is best for you. Apart from the difficulties in your professional life, you also want to spend more time at home with your family.

The situation is better from a romantic point of view, but until Mars enters your relationship sector on May 20.


For you, the month of May will be about discovering those things that make your life easier. You want to set your schedule, meet deadlines and take care of your daily habits. It is also a good time to reconsider your relationship with technology and set limits regarding online communication. You don’t have to be always present and available for your friends or colleagues.

Venus, the planet of love, enters your sector of romantic life on May 7 and helps you rekindle the passion in your relationship as a couple.

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