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Lucky Days In October For Each Zodiac Sign

Each month, there are certain key points where the stars transmit stronger energies.

Lucky days in October are related to important transits, including two Lunar Eclipses that take place on the 14th and 28th.

Also, Mercury arrives in Libra on October 5, Venus in Virgo on the 9th, and Mars enters Scorpio on the 12th. On October 22, Mercury changes its sign, arriving in the Scorpio sign and, the following day, on October 23, the Sun also reaches the same sign.

These days are important for each zodiac sign, bringing many opportunities.


Lucky days in October: 9 and 12

On October 9, your ruler, Mars, makes a square with Pluto, which brings an important change in your professional life. It’s a good day to make decisions. Mars arrives in Scorpio on September 12 and reveals certain secrets that you need to know. On this day, a truth will help you evolve.


Lucky days: October 10 and 28

Venus supports you, bringing a lot of luck to your love life. On October 10, you will meet a person who becomes extremely important for the future. Also, the eclipse on October 28 has the potential to radically change your destiny, so be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions.


Lucky days in October: 5 and 22

Mercury lights a fire in your heart and makes you act more decisively than ever. You will remember the date of October 5, because your daily routine and, in general, your life will change radically. On October 22, it would be good to pay attention to the opportunities around you, because it is an extremely lucky day in terms of money and finances.


Lucky days in October: 14 and 28

You are ruled by the Moon, and the two eclipses in October have a strong impact on you. Get ready that in those days you will see the world from a different perspective, which will allow you to gain something extremely valuable, especially in terms of friendships.


Lucky days: October 1 and 23

These data are important for the professional plan. Expect a promotion, a salary increase, or a recognition of your merits at work. You can stand out.


Lucky days: October 4, 8 and 22

Venus and Mercury increase your confidence in your strength, and in these three days of October, you will be invincible. Whatever you propose will come out exactly as you want.


Lucky days in October: 12, 22 and 23

As Mars, Mercury, and the Sun leave your sign, you will feel a wave of relief. These lucky days will come with liberation for you, allowing you to see the things that matter.


Lucky days: October 12, 23 and 28

You are lucky throughout the month, but on these dates, fate is completely on your side. Choose to make important moves on the 12th and 23rd, when the Universe conspires to make you happy. The October 28 eclipse will bring an important person in your path, who will help you a lot.


Lucky days in October: 12 and 28

Mars influences your spiritual sector, starting with October 12, the day you will receive long-awaited news. The eclipse at the end of the month helps you make a decision that will change your professional destiny.


Lucky days: October 5, 12 and 14

You receive a lot of energy in the professional field, where you have success. You become stronger during the month and, on your lucky days, you will be able to accomplish what you set out to do.


Lucky days: October 12 and 14

The middle of the month brings good news in terms of career. You get a new position, change your job, or find a source of income that helps you get rich.


Lucky days in October: 1 and 14

The first part of October comes with a wave of relaxation and encouragement for you. Cosmic energy supports you and you can achieve everything you’ve dreamed of lately.

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