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Love Horoscope For The Week Of May 8 – 14, 2023: Scorpio Is Intensely Sought After By Former Partners

A rather good week of healing and forgiveness begins. It is a period in which the relationships that have suffered are welded and the partners calm down. Some signs will go through pain and suffering, but everything is part of a bigger picture that also brings good news.

After the eclipse of the Moon in Scorpio, which took place on May 5, 2023, we feel how a great cosmic load disappears. The energy dissipates, and in the next few months, we are offered a breather, at least in terms of love.

This week, excitement and unexpected changes, release, and freedom are in the books. We can expect a lot of adrenaline and exciting events in our lives. Although at first, we may feel dissatisfied that we have to adapt – again – in the end, we discover that it is for our good.

Love horoscope week 8 – 14 May 2023

Some zodiac signs will experience immense happiness in terms of relationships, while others may suffer. The stars have prepared surprises for everyone.


You are very energetic and action-oriented. Your week is good from a material point of view, and this makes you feel good and amplifies your desire to develop. However, from a personal point of view, you are going through certain pressures. The eclipse that just happened over the weekend had an air of finality for you, you feel that an important stage in your life has come to an end. This means you are quite lost. You might find refuge in work, where everything goes smoothly. Be careful, however, not to hurt your partner with your attitude.


The Sun and Uranus meet in your sign this week, Tuesday. It’s time to take risks! Express yourself in a way you’ve never done before and don’t worry about what people around you think. The last few years have probably taken you out of your comfort zone a lot and you needed that. Now you will be able to make a retrospective of the good things that you have experienced in the last period. You might feel peaceful and calm. The eclipse brings closure and finality. Your partner will be with you during these stages and your spiritual connection becomes very strong. The time spent together this week is healing.


It is a complicated week, with many ups and downs. Be patient. Listen. See how your body feels. Listen to your instincts. Above all, be open to surprises, because they will come your way. If you are single, it is an extraordinary time to meet someone or to accept a proposal from a possible partner that you have refused in the past. If you are in a relationship, harmony reigns in your life, and things fall into place exactly as you need. It is recommended to go on a couple’s vacation, to strengthen the relationship.


Venus, currently in your sign, meets stern Saturn on Saturday. Your relationships flourish, but not without effort. You have to thank yourself for that. You’re the one doing the hard work now. Work to love yourself, to love others. Work to become authentic to your beliefs. You are seen in a completely different light by others, especially by your partner. He respects and admires you more than ever and shows you these things. An extraordinary week for you.


The Sun, your ruler, makes a conjunction with Uranus on Tuesday. The rebel in you comes out. You want things to happen the way you want and you want them to happen quickly. You become impatient in your love relationship, and this attitude could be disturbing for your partner. You are not on the same wavelength. It will be difficult to align your needs and desires in the next period. Where there are big issues, conflicts can lead to separation. If your relationship has no future, surely what is meant for you will come your way soon.


A very important week for love, especially for the way you communicate in your relationship. Think carefully about what the last few weeks have taught you and how you can apply these lessons to develop together with your partner. Say what your needs are and try to listen as best you can to what he wants from you. You can grow a lot and learn from each other because the stars favor you. Also, listen to your instinct, because it will tell you very clearly what path to follow from now on.


This week, your ruler, Venus, is behaving extraordinarily. The relationships you build right now will be essential for your future success. Choose wisely the ones that match your vibration and that give you peace of mind. If you are alone, it is possible to develop a love relationship that will teach you an important life lesson. If you are already with someone, you manage to find out something very important for your future. Good news is coming!


The last week of Mercury retrograde shakes you to the core. Ex-boyfriends or men appear in your life that you have been avoiding, but who keep coming back. If you are in a relationship, this behavior is a bad omen. Your partner will be hurt, and his actions will aim to cause you pain as well. Expect a battle of pride from which you will come out quite wrinkled. However, try to keep your mind open: why do these things happen and what are the lessons that the universe is giving you? At the end of Mercury’s retrograde, after May 15, 2023, things will become clear.


As a sign that love freedom, this week brings a special kind of release. What is trivial turns into what is interesting. Everyday routines take on a special glow of joy and change. Maybe you accept a new job or a project that brings you joy. However, the need for freedom is not necessarily the most beneficial for your relationship. Of course, if everything goes well and you communicate constantly, the two of you can enjoy a pleasant feeling of freedom and get out of the routine. But if there were even the smallest problems, now they are getting worse. You want to break the chains and you might end a relationship, just to enjoy your evolution alone.


You will be extremely creative and energetic. You manage to inspire those around you with your enthusiasm. If you are in a relationship, you will come up with amazing ideas for spending time together. If you have children, this is a very good time to connect with them. You want to play and discover. You manage to bring an air of spring into your life, just by your presence. If you are alone, you can have fun in the city, go out to different events and even meet a man who will make your heart beat faster.


Things are moving and going in a very favorable direction for you. Finally, things seem to be falling into place for you. A surprise may appear out of nowhere, which brings a change in your home or life situation. Your perspective on the past is also likely to change and you might see things in a whole new light. It is a good time to communicate openly with your partner and solve your problems. Say honestly what upsets you and you will be understood. If you are single, your expressive abilities will bring you a partner exactly as you wanted.


This week offers you freedom of expression. You will be able to give free rein to your feelings and communicate. However, you may have accumulated quite a lot of frustrations in the last period, so you will especially express your displeasure. This will lead to conflicts with your life partner and you may even go through a breakup. The breakup is quite unexpected, but it can also be a karmic lesson that the universe offers you. What do you want from your relationships and what is your real need? You get answers to these very important questions.

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