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The stars reveal who is the most ignored zodiac sign by luck. He never fails to rejoice, something always goes wrong with him.

We cannot say that we are all lucky, life holds some difficulties for everyone, some more or less, what is certain is that we often forget about one of the signs of the zodiac . This sign is defined as extremely unfortunate and the stars confirm.

It would be nice to always have luck in your pocket . When she smiles at us everything is better. According to some, luck is something that we should learn to attract, it is a request to be made to the Universe. Some signs have a too mild personality and do not cause luck which is why this forgets to smile at him.  

Virgo is the most unfortunate sign of the zodiac

In the first place, among the most unfortunate signs of the zodiac we find the Virgin. We all know this sign for being precise and meticulous and for the fact that she always needs to control everything, which generates constant thoughts and worries and consequently anxious states. Virgo needs to foresee everything and she never relaxes.

This craving for control makes him not very impulsive and unwilling to seize opportunities. Luck is known as a spinning wheel, if you let it pass it will hit elsewhere.

For a sign unwilling to accept some twist in his life, there is no room for a benevolent fate.

Virgo is an Earth sign, pragmatic and rational , luck is something illusory for him that he cannot and cannot rely on. To accept luck in one’s life, one should at least accept its essence.

It is not only Virgo who considers themselves an unfortunate sign, even  CANCER AND CAPRICORN do not feel kissed by luck.

Cancer is a sign that always thinks of the worst, a little defeatist, this is the reason why it does not see how lucky it is both professionally and emotionally, but focuses on the things that are wrong. Cancer sees problems in opportunities and this prevents them from grasping them. Even if he happens to be lucky, he will tend to convince himself that this is not the case. Cancer deeply loves their cocoon, their routine, their comfort zone while luck usually involves changes, which they are unwilling to accept.

Capricorn is a sign that works tirelessly, preserving and motivated, he is also an Earth sign and puts rationality first. Capricorn only believes in the fruits of hard work and not in fate, luck or events. He believes in merits and all the opportunities he has, he provokes them.

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