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Love Horoscope For The Week Of April 3 – 9, 2023

A very quiet week begins, with lots of good news in terms of love and relationships. Aries, Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces are the best-looking signs at the beginning of April.

The month of April begins with a change for the planet Mercury, which enters Taurus on Monday, a stable and cautious sign. This is a very good influence on planning. Vacations, weddings, or other events can be organized with your loved one.

Thursday, the full moon in Libra has a lot to say about love, romance, partnerships, and interpersonal relationships of all kinds. Although it is less emotionally intense than some Full Moons, this astrological influence can still have a strong impact.

On Saturday, Mercury forms a sextile with Mars, in a demonstration of quick impulses and initiative. You can take the first step in a relationship, towards the end of the week.

Let’s see how each sign is influenced by these aspects, in the love horoscope for the week of April 3-9.


Finally, Mercury leaves your sign and a state of calm and relaxation is established in your mind. You have an attitude that simply attracts people around you because you inspire them. The Full Moon that takes place in your opposite sign brings very good news regarding your romantic life. If you are in a stable relationship, things will be rosy, you can spend time together, enjoy spring and take long walks. If you are alone, a man from your entourage will make advances and a new relationship may form.


With Mercury in your sign, you will have more courage in terms of communication. You say what’s on your mind without any restraint and you manage to solve certain problems in the couple thanks to this. On the other hand, stress also appears during this period, and your energy may be down to earth. This atmosphere may become oppressive for the loved ones near you, especially for the loved one. Make sure you spend enough time together. If you don’t have a relationship yet and want to meet someone, you might have the opportunity this weekend.


A week marked by drama and guilt. The period April 3-9 will not be the most favorable for you, because certain conflicts appear in your relationships that become quite difficult to manage. Part of the problems may come from your family. Older wounds come to light, and arguments are accentuated by your mood because you will feel like a fire on which gas is being poured. As far as your relationship is concerned, love, problems can arise here too, especially because of jealousy.


Thursday’s Full Moon illuminates the roots in your map – your family, your home, your base, your past. Old secrets may come to light during this month, but you may also have something to celebrate in the family. Either way, emotions will probably be strong, so be kind to yourself. It is recommended that you spend time with friends on the weekend because you need socializing more than ever. If you are alone, you can meet someone.


Gossip and untold truths that come to light – that’s how this week will unfold for you. You don’t walk right in April, but maybe it’s a good sign that you find out things that, although painful, can be an impetus for your future decisions. Break toxic relationships and cut ties with people who hurt you.


You will be pushed to look at things from a perspective and stop being hindered by details. Certain problems in your relationship as a couple come with the lesson of patience and responsibility. Do not rush to conclude if your partner makes a mistake, but discuss it, because it may be a gateway to deeper problems that you have as a couple and which until now you did not want to see. If you are alone, a former partner from your past might appear.


With Mercury moving into one of the most complex areas of your birth chart on Monday, this is a good week to have difficult or uncomfortable conversations – such as those related to privacy, money, shared resources, or jealousy. Listen to your intuition about what to say, when, and how to say it. It is possible to meet someone very special who immediately makes a place in your life. Thursday is the Full Moon in Libra, which brings reasons for celebration. Your relationships are flourishing and love is in the air. Whether you are alone or in a relationship, you have something to be happy about.


Thursday’s Full Moon shines from the most secret area of ​​your birth chart and brings to light things that have been hidden. Psychologically, this is a very good time for therapy or processing past traumas. Don’t be afraid to bring things to light where necessary. You are favored by the stars from an emotional point of view because you will be able to solve something that has been bothering you for a long time. As far as love is concerned, you will receive good news.


A week in which you have a lot of energy and enjoy spending time in the company of your loved ones. Especially the Full Moon that takes place on Thursday brings strong emotions around social relationships, perhaps with something hidden that is revealed. However, if you keep your cool, there is a good chance that you will simply discuss things with the person in question. You will see that all evil will lead to good. If you are alone, it is a favorable period for meetings.


Get ready for positive and creative thinking in this first full week of April. Mercury changes its sign on Monday and moves to the most expressive part of your birth chart, which helps you express yourself and find intelligent solutions to life’s dilemmas. There are important plans and very big changes regarding your relationship as a couple. A period begins in which you shine.


The first week of April begins with nerves when Mercury changes its sign on Monday. Thursday’s Full Moon highlights deception or lies in your personal life, especially if there was jealousy or infidelity in your relationship. Be very careful not to make unfounded accusations or throw words on the spur of the moment. Towards the end of the week, the situation becomes clearer.


You are quite favored by the stars at the beginning of April. This week brings you the opportunity to solve some problems that have been bothering you lately. Your relationship with your partner seems better than ever and you manage to put things in place that you have been putting off lately. You have beautiful moments with friends and family. If you are alone, you can meet someone in an unexpected context.

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