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Love Horoscope For The Week Of August 14 – 20, 2023. Libras Go Through Arguments And Separations

It will be a fairly quiet week, in which no major astrological events take place, and love can blossom in unexpected moments.

The love horoscope August 14 – 20, 2023 announces a lot of calm. Or, better said, the calm before the storm, because in the next month, we will have transits of planets with quite a strong influence, including 7 simultaneous retrogrades. But until then we can enjoy the peace that the end of the Leo season brings.

On Tuesday we have a square between the Sun and Uranus, which reflects a special kind of energy. On this day you may be in search of yourself, trying to discover more about who you are and what you want.

Squares in astrology are growth opportunities. If we did not have the tension of these aspects, we would probably never leave our comfort zone. We, humans, are attached to stability. This is where Uranus comes in. As the symbolic god of the sky, he throws his lightning and puts us in front of the action, when we have to adapt to change.

Wednesday, August 16, is the New Moon in Leo. The New Moon is about our hearts. It calls us back to our center and asks us exactly what we are doing with our lives. You will ask yourself all kinds of questions: have you reached where you wanted? Is the child in you happy? Are you fulfilled? All these kneadings have their role and it is not recommended to ignore them. Try to learn to know yourself better.

Also on Wednesday, Mars and Uranus align, bringing a lot of beneficial energy. You will want to spend more time with your life partner and do unusual or adventurous things together.

It is, therefore, a week of rediscovery, contemplation, and slow change. Let’s see how it is reflected in your relationships, depending on the sign in which you were born, as announced by the love horoscope.


This week, your area of ​​fun and joy in your natal chart is influenced by the Sun’s square with Uranus. It’s time to break free and explore new horizons, just a little. You have courage and risk for the things you want. Your love relationship needs to be spiced up with a little adventure. With sharp communication skills and overflowing energy, you will have the opportunity to bring passion into the relationship.

If you are single, you have an enviable magnetism and you will be able to attract any man you want. Go out into the world and enjoy the charisma and good energy that the stars give you.


A big change is coming for you, which also means a personal transformation. With Uranus being very active in your sign at the moment, there is no telling what you will do next. Normally, this would be out of the ordinary for you, but the truth is that you’ve been on the unpredictable side for a while now. This week, these changes are all taking place in your domestic sector. New beginnings and rapid upheavals are announced, especially on Tuesday, with the square between the Sun and Uranus (in Taurus), and on Wednesday, with the New Moon. It’s time to leave behind the old patterns and forge a new path. If your love relationship is no longer working, now would be an optimal time to have a decisive discussion. Don’t be afraid to leave.

If you are alone, it is an optimal time to meet an interesting person, with whom you will spend a lot of time together.


Mars, Uranus, and the Sun are in the square, touching your spiritual and communication areas. Wednesday’s New Moon also shines from your communication zone. You have many new ideas and these are especially related to plans for you and your family. It is a week in which you will have many important discussions with your life partner. Enjoy the intellectual energy you demonstrate because you will find creative solutions to any problem that arises along the way.

If you are single, it is possible to receive many invitations to have fun and you would do well to accept them.


The new moon on August 16, 2023, brings wonderful news for you! Illuminating your financial sector, personal skills, and self-worth, it is time for a rebirth in all these areas. Perhaps you could even consider linking these themes together. For example, you might think of a specific talent that you already possess, a talent that could be used to increase your income and give you a sense of confidence and accomplishment. We all have something unique to give, especially you, with your creative and crazy spirit. What makes your soul sing, but also fills your bank account? As far as your relationship is concerned, it is a quiet and beneficial period, in which you will experience emotional abundance. Get your energy from the love your partner gives you.

If you are alone, a love relationship might develop with someone from your close circle.


There is a New Moon in your sign! This is like a second anniversary for you on Wednesday, bringing quick and unexpected changes. As a fixed sign, you don’t like changes that do not depend on you, but you will have to get used to them. Trust that the Universe supports you; that any changes are for your ultimate good. Important news will come from a close family or life partner. The information you will receive is defined for your future.

If you are not in a relationship, now begins a period of adventures and discoveries, enjoying the advantages that loneliness brings you.


A week in which you receive many lessons from fate. Anything that happens to you might have a deeper meaning than it seems at first glance. New horizons are calling you and all you can do is pack your bags and go on an adventure. Your life partner is eager for a change and you make a spontaneous and grandiose decision together. You will probably do something that is not in your nature, but you will feel extraordinary coming out of your shell. Keep in mind that the New Moon, right before, on Tuesday, in your spiritual area, help you close any unresolved issues.

If you are alone, it is not the right time to start a new relationship.


As an air sign, social relationships are the foundation of your existence. You don’t need masses of people – a few very close connections are all you need. Tuesday’s New Moon highlights your community and the potential need to go out into the world and create new connections. However, it also means being prepared to end connections that don’t work. Problems in love are predicted. Arguments with the partner, conflicts in the relationship, and even separation: are all in the books in the love horoscope. It’s time for a change in your life, and what seems painful now might be the only solution.

If you are single, you receive advances from someone at work, but you should think twice before answering them.


All kinds of things are bothering you, especially when it comes to your future or your relationship. Although the love sector is very important at this time, Wednesday’s New Moon also shines a light on your career, where you get some unmissable opportunities. If you focus on the professional plan, the personal one may suffer. But even if you consume yourself too much in a dysfunctional relationship, it is possible to miss the unique opportunity to stand out at work. The decision is yours and now you will have to choose what is most important for you.

If you are alone, a missed meeting will give you a life lesson.


Wednesday’s special New Moon takes place in the travel, adventure, exploration, and expansion sectors for you. You will make an important decision related to abroad. Either you love someone who is abroad at this moment, or you will go to another country with your life partner. Maybe he is the one who gets the opportunity to travel, it is certain that through love you will have a unique experience. Your relationship is flourishing and you are at a very good point, where things are happening exactly as you always wanted.

If you are alone, it is possible to meet someone interesting during a trip.


It is a week in which relationships will be at the forefront for you. From friends to family or love relationships, you will try to solve all the problems that have plagued you over time. You will use a lot of energy to strengthen these relationships, making sure that others have a good opinion of you. It will be extremely important that they have good things to say. Conversations with important people in your life will be auspicious and will give you confidence in your strength and power.

If you are looking for new love and new connections, then don’t look too far. These few days could bring someone who will warm your heart and make you feel precious beyond anything.


This week can bring opportunities to connect intellectually with your partner. Interesting conversations and the exchange of ideas will be more important than ever. Share your thoughts and aspirations. On Wednesday, Mars, in your zone of adventure and exploration, trines Uranus in your zone of fun and joy. Your emotions will be more intense than ever, so take care to feed them with the people who deserve it. It is possible that in your circle of friends, there is someone who does not want your good and you realize it only now.

If you are alone, you might meet someone in a way you never thought possible. Let yourself be carried away by the wave.


You will have enough moments of sensitivity and compassion this week. Your attention will be on your partner’s needs and feelings, and this can bring intense emotional closeness. Be open to offer support and understanding and cultivate an atmosphere of trust in the relationship. You will have many ideas for spending your free time that will take you out of your routine and comfort zone. You need a change and, together with your partner, find those things that will make you happier than ever. A vacation or a mini vacation would be recommended during this period.

If you are alone, surround yourself with friends. Through them you might meet someone special, maybe even your soul mate.

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