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Each of us has a personal way of ending a love story. Here is what is that of each zodiac sign according to the stars.

Love is the most precious feeling there is but also the one that can make you suffer the most. When you start a love story there are always many hopes that are linked to the person with whom you choose to be, to the possible future of two, and the relative life as a couple. For some lucky ones dreams tend to come true while for others things go differently and we arrive at what is the end of the story. Whether you are left or on the other side, the pain is always there and is experienced differently. After all, closing a story means admitting a failure that, although normal at the beginning, can hurt especially if you had invested time and energy in the relationship. For this reason, even those who leave tend to think about it several times. But what does the way they leave people to depend on?

Some do it slowly, others without giving an inkling that something is wrong. Some rely on words and those on text messages. In short, for everyone, there is a precise way of acting that can usually depend on the character, on the experiences lived, and, in part, also on the influence of the stars. After having seen which are the zodiac signs they should learn to say no and which signs they will especially love this Christmas, today we will therefore find out what is how they generally leave the various signs of the zodiac. Since we are dealing with feelings, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of each sign, to have a more precise idea of ​​the behavior they carry out.

Astrology: this is how the various zodiac signs leave

Aries – Those who close in an extremely direct way
Those born under the sign of Aries put an end to a story directly and without too many words. To be honest they don’t even think about it too much. When they realize that things are not going as they should or that their feelings have changed, they prefer to cut it out, certain that there is no point in expecting miracles and that, rather, it is much better to turn their attention elsewhere. It is a way of doing things that can lead them to appear abrupt but which in reality hides above all a need for sincerity which, consequently, does not use half terms, times, and appropriate words but limits itself to being what it is.

Taurus – Those who close little by little but firmly
The natives of Taurus have a very particular way of closing a story because before doing so they find themselves thinking and rethinking what to say and, more generally, how to manage the situation. This leads them to take things from afar but, perhaps precisely because they have become accustomed to the idea, when the time comes they know how to remain firm in their position, never looking back and without wavering. Their way of leaving however polite (unless it happens in the course of a dispute) is therefore resolute and with zero possibility of appeal. The reason why the other side can be taken negatively and this even if there will certainly be no lack of signals. Because among other things, natives of the sign, when they begin to prepare they become even more distant, thus allowing them to grasp their intentions.

Gemini – Those who leave in always different ways
Those born under the sign of Gemini do not have a precise way of leaving because they experience each story as a separate thing that somehow ends up influencing their way of acting as well. That said, you can always expect a certain kindness in their ways and care not to hurt which can sometimes lead them to act in the wrong way. It is not uncommon that they prefer to disappear rather than leave or that they rely on a written message so as not to see the person they loved disappointed by them. In short, those who frequent them, should the story end, will certainly have a surprise effect that they will not forget over time, just like them.

Cancer – Those Who Leave With Regret
Cancer natives do not like sad things and when it comes to love they are saddened to leave it could take some time. When they make up their minds, they tend to do it silently, simply saying that the story is over and going their own way. They do this in an attempt to shorten the duration of pain on both sides and without realizing that for those caught off guard, the pain could be even worse in this way. Unfortunately, they have a poor mastery of ways of doing things and this leads them to act instinctively, often finding themselves making mistakes without being able to solve the problem.

Leo – Those who leave in an unforgettable way
Needing to be the center of attention to the last, those born under the sign of Leo need to impress even when they leave and for this reason, they always try to do it blatantly. So, when they decide that the story cannot go on, instead of just saying it in a few words they prefer to organize a dinner or something special where they drop their bomb. In most cases the risk is that on the other side of helmets literally from the clouds, taking the news in the most wrong way possible. The reason why, even if it is difficult for them, the natives of the sign should limit themselves a little more, giving their explanations without twists that are often useless and misleading.

Virgo – Those who close the story with a few words
Virgo natives do not like to dwell on difficult times and when they can they almost prefer to be left than have to experience the anxiety of hurting someone. When they decide, therefore, they try to do everything as quickly as possible, declaring what is wrong and what their decision is, often without allowing those in front of them to express their thoughts. This is a way of doing things that can appear brutal, especially because if they feel uncomfortable, they can even walk away under any pretext, hooking on the fact that they have had their say anyway. Being left by them can therefore be quite unpleasant, especially if you still have feelings on the other side.

Libra – Those who leave on the sly
Those born of Libra love to use kind ways in everything they do. When they decide to leave someone they, therefore, prefer to use sweet words that can often be misunderstood leading those left to not understand what is happening or to pretend not to have understood to avoid the worst. Although aware of their way of being, the natives of the sign have a certain difficulty in changing because they do not like having to witness scenes or crying fits and detest the very idea of ​​being able to be the cause of the suffering of others. Nevertheless, if cornered they can become more ruthless and, accepting the fact that they have said what they had to, they can choose to cut ties without giving any further explanation.

Scorpio – Those Who Charge Before Leaving
The natives of Scorpio don’t like breaking bad news or ending a story. So they can find themselves mulling over the idea of ​​having to leave their partner even for weeks. Inside themselves, they slowly try to convince themselves and to give themselves all the existing reasons for their choice and when they finally succeed, also thanks to the mistakes of the partner, they can say what they think, taking advantage of every weak point to hurt to sink. Those who feel that the story is about to end would therefore do better to seek a confrontation to arrive at a break desired by both sides. This would relieve them and make it much less difficult.

Sagittarius – Those who leave quickly
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius do not like stories that end badly and when they realize that they do not feel anything anymore or that they cannot feel good in a relationship, they prefer to make it all the less painful as possible, especially for them. This results in lightning-fast decisions during which they simply explain their point of view in a few words, leaving even before the partner can have their say. It is a way of doing things that they put in place to defend themselves from the thought of failure and the fear of regret that they know could come back and overwhelm them. What they don’t think about is how to prepare the person they once loved and who once the feelings stop suddenly stops being their priority.

Capricorn – Those Who Leave With Gestures
When it’s time to close a story, Capricorn natives prefer actions to words. Thus they begin to be more and more distant, to postpone the moments for two, and to be colder and colder and less complicit. If in this period they are asked for explanations, they begin to talk about the relationship that is no longer the same as it used to be and their feelings that have changed. In the meantime they try to get used to the idea first and when they finally succeed they get to the point, leaving without too many explanations. After all, what there was to say has already been saying and their actions spoke better than a thousand words. A thought that is impossible to make them change and which therefore makes them direct and sometimes even ruthless but certainly as direct as few.

Aquarius – Those who leave by distancing
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are not the greatest experts in relationships with others and when it comes to feeling they can be even more clumsy. For them, the end of a story represents the need to change scenery and to distance themselves from those who until recently loved each other. This translates into increasingly cold attitudes, the lack of affectionate gestures, and the externalization of what they feel, albeit with a few casual and never too direct words. Those around them always tend to understand the difference and if that doesn’t happen they are always ready to help, packing their bags and leaving, going on a trip, making excuses after excuses until they believe the message has finally arrived.

Pisces – Those who close a story among a thousand dramas
The natives of Pisces are not only extremely sensitive and romantic but also melodramatic. If you combine all this, you have the end of a painful and fearful relationship. For them to leave is something terrible and when they have to do it they try to prepare the partner with a thousand preambles that only lead to worse things. In any case, the way they choose to act will remain etched in the memory of both for a long time and will cause the story to take on dramatic characteristics more for the end itself than for the reasons that brought it to that point. Those who are with them can consider themselves warned so because if the story ends it will certainly take not a few handkerchiefs.

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