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Love Horoscope For April 15th-21st, 2024: Libra Discovers Secrets; Pisces Finds New Love.

Taurus season begins and we are preparing for a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction that will influence our lives in the most intense way possible.

A period of intense experiences begins, and the love horoscope comes with mixed news for the love sector.

Against the background of Mercury Retrograde, which lasts until April 25th, the first days of the week await us with discussions and controversies. Hidden things from the past or unspoken feelings may come to light.

But the action begins on April 19th, when the Sun enters Taurus. At the same time, Mercury and Venus have an intense activity in Aries, making us act impulsively in terms of love.

A very important day is April 21st, 2024 when one of the major conjunctions of the year takes place: Jupiter and Uranus meet in Taurus to offer us certain lessons designed to change our lives. From now on we will have enlightenment in many sectors of life, and the results will be visible in the coming months.

So, prepare yourself for certain experiences or events that can confuse you, but remember that everything that happens during this period is meant to show you the path of your soul.

Read the love horoscope by zodiac sign and ascendant for a complete picture and adapt it to your life situation.


The end of your zodiac season is approaching and you start to feel insecure or melancholy. You need to heal certain wounds to be able to look confidently into the future. Whatever remained unresolved from the past will now urgently require your attention. Conflicts can arise in a love relationship.

If you are single, it is an interesting week because an ex-boyfriend or someone with whom in the past it was not the time for a relationship, but now may be exactly what you needed, may return to your life.


You reinvent yourself during this period and come back to life exactly like nature during springtime. The sun is approaching your sign, which gives you a lot of energy, but also a broader perspective on your love situation. Things that you overlooked are coming to light now and can be positive or negative aspects related to your relationship. Give yourself time to analyze what your heart wants. Sunday comes with a revelation because Jupiter and Uranus want to teach you a lesson at any cost. Keep your eyes wide open.

If you are not with someone, this week a possible partner will come your way. It is recommended not to rush and take things easy.


A complicated week for you and your relationships. A difficult conversation awaits you with a dear friend on Thursday or Friday. You may feel hurt or disappointed. Astrologers recommend being authentic and not trying to appear to someone else for the sake of this person. Remember that the energy of Uranus is one of change for the better, and Jupiter brings you luck. So, even if things seem to be going wrong now, it is for your good in the future. If you are in a relationship, you can count on the support of your partner, who will prove his love to you.

If you are single, it is a good week to meet potential partners and see if you are ready for a commitment.


Good news is coming for you, especially if you were waiting for a project to be completed or maybe a dream that you have worked for a long time will come true. It is a week that comes with the end of a cycle that symbolizes fulfillment for you. Your efforts, on any level, are rewarded. The end of the week puts more emphasis on love and relationships, and certain discussions can prove healing for your heart.

If you are single, there are high chance that you will meet a man who will have an important meaning in your life.


You will feel liberated in the next period. The sun arrives in the flexibility sector of your birth chart, bringing a breather from the turmoil you’ve been experiencing lately. You will see life with different eyes, having a more detached attitude even in the face of problems. The end of the week is memorable because Jupiter and Uranus meet against the backdrop of a Sun-Pluto square, which for your sign is an extremely favorable arrangement. You receive good news, surprises, and gifts.

If you are not in a relationship, this weekend there will be an event that changes your love destiny.


The communication sector is advantageous, so it’s time to say from the heart whatever was left unsaid in the past. It might be complicated to get on the same wavelength with your partner and conflicts arise, but it is an excellent week to settle any dissatisfaction. If frustrations accumulate, you can expect separation in the next period.

If you are not in a relationship, the stars illuminate your sector of personal growth and development. The chances of committing to a stable relationship are small, but certain meetings and adventures will have a major importance for your future. It is recommended to be open and sociable.


Venus and Mercury meet this week in your opposite sign so in your relational sector. This communion allows you to chat with your lover, parents, or friends. It’s time to clear things up. This can also mean unearthing the pastPainful secrets and unspoken things come to light. At the moment, it may seem like your world is going crazy. You will experience mixed feelings. Breathe and analyze the situation. The more you know, the more control you have. What seems completely inappropriate now will turn out to be a gift from the Universe.

If you are alone, the end of the week comes with a favorable Jupiter-Uranus conjunction to start a relationship or reconcile with someone.


Relationships seem to be at the center of attention for you this week. On Friday, the Sun moves into this sector of your chart, illuminating your connections and bringing a feeling of warmth to all your partnerships, be they friendship, professional, or romantic. Jupiter and Uranus connect in the same area on Sunday, bringing a major change in the dynamics of your connections or love relationship. Whatever your heart desires, it is now happening.

If you are alone, expect major transformations, from a suddenly started relationship to the appearance of an ex-boyfriend or a night affair. Anything is possible in this period.


Your ruler, Jupiter, is preparing for the meeting of the year when it enters conjunction with Uranus, the planet of freedom and originality. You are among the best-looking zodiac signs and you will feel a wave of energy that guides you to live your life to the maximum intensity. It is a good week to go out with your partner in the city, do activities together, or even for a weekend getaway. You will connect both emotionally and sexually.

If you are alone, there are high chances of falling in love, so keep your heart open.


Creativity! That’s what this week is about. Ideas flourish in your mind and imagination helps you find solutions even for complicated situations. It’s an extraordinary period to address unfinished issues in your relationship because you can communicate openly with your partner and get along well. Also, from Friday onwards your intimate life is at an advantage and you can express your creativity in the bedroom, giving proof of sensuality.

If you are not in a relationship, you might have an affair with an unexpected person.


You are favored by the stars in the love sector. There are unique opportunities to express yourself freely in your love relationship, and this makes you vulnerable. It might be difficult for you to allow your partner to see into your soul but have courage and trust in the Universe. It is your chance to get closer to the one you love on a deep level.

If you are not with someone, you could meet a man who sees you exactly as you are. The connection is spectacular, but it might not be long-term.


The universe works in your favor and turns any dream into reality. But be careful what you wish for. If you don’t choose with your heart, you risk fooling yourself. Especially from Thursday onwards, it is recommended to be more attentive to the needs of your soul and to avoid being influenced by the opinions of those around you. Sunday should be dedicated to love because you and your partner have an almost magical love chemistry.

If you are alone, it is time to start a stormy relationship. You meet a new love that will turn you completely upside down.

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