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The stars reveal to us what are the combinations at the couple level that just don’t work in astrology.

Whether it is friendship or love, what is certain is that the combination of these signs never generates a good relationship. Do you have any idea which are the pairs of the most incompatible signs of the Zodiac?

Although some combinations of designs are more or less compatible than others, there are some that are unequivocally totally incompatible. These signs together make fire and flames, they do not understand each other, they do not find alchemy and they cannot create a relationship.

Here are the totally incompatible couples of the Zodiac

Libra and Capricorn

The first place of zodiacal incompatibility belongs to the couple Libra and Capricorn . These two signs together are totally incompatible because although one completes the other and vice versa they possess and very different nergies that come into conflict . These two signs see things differently and understand different situations in a unique way.

Libra is a peacemaker sign is very calm, in his life he seeks balance. This sign just can’t stand the ingenuity of Capricorn, a sign very dedicated to work and not very similar to interpersonal relationships, and which often turns out to be a little inexperienced in this field. Furthermore, Capricorn is a sign that tends to be a little anxious and this disturbs the stillness of Libra a lot. Although Libra and Capricorn are on the podium of the ranking, other couples appear to be astrologically incompatible.

Aries and Taurus

Aries and Taurus are two signs that cannot get along because they are too stubborn to live with. On a daily basis they do nothing but enter into conflict over ridiculous issues. The point is that everyone necessarily wants to be right, moreover while the dynamic and hyperactive Aries is always looking for new adventures, the Taurus is a sign that he basks in his comfort zone and does not like much change and novelty.

Among the most compatible signs of the Zodiac, Gemini and Cancer also stand out .

Gemini is a sociable sign but does not hesitate to say what he thinks so much that it is sometimes offensive. Cancer, on the other hand, is a very sensitive and very empathic sign, these two signs coexist with difficulty. Cancer has the same problem with Aquarius as Aquarius cannot satisfy that need for stability that Cancer needs being a highly undulating sign. Another not very successful combination turns out to be that between Virgo and Aquarius, the problem of these two signs together is that they cannot in any way understand each other. Virgo doesn’t understand Aquarius’s reasons and Aquarius doesn’t understand Virgo’s.

We conclude the classification of incompatible signs by also mentioning Scorpio and Aries. Although Scorpio is introverted and may appear as a cold sign, in reality it is a very sensitive sign and this sensitivity does not agree with the too impulsive and impulsive Aries. For similar reasons, the pairing of Pisces and Virgo is also not a winner. As for Scorpio , Pisces is also hypersensitive and next to a Virgo, very introverted who tends to keep their emotions to themselves, Pisces ends up going into crisis and coming to hasty conclusions. Beside Virgo, Pisces is not at ease and feels imprisoned in a destabilizing bubble.

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