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Love Horoscope For The Week Of December 11 – 17, 2023.

The stars invite you to adventure this week, with the New Moon in Sagittarius and the entry of Mercury in retrograde motion.

This move takes place on December 13. It is the last retrograde of the planet of communication this year and it is quite special, considering that it will move back and forth between two signs: Capricorn and Sagittarius. As such, it is possible to oscillate from being expansive to restrictive, from responsible to reckless. Everything is to find that balance that the heart needs.

The love horoscope is also strongly impacted by the New Moon in Sagittarius, which also takes place on Wednesday. We may see many shortcomings in our love life and want to make changes.

Let’s see what happens with the signs in the next period!


There are many changes on a sentimental level, something that might make you unhappy because you feel that you are losing control. You like to know exactly where you are going with your relationship, and now you have no idea what to expect. Could it be a sign to learn to let yourself be carried away by the tide?

It is not advisable to start a new relationship if you are alone.


Monday will have a special meaning for you because you will have some discussions that give you something to think about and, why not, change your mentality. A true friend will be by your side in a difficult moment. Good news will appear in your love relationship starting from Thursday.

If you’re not yet with someone, you could start testing the ground but don’t jump into a relationship just yet.


The planet that rules your sign, Mercury, begins its retrograde dance on December 13, in Capricorn. It brings more stubbornness into your heart, and this will manifest itself with all those close to you. Both colleagues and family members, friends, or life partners will be intimidated by your attitude. Allow yourself to be gentler with them, but also with yourself.

Not everything that flies is eaten and not all suitors are what you need. If you are alone, it is not the right time for a new relationship.


Mercury retrogrades in the relationship sector, and this news is good for you because it opens up new opportunities for communication with the important people in your life. Especially in the love field, you will have joys, because you will be able to talk openly with your life partner and you will connect better with him, from an emotional point of view.

You are a lucky sign, because this week you are the only one who meets your love if you don’t already have someone. Keep your heart open because it could be true love.


You are a sign favored by the stars and the love horoscope for December 11-17 presents many advantages for your sign. For example, the new moon that takes place in Sagittarius on December 13 opens up new opportunities for you. It’s good to be open to the proposals your friends make, no matter how crazy they seem at the moment. Also, Wednesday is ideal for manifesting your most hidden desires.

If you are alone, it is not recommended to start a relationship, but you can go out on dates to meet interesting people.


You are concerned about your home, that place where you feel safe and find peace. You will make changes in your home or you will move altogether. Take care of your soul in this process, because you might forget the things that make you truly happy. You feel the need to be more withdrawn and introverted during this period.

It is not advisable to start a new relationship or reconcile with someone from your past.


Dare to dream! Have confidence in yourself and manifest your desires and aspirations. It’s a week in which you have an advantage over the stars, and this opens your wings. There are good chances that your life partner will offer you help in a difficult situation.

If you are single, it would be better to find your own identity to be 100% single before starting a new relationship.


You feel strong and confident in the following days. You have occasions where you will shine and you will receive a lot of appreciation from those around you. In your love relationship, you are floating on pink clouds, because some wonderful things are happening, which could involve surprises or trips.

Don’t be fooled by someone who gives you sweet eyes, because appearances can be deceiving. Be patient before falling in love, if you are alone.


The sun is still setting in your sign, and the new moon also takes place here, on December 13. Magic floats in the air and you feel its effects. Everything goes like clockwork, you feel like you’re floating and you’re getting the love you need so much. Your loved one might give you a surprise.

If you are not in a relationship, something beautiful happens with someone who means a lot to you. Don’t let fear hold you back.


On Wednesday, Mercury retrogrades in your sign and brings you many sentimental dilemmas. The solution? Learn to listen more and impose your opinion less. You may face situations where you have to make decisions and it’s time to learn that you don’t have to do everything alone. Take this week as your sign that it is good to rely on those around you, especially your partner.

If you are single, you might meet an interesting person, but there are obstacles in the way of a possible relationship.


The new moon on December 13 illuminates the friendship sector. You may have the opportunity to prove your loyalty to someone close to you or to do a good deed for your community. In a love relationship, some conflicts and difficulties appear, but they can be overcome with the help of communication.

If you are alone, you may have the opportunity to reconcile (although it is not recommended) with a former partner. Take care!


It is a period of new beginnings for you, especially in terms your of career. You venture towards new horizons with great courage and enjoy great support from your loved one. Make sure you spend enough time together because it helps you recharge your batteries.

If you are not in a relationship, it is not the best time to start one.

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