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Love Horoscope For The Week Of September 11 – 17, 2023. Leos Will Find Love

This week we have two fabulous cosmic events. The first of them is an organized, productive New Moon in the meticulous sign Virgo, on September 15. The second is Mercury which, finally, becomes direct after three weeks of retrograde, also on the same day.

The love horoscope is also strongly impacted by the trine between the Sun and Uranus, which takes place on September 16, 2023. This is an ideal configuration to let hearts do what they want. The only “disadvantage” of the week is the square between Venus and Jupiter that takes place on Sunday, September 17, and can bring the period when we are tempted to do excesses. In love, in money, or anything else. Fortunately, it will only have an impact on the price for a few days.

So, good news awaits us in terms of love and relationships, in general, but let’s see what the love horoscope brings this week for each sign.


Aries could experience a period of passion and adventure in their romantic life. Mercury becomes direct in your sector of routines. You finally put together certain plans or projects that you have postponed. At the same time, you are willing to experience new things. In a love relationship, it would be good to try to bring a touch of novelty and enjoy romantic moments. You will experience passion at its highest and manage to establish a special connection with your loved one.

If you are alone, it is possible to meet someone interesting in a social context or at work. Be careful, however, this is not the time to get involved too quickly in a relationship.


Taurus will want to focus on communication in their relationships this week. Openness and honesty will be the key to avoiding misunderstandings. Friday’s New Moon inaugurates a six-month period in which something special happens in love life. With Mercury going direct in the same sector on Friday, your exes seem to be finally out of the picture, leaving plenty of room for your new life to blossom. It is the right moment to express your feelings for those around you, whether it is about your life partner or family, friends, or colleagues. Jupiter supports you to solve now (as it is retrograde) any problem that has been grinding your soul this year because a change awaits you from the winter and you need to be freed from an emotional point of view.

If you are not in a relationship, a special connection could emerge through deep discussions and you will attract someone through your maturity.


Gemini may feel that they need more personal space this week. Mercury, your ruler, finally goes direct on Friday in your domestic and house sector. Together with an enchanting New Moon the day before, in the same sector, you are more than ready to start a new life. However, try not to isolate yourself completely from the people who care about you, especially your loved one. Look for a balance between time spent together and time spent alone. There may be certain things that are bothering you and can no longer be postponed, they must be discussed with the person who caused the problem. If this upset comes from a love relationship, you can expect strong conflicts and even separation.

If you are single, don’t expect to start love stories in the next period.


For Cancers, this week brings opportunities to show their affection and love towards their partner. Take advantage of this special location of the stars and organize romantic evenings at home or plan a weekend getaway to strengthen your love relationship. Certain conflicts may arise with someone important in your family, perhaps one of the parents. It is recommended to be patient.

If you are not yet in a relationship, a partner may appear in your life who offers you emotional stability and support.


Leos will be full of confidence and charisma this week, which will help them attract the attention of their partner or potential partners. Communication, communication, communication. Here’s all the action this week, as the New Moon blooms in this sector of your natal chart on Thursday. New information is coming your way in the next few months – information that can make you change your long-held beliefs. It is a good time to express your wishes and to make romantic gestures. However, it would be good to take into account the wishes of your partner and not focus only on your needs.

If you are single, you have a lot of charisma and you attract everyone else like a magnet, and the new relationships started during this period will be passionate and full of adventure.


This week, Virgos may feel the need to devote more time and attention to their mental and emotional health. The new moon shows your life in a new light, giving you a less familiar feeling of boldness. This can have a positive impact on your relationship because you will be calmer (but more determined) in speech and more tolerant towards your partner. Spend more time with your loved one, because you need to strengthen your feelings. It is also a good week for marriage or engagement. Cosmic energy is of such a nature that it supports you in all respects. You can reach your maximum potential in many aspects until the end of September.

If you are not yet in a relationship, there are very high chance that you will start a beautiful love story soon.


A complicated and complex week. You will seek balance in relationships and emphasize harmony and beauty. However, it is possible to face difficult choices in love and have to make important decisions. Did certain pleasures hurt you? Have you been too indulgent with things that hurt you? Is your relationship more bad than good? It is important to listen to your instincts. Spend your free time most pleasantly. Go out in nature, visit art exhibitions, or spend quality time with your partner.

If you are single, don’t rush into a relationship. Take time to get to know someone better before committing.


This week, Scorpios can feel an increase in passion and intensity in their relationships. With Mercury finally going direct, you’ll have a much, much better idea of ​​where you’re headed. It is a good time to explore the deeper sides of the relationship you are in. Surprises or bad news, which can lead to conflicts, are also not excluded. These things happen because an important change takes place in your life, which includes your love life.

If you are alone, it is not the time to fall in love. Other areas of your life should be a priority.


This week, Sagittarians may feel the need for adventure and exploration in love. Your ruler, Jupiter, is in your routine sector right now, meeting Venus in your adventure zone, and giving you an important lesson on how to create a routine that makes you feel free. Do something that makes your soul happy. Travel with your partner or explore new activities and common interests. It’s interesting how you can always discover something surprising about the person next to you when you live with an open heart.

If you are alone, go out into the world and meet new people, even strangers, of another nationality. It is possible to be pleasantly surprised by someone who shares your passions.


For Capricorns, this week brings opportunities to build solid and reliable relationships. Your love life is probably the first area that is about to receive a fabulous (and much-needed) boost of exciting energy. Maybe you will meet someone electrifying. Or maybe you simply love more and more passionately. It is a good time to make important decisions in the relationship, such as commitment or plans. Set aside a day to have serious and open discussions with your partner. Maybe you and your lover are planning a spontaneous trip together. Your common plans will be born starting from those very moments.

If you are single, it is possible to start a relationship with someone from work.


Aquarius could feel the need for freedom and independence this week. There is an unforgettable earning potential coming your way. In addition, new beginnings are announced, from several points of view. Communicate honestly with your partner about this need and try to find a balance between the time you spend together and the time you spend alone. Someone from the family can put sticks in your wheels, so expect a conflict in this sector.

If you are alone, it is possible to try unconventional relationships or get involved in social and community activities that help you meet new people.


For Pisces, this week brings extraordinary opportunities in terms of love and relationships. You can connect on a deep level with your loved one or someone close to you in your family. You are more sentimental than usual, and this sensitivity will be transmitted to others. You will form deep connections and you are willing to offer emotional support. In turn, you receive support from someone special in your life. Mercury becomes direct in the partnership sector, helping all misunderstandings finally begin to make sense.

If you are alone, you can go out on dates, because you might meet a special person.

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