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Love Horoscope For The Week Of March 6-12, 2024

The first week of March 2024 brings good news, but also changes in everyone’s lives, with the entry of Saturn into Pisces. How will we love and what happens in our relationships, depending on the zodiac sign?

The month of March is witnessing some very important planetary changes this year, and the first is on March 7, 2024, when Saturn moves into Pisces for the first time since 1996. This energy is a wake-up call to reevaluate beliefs, ideologies, and toxic views on the world, as long as we can.

Also, on Tuesday, March 7, we have the full moon in Virgo. This lunar energy is about accepting karmic change. It helps us relax in our relationships and see the bright side of things.


The week starts interestingly, with the full moon in your area of ​​self-care and well-being. You need to put yourself first and you will move away from the rest of the world to find yourself.

After Saturn settles in Pisces, the rest of the week will benefit you and your partner. Spend quality time together and (re)discover your qualities. This will help you to release from your shoulders certain weights that have weighed on you in the last months.


You will be quite present in the life of your family, especially if it is about your children. Whether they are yours or part of the family, you will be a significant presence in an important moment in the lives of some children.

Also, your relationships will be deeper thanks to Saturn, which encourages you to interact with people, but not in a superficial way. You have heart-to-heart discussions and discover other sides of close people this week.


You find the balance between your personal and professional plans, managing to balance the two aspects very well. It is even possible that the achievements at work make you more eager for your partner’s company, to enjoy together. It is also possible vice versa: peace at home and stability in the couple can bring more momentum in the career field.

In addition, you are in a good area from an emotional point of view, you are calm and relaxed.


It is a week in which you are asked to be more discreet. The communication sector is targeted by the stars, but not in a good way. Everything you say can be interpreted, and personal or intimate things will be used against you. It is recommended to be restrained.

You spend time with your family and want to improve your relationship with certain relatives. At the same time, this week, you practice introspection and try to get to know yourself better, to determine your trajectory for the next period.


Although money will also be important for you in the next period, the stars urge you to take care of your debts – and not the financial ones! Rather, it is about karmic debts, which are now coming from behind and which demand your reward.

It is the merit of Saturn in Pisces, which barely fits in the sky, and this will bring you some ghosts from the past. Fortunately, you will feel extraordinarily liberated after overcoming these situations.


You are the shoulder that everyone cries on this week. You show empathy and compassion and find yourself in all kinds of situations where people confess to you. The trust they give you is very good for you and increases your self-esteem.

In terms of love, you enjoy beautiful moments with your partner. It is recommended to go to dinner or drink a glass of wine because it is an excellent opportunity to communicate what is on your mind.


You look long enough into the past and all kinds of memories come to mind. See what are the unresolved things that might be holding you back. It is possible that you need to face certain fears or beliefs from childhood to be able to evolve freely.

It is a beneficial week if you are alone because your partner seems to be waiting for you just around the corner. Keep your heart open and you will meet someone special.


The full moon from the beginning of the week reveals something you didn’t want to know about certain friends or collaborators you deal with. Fortunately, you will cut the evil from the root: you give up a potentially toxic situation.

Saturn moves into the area of ​​your chart that manages risk, so you may be more adventurous than usual. You feel inspired and you may take on the role of leader in certain circumstances, especially if it is about creativity and artistic activity.


The stars say that you will be successful in terms of feelings and relationships. If you are alone, you might meet a man who will make your heart beat faster. If you are involved in a relationship, good news will come from your partner. It can also be about a surprise.

Saturn brings you quite strong emotional states, so you will need to listen to your heart in whatever you do. Your instinct will guide you on the right path.


It is a beautiful week to manifest your intentions, especially Tuesday. The full moon gives you a special energy, which helps you know exactly what you want from life and ask the universe. So, say affirmations, practice gratitude, and aim as high as possible, because everything you want will come true.

Love is flourishing and you are also experiencing a special period in terms of romance. Take time to enjoy these beautiful moments and show your partner how much you appreciate him.


It’s a very interesting week for you because the full moon brings good energies, which charge you and encourage you to dream. However, immediately after, Saturn shakes you up a bit when it leaves your zodiac sign to reach the sign of Pisces.

It is recommended to spend more time with your family and loved ones because you will need confirmation from them on certain plans.


An important change is coming for you this week because Saturn has not stopped in your sign since 1996. So, after decades, you will feel the influence of a very rigorous planet that, like a teacher, comes to give you karmic lessons.

At first, the impact will be minor, and your week will not be full of events, but you may just feel a little stiffer. Take care of your love relationship, because your partner may feel distant. Talk about your emotions during this period.

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