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Find out what the reaction of the various zodiac signs is when the relationship is in crisis.

Each of us has very personal ways in which we react to everyday experiences. Some tend to always face everything calmly, those who are anxious about every small change and those who prefer to take an aggressive attitude towards everything that happens to them. Sometimes they are simple strategies, others are instinctive ways of living things and others are reactions that you can’t control even by trying.

In all cases, what makes the difference are several things including character, experiences, and, of course, the influence that the stars have on each of us. Today, therefore, after having seen which are the most affectionate partners of the zodiac and how possessive the various zodiac signs are, we will discover how the signs of the zodiac react in front of a love story in crisis. When dealing with feelings, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant. In this way, you will have a clearer and more precise idea of ​​the way of acting of the various zodiac signs.

How the zodiac signs react to a history in crisis

Aries – Tackle the Problem
Quickly Those born under the sign of Aries are used to action. This is also reflected in their way of experiencing relationships, especially when they do not go as they would like. Faced with a relationship in crisis the natives of the sign tend to take the situation head-on, facing the problem immediately to solve it. This involves choosing drastic measures to improve things or even considering putting an end to a story that they believe has now come to an end.

What is certain is that in front of a relationship that in their eyes is no longer like the first time, they will not stand idle but will try to act to produce a change, of whatever kind it is.

Taurus – They try to hold on
Although the natives of Taurus are people generally inclined to the solution of problems of all kinds, when feelings are involved they almost always end up being blocked. So, faced with a love story that does not go as they would like, they end up putting up with it, trying to adapt as much as they can, and thinking of simple solutions that they can put into practice. Usually, they can go on like this for some time, except suddenly get tired and deliver completely unexpected ultimatums to the partner. When this happens, the risk that the story ends is quite high because for all the time they have remained silent they have gradually detached themselves, at least from an emotional point of view, from the partner.

Gemini – They pretend nothing has happened
Those born under the sign of Gemini do not like having to deal with problems. The very thought puts them in serious crisis. For this reason, they prefer to avoid facing the reality of the facts, pretending nothing has happened and hoping that things will settle themselves. When they realize that this is not happening, they try to harness their energy to create new situations that can lift the relationship, only to then take it to death with the partner if they do not notice improvements. Their way of managing a relationship in crisis is often riskier than anything else because by denying the evidence they lead the situation to exasperate. Which can push them to feel down and give their worst, just when the relationship needs their positive energy.

Cancer – Getting in a bad mood
Cancer natives are people who firmly believe in love. Too bad that in their eyes, however, it is a feeling full of positive aspects only. For them, having to deal with bad moments is something unthinkable and capable of making them deeply uncomfortable. So, just when they should do something to find a solution, they end up poking around, raising a wall with their partner. A reaction that certainly does not help and that more often than not ends up worsening everything unless on the other side there is someone who, more than aware of those around him, can change things, helping them to return. in a good mood to be able to face the different obstacles together.

Leo – They seek confrontation
Those born under the sign of Leo are energetic people and always ready for action. This is also reflected in their way of living relationships, especially if they are with people they particularly care about. When something is wrong with the relationship, therefore, their first reaction is to seek confrontation. Sometimes, in doing so, they can be a little too energetic, leading to a fight with the partner.

Their intentions, however, are good and this often manages to make a difference, especially if on the other side there is someone who, like them, cares a lot about the relationship. For the natives of the sign, it is therefore all a question of balancing who they are and what their partner can give them. Balancing that when you are both facing the same direction tends to lead to rather optimal management of things.

Virgo – Make fun
of themselves, Virgo natives are not at all good at dealing with conflict. When the love story is in a period of crisis they prefer not to see and to do so they are willing to do anything, including lying to themselves and, if necessary, also to their partner. Their reaction is therefore to do nothing and the thing that complicates things the most is that they remain of the same idea even if on the other side there is the desire to fix things. Whatever the problem, they will pretend not to see it, getting nervous if the partner tries to show it to them. A way of doing that can bring history to an end, tiring those who are with them and pushing them to other shores. One thing they would only realize when it’s too late is probably
they would continue to handle wrongly.

Libra – They try to focus on
something else Those born under the sign of Libra are people who need to live a life that is pleasant and full of harmony. When something is wrong with the relationship, they tend to focus their energies on what is best at the moment. In this way they create (or at least try) a sort of balance, keeping their basic serenity intact. By not dealing with things, however, the risk is to shatter the relationship. Something of which they are aware to the point of being willing to act if on the other side they feel the same will.

But before they do, they need to put their lives together and make it enjoyable and relaxing. This is the only way they have to feel relaxed enough to be able to think clearly of a solution to resume their love story.

Scorpio – Talking about it even for hours
The natives of Scorpio are people who are always sincere with themselves. For this reason, nothing is ever hidden, including problems. When their relationship goes into crisis, therefore, they immediately try to understand the reason, starting to reflect on it and reliving every critical moment to catch any clues that can help them in the enterprise. Once this is done, they immediately talk to the partner about it, looking together for an action plan to resolve things. For them, speaking and planning are important to resolve things and if on the other side they do not feel the same desire to do, they begin to ask themselves questions about this too, risking reaching conclusions that can crack their love story. For this reason, dealing with a crisis can be both simple and complicated.

Sagittarius – They lose patience
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love simple things and are not made to solve problems. For this reason, when they realize that the relationship they are experiencing is in a moment of crisis, their first reaction is to feel cornered. This makes them nervous, leading them to take provocative attitudes and certainly not suitable for resolving the situation. For this reason, dealing with them in certain circumstances can be difficult.

Their way of showing themselves hostility makes the desire to collaborate for a common goal pass. In these cases, therefore, the future of the story is literally in the hands of the partner.

Capricorn – They try to work things out in their way
Capricorn natives do not like to have relationships in crisis. This is true in every area but it makes itself particularly strong in love. When they realize that things are wrong with their partner, they then look for an immediate solution. To do this, however, they rarely think of consulting with their other half, preferring the option of doing everything themselves. A way of acting that, if for some it can also be positive, for others it can be unnerving to the point of creating other problems. Especially if you think that the natives of the sign are always ready for anything when it comes to achieving a goal. Which, in some cases and based on the partner with whom they relate, can seriously undermine the relationship.

Aquarius – They think about how to close the story
Those born under the sign of Aquarius do not like complications. For them, things only work when they go well and if not, they have no reason to exist. For this reason, when they realize that the story they are living is close to a crisis, they prefer to conclude it rather than seeking solutions that in their opinion would work for little. A choice that most of the time they can make even on their own, giving the partner well served and even avoiding getting lost in explanations. In short, managing a relationship with them can be quite difficult, especially if there are problems or difficult situations to deal with.

Pisces – They give it their all
The natives of Pisces are highly romantic people and this leads them to have great faith in love. When a relationship begins to falter, they then try to use every energy to revitalize it and restore it to its former glory. Sensitive like few others, they do all this with an incredible frenzy because when they feel that their love could end they easily go into crisis.

This way of acting, however, is often also the perfect solution to take things back in hand and transform their relationship for the better. This is why they always ask their partner for help.

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