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Major Changes Are Coming, Both Emotionally And Professionally In May 2023

The astral context puts us in the situation to reevaluate strategies, to redo our plans, to analyze sentimental and professional relationships that do not seem to lead where we want.

This is not the time to move mountains, even if we still feel the need for changes. We must take things as they come, not rush them, wait, relax, and live in the moment without imposing deadlines. I am unaccustomed to many retrograde planets (Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury, after May 26) that slow down the achievement of our major goals. We can demand an account for events that happened a long time ago and that seemed forgotten. The astral context puts us in the situation to reevaluate strategies, redo our plans, to analyze sentimental and professional relationships that do not seem to lead where we want. It is good to know our limits and vulnerabilities and to leave radical decisions for another time when we will have more astral support and confidence in our own strength. Toward the end of the month, we become passive,

Horoscope May Aries – don’t give up

Your unusual concern for your physical appearance has beneficial effects in terms of health as well, because you start to take more care of yourself. Whether you decide to go to a nutritionist, a naturopath, or a personal trainer, it will be much easier for you to achieve your goals and feel good in your own skin. It’s all about not being overwhelmed by the “recipe” you receive. At work, you have a lot of work, but also some opportunities to stand out and even get an additional profit, maybe through a collaboration. Towards the end of the month, it is advisable not to rely on others and to make your schedule as you like. Say NO without regret!

May Taurus horoscope – work less, rest more!

It’s an exhortation that you certainly don’t hear for the first time, especially from your loved ones, who want you more around them and are less concerned with work, money, and deadlines. The pressure you put on yourself is not doing you any good during this period, you can even feel it physically in the form of palpitations, headaches, and severe discomfort. Enjoy a few days of total relaxation, where it’s just you and your family, without other thoughts and worries. The second part of May is a good time to talk openly, overcome old resentments, and get closer. In the last days of the month, do not make expenses, and do not sign documents!

Gemini May Horoscope – a bit of restraint

Even if they seem tempting, don’t foolishly invest in expensive entertainment that comes and goes. If it’s about the summer vacation with the family, make sure that your partner has the same plans as you, especially if he’s the one paying the bill. In terms of health, it would be good to have a medical checkup and some routine tests, especially if symptoms appear that may indicate a specific female problem. Don’t hesitate to talk openly with your loved ones, they prove to be very understanding and cooperative during this period in every respect, and they can even help you get out of a mess for which you could not see a solution.

Cancer May horoscope – you reinvent yourself

You must take advantage of the New Moon on May 13. For you, this 13th is very lucky, because it comes with the desire and the chance to complete your order, and unfinished plans. A favorable moment to improve any aspect of your life, from your diet to your job or your relationship. As soon as you take the first steps in the direction you want, you will feel like a different person! Be attentive to what others, family or co-workers, convey to you through apparently random gestures and words. The only warning is about the expenses, which it is good not to let get out of control. You will be grateful later for any savings made now!

May Horoscope Leo – take control

If you have any health problem, it is good to solve it at the beginning of the month, when the body has a greater power of recovery. Also then it would be advisable to avoid adversarial discussions and to give up criticisms that are not really necessary and constructive. There may be an unexpected chance of financial gain, which will somewhat confuse your vacation plans. Towards the end of the month, when the Sun enters your sign, you feel on the wave and want to prove it by all means. You are determined to put an end to any relationship that does not satisfy you and to live your life. Do not make radical decisions until you have a concrete alternative option!

Horoscope Virgo May – chance smiles at you

Venus enters your sign on May 11. You feel feminine and attractive, that’s why one or more visits to a salon or beauty clinic are desirable and welcome. Body procedures work very well, especially in the second part of the month, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment with the beautician or the doctor. You have the attitude and luck needed to negotiate and get what you want in both your married life and your professional life. Try to be more permissive with your life partner, parents, or children and not let minor conflicts escalate.

Libra May horoscope – imaginary problems

The advice of the month is not to think negatively. Do not take all rumors for granted and do not draw hasty conclusions that spoil your good mood. The really important matters related to love can be confessed this month when honesty is your best weapon. Although you feel overwhelmed with tasks at work, you solve them all in turn, and you can even get involved in a new interesting project. In terms of health, you tend to overestimate certain symptoms and worry unnecessarily about your condition. Go to the doctor without fear, because the news you receive has every chance of being good!

Horoscope Scorpio May – dominated by emotions

It seems to you that, although you express yourself correctly and coherently, you are being ignored. You must show self-control and stamp your anxieties, try not to overreact, as dictated by your emotions, which dominate you, especially in the second part of the month. Neither the heat outside nor the stars help you deal with annoyances very well. Concentrate on your work and you may be surprised by the proposals you receive on a professional level, perhaps in a completely new field compared to what you have been doing all your life. Analyze things calmly and make the decision that benefits you in the long term.

Sagittarius May horoscope – choose your words

You are proud and very quick-tempered, hence many contradictory discussions or even regular arguments. Older frustrations, yours or that of someone you love, are now coming to light and you come to the conclusion that you need to change the page, but before you make radical decisions, it is good to accept your mistakes and share the blame. Be very careful what, to whom, and especially how you say. If you see that you are not being understood, get involved less in the conversation and distract yourself with activities that relax you. The less you express your dissatisfaction, the better. At work you have important chances, consider any proposal!

May Capricorn horoscope – take things seriously

The apparently minor health problems that you have been facing for some time can become more serious now if you do not treat them properly. Change your habits on your own initiative, before the small inconveniences that you allow yourself to overlook for the time being get worse. The Full Moon in your sign on the 27th makes you more sensitive and empathetic toward the problems of someone close to you. Until then, it is good not to start discussions about finding the culprit for family problems and not to run away from responsibilities. A few days of rest, away from any source of stress, helps you, so plan an outing with your loved ones!

Horoscope May Aquarius – don’t be stubborn

You are thinking about the past, about what you could have done better, a harmful attitude that brings you all kinds of sensitivities, insomnia, and pain. Small financial problems or discussions about money can create tension in the couple. You are very rigid and you don’t even want to hear other people’s explanations, but you will have to find the middle way, otherwise, you may find yourself alone and helpless. It’s not a brilliant period for you in terms of communication, that’s why it’s good not to struggle, not to insist, and not to use your energy unnecessarily. Wait for it to pass and let it go.

Pisces May horoscope – find time to relax

You have to be very careful about your meal and sleep schedule because lack of rest and chaotic meals, days when you forget to eat or, on the contrary, you don’t stop from disastrous combinations that can affect your stomach and your mood. If you have full and little tense days at work, try not to let the stress affect your married life. Especially if you set out to solve a matter related to the house you live in, channel your energy in this direction, but don’t invest until the last penny. You communicate well with your partner and find in him an ally, provided you don’t exaggerate the expenses.

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